Eileen Davidson

Seasons 5-7

“I speak no evil, but I see and hear everything.”

“I may be an actress, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stick to your script.”

“I’m not a bitch, but I’ve played one on TV.”

Birthday: June 15th, 1959
Sign: Gemini

Elegant and charming, Eileen is an actress and daytime soap royalty. The California native began her acting career at 20, starring in several independent films, including the cult horror classic The House on Sorority Row. She went on to star in Eternity, opposite Jon Voight and Armand Assante and Stephen Cannell’s primetime drama series Broken Badges. Eileen is best known for playing Ashley Abbott on the #1 rated daytime drama The Young and the Restless and Kristen DiMera on Days of Our Lives, where she made television history in 1997 by simultaneously playing five roles. After three nominations, she won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in 2014. Eileen also penned the Death in Daytime mystery novel series with co-author Robert J. Randisi. She is currently working on a film adaptation of one of those books with her niece Annamarie Davidson. When not acting or writing, Eileen enjoys painting, surfing, playing piano and the electric guitar. She lives in Malibu with her husband, who is an actor, writer and producer and host of The World Poker Tour, Vince Van Patten (son of acting legend Dick Van Patten) and their 13-year-old son Jesse. She is a proud stepmom to 23-year-old Duke and 21-year-old Vinny.

50 Replies to “Eileen Davidson”

  1. I’m not surprised Eileen “had trouble” with Vince’s kids. Children don’t usually like the homewrecker who snuck in like a cockroach and helped destroy their family, let alone the feelings of guilt they must have for living with her instead of their mother.

    1. I totally agree. I really thought she was boring and dry. But then this season I feel like she’s been a bit more dramatic (which I found to be fake because of last season). Now it seems like she’s level out, and I really like her. She’s honest- about her cheap purses, about issues that are bothering her, and I like that she called Katheryn out for being two-faced to Erika.

      1. Yes. I agree. She’s not such a she-devil. She is a “nice” person playing in a pool of piranhas or maybe alligators. She’s pissed at herself for being bamboozled by Lisa VdP and maybe feels she’s lost face so needs to keep bringing it up until she feels vindicated. Unfortunately, in that pool, it ain’t gonna happen.

  2. Eileen is getting on my last nerve playing the victim. Even when Lisa tries to apologize that twit won’t accept it and tries to brush it under the carpet. I guess that is her only story line so she has to keep it active. No doubt she will be whining about it at the reunion.

  3. Eileen “claims” she doesn’t want an apology and yet? She keeps bringing it up. How Lisa wasn’t sincere in her apology, how Lisa didn’t mean it. Eileen is a hyper-sensitive drama queen and honestly I cannot stomach her. Both her and Holanda think they are above everyone. Who the heck does Eileen think she is anyway that she can expect ANYONE to apologize to her in a way that ONLY EILEEN FINDS appropriate??

    1. Completely agree. Not everyone apologizes in the same way, especially if you’re not sure what you are apologizing for 5 different times. Geez, Eileen! Let it go! You are like a dog on a pork chop!!

  4. Yes, Gigi and Sally, it’s how I see it too. Eileen needs to let it go. No reason I can see to bring up that dead horse (ew, sorry) is a.) she really doesn’t like Lisa and b.) she really doesn’t like Lisa.

    But, don’t hate me guys but I do like parts and pieces of Eileen. I can’t even put my finger on it but she’s cool and airy and unaffected many times and I like that.

    On a side note, her son cracked me the hell up last week when she left him in his room and said bye, and he blurts back out in only that retaliatory teenage way they can, BYE! hahaha little sh*t. Lol

    1. Miss M, the thing I don’t understand is why when it bothers Eileen so much does she keep going on about it on camera.

      1. I know Sally I know. Well actually I don’t know! Why on earth would she continuously nearly bait Lisa for an another argument over a dead subject I just don’t know. Im the kind of person that is so the opposite, I’m the kind that just wants to let things go and forgive and forget. Actually I don’t really ever forget. teehee but I’m not a kind of woman that keeps score in anyway. I just have to imagine it’s all about Ego. They grow them extra big in Hollywood.

