Ellen DeGeneres Tells Bethenny To Stop Talking About Divorce, Former RHONY Co-Stars Slam Bethenny


Bethenny Frankel’s talk show is not doing well in ratings and Ellen DeGeneres, Bethenny’s mentor, is telling the former Real Housewife to stop talking about her bitter divorce from Jason Hoppy. RadarOnline reports Bethenny’s daytime talk show was ranked a disappointing #13 among her peers including Ellen, Dr. Oz and more.

“Ellen wants Bethenny to stop yakking about the divorce because there is a public perception that she’s to blame for the split,” a source tells Radar. “Jason is very sympathetic figure, a doting dad, and quite frankly, many of Bethenny’s viewers and fans don’t understand why she dumped him.”

“Whenever Bethenny opines about how hard the divorce has been on her and bemoans that Jason wasn’t the love of her life, viewers turn the channel,” the insider continues. “This is one of the major factors contributing to Bethenny’s very weak ratings.”

Bethenny “has been forced to focus on more lifestyle and cooking segments,” the source reveals. “Bethenny isn’t used to being told what to do and feels that her audience relates to her. She believed the audience understands how hard the divorce is on her. Bethenny will do things her own way, no matter what anyone, including her boss, says.”

Bethenny also upset the apple cart when she offered her former RHONY co-stars, Jill Zarin and Alex McCord, $400 to appear on her show. Now, they are speaking to In Touch about turning down Bethenny’s invite. Bethenny’s former Housewives enemy, Kelly Bensimon, said, “She is just a sensationalist. She will suck the blood from your child to get ratings! I am so over her.”

“She couldn’t even pick up the phone to call me!” Jill told the magazine. “I was shocked.”

Alex McCord explained, “It would have gotten a lot of attention and probably been good ratings. But a Real Housewives of New York City reunion is a valuable product, and it shouldn’t be on anybody’s talk show. It should either be done on Bravo or not at all. I can’t imagine Bethenny would have been surprised by the answer she got.”

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  • Karen MacEanruig

    As the old saying goes: What goes around comes around, and Bethenny wore out her welcome some time ago. Her 15 minutes is over and she needs to go quietly and live off her whatever millions. And please don’t be so self-involved that you try and keep that child from a good father and grandparents.

  • Jeanie

    I don’t understand the draw to this woman??? Ellen is right, Jason seems like a very nice man and I think she used him. She is seeking Sole Custody?? WHY??? He’s a darn good dad and deserves to be in that child’s life…she needs him. I have never been a fan of Bethny, won’t watch her show and this talk show market is so over done just like Reality shows…over it. All a waste of money…

  • chrissy

    we can only hope she crashes and burns, all her sex talk is discusting. and she never lets her guests talk. she speaks over all of them its annoying to watch. dont like her give jason a show and i wil. watch

  • chrissy

    her biggest mistake was treating jason so terrible. she is not a relateable person. no warmth comes from her. shes cold and seems to be a narccicist

  • Jody

    Bethenny is probably telling herself that criticism is based on jealousy. While SOME of that may be true, the bigger truth is that Bethenny is one spoiled, royal pain. Nothing sympathetic about this woman.

  • Aunt Bee

    Pease don’t cut your child off from her father and her grandparents who love her. You didn’t like your own Mother and Father and have nothing to do with your Mom- so your child has only one set of grandparents. If you cut them off then you are a selfish woman who doesn’t give a darn about her own child. I really used to like you Bethany, but not anymore.

    • sirena

      I don’t know why everybody on this site is mad at Bethenny. I think that she is a good person who came from humble beings… She took the “American Dream” by storm!!!! Eventhough, I don’t really care for the “dating/realtionships” stuff on her show; other segments of her show true are pretty good.