Elvira Grau Says She’s Got Teresa Giudice’s Back On RHONJ Season 5!

Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice is making sure she knows who her friends are for Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Elvira Grau aka ‘Elvira The Party Planner,’ is telling RadarOnline she is definitely on Team Teresa! “We have been friends because we’re both comfortable with each other as we are, not jealous or insecure,” Elvira says of her friendship with Teresa.

Elvira has been filming with Teresa for Season 5 of RHONJ, and she says she will defend her friend if any of the other women cause trouble! “I would absolutely defend Teresa against the other woman,” Elvira told Fox News Correspondent Tom Murro. Tom tells Radar Elvira explained, “I have zero loyalty to anyone on the show except Teresa because I simply don’t know them.” Elvira also revealed what the two have bonded over to build a lasting friendship, “We both have families that we love and that’s priority over anything else.”

Elvira Grau

While the other women have accused Teresa of many things, Elvira says she has never had a problem with her! “She’s been a great supporter of my business Space Odyssey and I’ve hosted all her girl’s parties!”

Tell Us- Are YOU glad Elvira is coming to Teresa’s defense?

Photo Credit: Bravo/Hampton’s Magazine


3 Replies to “Elvira Grau Says She’s Got Teresa Giudice’s Back On RHONJ Season 5!”

  1. This site is gorgeous! Is it new? I’ve really enjoyed reading around on all the articles – and exclusive interviews. 🙂

    In re to Elvira . . . I think she’d better figure out a way to amp up the drama (sounds like the other new one…the Sotheby real estate agent/Lil Kim BFF? Can’t think of her name lol – but it sounds like she realizes she needed to do SOMETHING – like backstab Teresa) – to elevate her status fom HoW “Friend” to permanent HW. I read somewhere that altho’ it is improbable due to geography and differing target clientele – that a story line may pit The Brownstone against this Elvira’s Space Odyssey venue. It may be unbelievable for those in the know/area . . . but I’d actually welcome a story line like this . . . I’d welcome ANY story line that doesn’t involve Xanjax on her deck or Caroline shrieking about a comment in a cookbook tho. 🙂

  2. yes i’m glad they’ll be others backing tre for once, while tre is no angel neither are the others, one person doesn’t deserve to be ganged up on by 4 or more people that’s not only unfair but it’s called bullying.

  3. I thought her space place went under, or maybe just wasn’t doing so good. I hope not-I agree that would be more entertaining but seems they are 2 very different venues with a different customer base. What do I know….I am probably wrong. I do wish they would film the secrets of the Lauritas/Manzos/Gorgas. That would be ratings GOLD! But for some reason Bravo loves to prey on Teresa and her family to the point we are sick to death of this poorly edited crap-Andy is way to predictable. Just cause he grow the cast by 5 or more people, doesn’t mean he will change is hate for Teresa and his love to torment her and her family. So Disgusted with him and this poser cast of losers.

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