    2. I don’t know what happened to this blog story, but Eileen almost ruined that beautiful lunch. I have to watch again to see what it even was she was comparing that stupid worry about Vince too. Man, I would love to be invited to that lunch! I know they are used to those swanky places, but Lisa’s house and garden is special IMO. I mean Lisa V. isn’t very good at saying sorry but I honestly think she is sincere when she says it. People come off differently, and when you are friends, you have to, IMO, take them at their word on stuff like that.
      Yolanda needs to quit expecting everyone to marvel at her trying to wash her hair. “I don’t want pity” Really. I was as sick or sicker than her for about the same amount of time and my kids don’t even know most of it. I am sicker of her than she is of herself. And, Yolanda girl, star wearing some make up and do your hair FGSakes. We know you are sick ok. Washing your hair and putting a little make up on won’t make us forget OK? Sheesh.

      1. Oh my God 3-D I know what you mean that luncheon setting was paradise what with all the beautiful animals milling around her gardens I would feel like I had died and gone to heaven. In a peaceful setting like that who could even have talked that’s what I’m wondering.
        As far as Yolanda goes she’s just plain ole weird to me now. I’m convinced she’s got a little bit of a screw miss placed somewhere.

  5. P.s. It’s a known fact, btw, Lisa V. Has always been uncomfortable with being called out send expected to submit to another, it’s just her. And I font think it’s intentional on her part, I think she very uncomfortable about being scolded. we all have our buttons you know?

    1. Yolanda is such a condescending witch. Kyle has the right to “bring up” anything she wants. Apparently Yolanda has no loss of “brain function” in “the vault.” What a bitch. And Erika, they are not angling! I didn’t see anyone “tearing anyone sown.” Yolanda wants a nice lunch? Really? Then she should have one of her make up people do her face and her hair. She still has feeling about the munches thing too? Wow. She is getting so good at spinning, too bad cycle spinning is too much for poor sick Yolanda. Saying Lisa V. was saying negative things about her kids. Kyle and Lisa didn’t say anything negative about the kids. Yo wants everyone to never stop remembering “she is sick.’ God forbid the undercurrent be anything other than she is sick. Gag.

      1. Oh and Sally? RealSandy? GIGICAT? NayNay? Let’s see who else? All of us have suffered some pretty serious illnesses in the last years. I bet none of us sent selfies to our kids to remind them to NEVER forget Mommy! If it was about Lyme awareness she would be spending her time, and MONEY, doing something for the sufferers of Lyme and other chronic illnesses. Come on! I understand at first, the first 3 years she had my sympathy and empathy. Now jumping on anyone who questions anything she says or does. It’s too much I am sorry.

        1. I know when I was watching the show last night I could feel my face starting to flush LOL. Yolanda was really on my last nerve and it was all I could do to not want to jump into the screen and go all Granny Clampett on her ass .

      1. I would love to have lunch in Lisa’s house, not just because of Ken but it’s beautiful and I know how to behave!

  6. Does she have any manners? Why would you accept an invitation into a person’s home and then attack them? She no longer wants an apology? What does she want?

    1. That was my thought also. She was a guest in lvp home and then started with her. It seemed out of character because usually Eileen is polite and I do like her but she was wrong here.

      1. Oh, Kathryn saying Erika said “don’t get caught in Lisa’s web” Wow, perfect game of telephone. Erika said Lisa shoots from the sideline, nothing like what Kathryn was saying. Eileen was being weird. Nothing “happened.” What is there to talk about? Then Lisa apologized, sincerely IMO, and Eileen dismissed her when she was getting what she said she wanted, wow. I honestly do not get what it is Eileen wanted. She just would not let it go. And it was actually simple. She was being defensive when the whole nothing thing happened in the Hamptons.
        And the trailer! Brandy saying to Yo, “what would they do if they didn’t have anyone to pick on?” Wow. what would she do if she hadn’t gone after every single person who showed her the smallest kindness, including housewives who weren’t even on her show in BH. It’s getting good.

