An Emotional Reaction To The Giudice Sentencing


The season finale of the Real Housewives of New Jersey was intense, emotional and dramatic as Teresa and Joe Giudice’s friends and family reacted to the couple’s sentencing. Perhaps the most emotion came from Kathy Wakile’s house where Kathy, Richie, Rosie and Jacqueline and Chris Laurita gathered to wait for the judge’s decision regarding Teresa’s fate.

Teresa’s first cousin Kathy broke down in tears alongside her former best friend, Jacqueline Laurita. Jacqueline and Kathy sobbed and hugged each other as Rosie ended the scene by saying a prayer for her family.

Watch the emotional scene below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • Karen

    I know ALOT of Kathy and Rosie haters will disagree but I think the emotion was genuine, after all they grew up together, and they probably thought Teresa was going to get probation. I even think Jaq was for real. None of those people wanted the Guidice kids to suffer. And like all humans when really bad things happen, it has a way of stripping away all the dumb petty stuff and making you remember the real true feelings of friendship and love you had/have for one another. That’s what happened there.

    • Jane Hollis

      I think it is time for Rosie, Kathy & Rich, and Jac & Chris to go. I have enjoyed them all very much but there is no storyline here. Go on with your lives and stop pretending to make Tre the central part of every conversation. Jac, hand your phone to Chris so he can disable your texting. Would you really crawl to her like this if it wasn’t to be on air? She doesn’t care. Sentence or no sentence, she is exactly who you all said she was. Enough. Leave Dina & Chris to work things out. You are not coming off well, Jac. Please stop for your own sake.

    • Aunt Bee

      I agree with you Karen.

  • Goo

    Crocoldile tears from all, except maybe kathy. Jackie is the biggest faker. But i get it, its all for the show, they really dont care.

    • Aunt Bee

      Goo I thnk you should reread Karen’s comment. I think that if anyone in my family, no matter what animosity exists, I would feel the same way the Lauritas and Wakili’s were feeling especially for the Guidice daughters.

  • Daniel

    I don’t doubt Jac and Kathy are sad about Teresa going to prison but their reaction was so forced and fake. If they were truly devastated by the news they wouldn’t have allowed their reactions to be filmed. I think they’re all thirsty for camera time. Notice how the Gorga’s and Dina didn’t have their reactions filmed? Probably because they were genuinely upset and didn’t feel the need to put that on camera.

    • One Rotten Egg

      Guess that means the whole Guidice family tapes are so fake–everything from Teresa praying in front of the cameras, to Joe and t talking to each other, to Shem being filmed talking to Gia, to the taping of the Guidice family time together….

  • Crystal

    These people are all losers… All they do is talk about Teresa… thank god she’s in all this trouble otherwise that wouldn’t have anything to talk about. BIG losers for crying over this..

    • Mallory

      Maybe the Gorga’s and the lauritas showed emotion, because they are worried about themselves . Both the Gorga’s and the Lauraitas have both filed bankrucpy with some questions from the IRS. Sorry for misspelled words

  • Jessie

    Jacqueline crying was really annoying to me. Why does she continue to be so emotionally involved in her relationship with Teresa when they are no longer friends, and Teresa barely gives her the time of day.

  • Meggs2014

    Random but does anyone know the name of the prayer Rosie said at the end? Rosie needs her own show fyi! Love that crazy bitch!