          1. Oh no! I hoped she wouldn’t go as she is so ill. It’s a 16 hour flight from LA to Dubai so how can someone as sick as she pretends to be cope with that! It’s seven hrs from London and I don’t think I could do it now! Bummer 😀

  7. Who was Tom ordering to leave his house? Was it Eileen, Kathryn or Kyle? That show, when it comes on, looks like a good one.

  8. I think Eileen is embarrassed about she and Vincent got together and really likes to talk about the part how happy they all are(?)as a family.I think Lisa V was bringing up the painful part of the relationship for the children and ex spouses,but she was very quick to bring up the abusive relationships of her past which was confusing.Was she talking about an ex husband or boyfriend?I did kinda liked her but now,I find her kinda ditzy.

  9. I do love Eileen and Erika. I think Erika has got Lisa V’s number though!! Very savy girl. I’m a feisty B-och however I don’t think I could fight with Miss VdP. I think that’s why I understand what and where Eileen is coming from. Miss VdP is an alligator (that’s right eh, alligator?). When Lisa V says something she already knows EXACTLY how its going to be taken.

  10. I felt sorry for LVP this episode. She was supposed to be celebrating her birthday. Here comes Kathryn saying “I went to Erika’s and we talked about Vanderpump” then drops this weird bomb that basically Erika was calling LVP manipulative. Before they could even digest that, Eileen jumps on the bandwagon and says maybe Erika picked up on what happened with her and LVP in the Hamptons. Hello…Eileen is worse than a dog with a bone over this stupid non-event in the Hamptons IMO. LVP already had apologized twice for that and basically she was just asking questions to get to know Eileen. I also don’t get why Eileen feels the need to discuss feelings ad nauseum…if she didn’t want an apology what is the sense in just discussing her hurt feelings over and over as it will cause ill will! I don’t blame LVP, I totally haven’t gotten that whole spiel from Eileen either. What else can you say but it is interesting how Eileen and Vince met on set, fell in love, etc. and didn’t mean to make her uncomfortable. Instead, LVP was feeling weird with what she JUST heard from Kathleen that Erika said about her, then Eileen jumps on her AGAIN? It’s exhausting! I feel a gang-up coming on again against LVP and I hate that kind of thing…

  11. Eileen has no story line so she’s going to continually bring up the Hamptons non-event. She should get over herself. After Lisa directly asked if they were fine Eileen started to dismiss Lisa. You could tell Eileen isn’t “fine” rather she is still pissed off.

  12. Perhaps one might consider Eileen is VERY INSECURE. You would think the first apology would suffice for an adult who is also supposedly ‘a friend’. But ‘NO’, not for Eileen. Maybe she is beginning to suffer from YO DISEASE! You know, the ‘I am going to nit-pik, bitch, complain and sharpen my knife until I get a clear shot at your back’ DISEASE. It comes to mind that these women are very insecure around LVP. Tough to be around a beautiful, intelligent, successful, compassionate, empathetic and kind woman. Eileen needs to rinse off her soapiness. Yolanda needs to continue to cleanse ’til she ‘gets it’.

  13. Eileen really needs to get over it already.apologies may need to be made but not to anyone on the show and not by Lisa V.Eileen’s quilty conscious appears to be alive and well.She wants an apology from Lisa V for cheating and wrecking two marriages,please.

  14. Holy cow!! Eileen is just never ever going to let this thing with LVP go, is she!! And Eileen is completely delusional…anyone watching what is happening can completely see Eileen is being completely petty. How many f’n apologies does she need??? Because she does not like the delivery of any of LVP’s apologies, she just is not willing to move on. Well, everyone else has moved on, Eileen!! We all see you in a new light…a rather unflattering light. You are always the one bringing up uncomfortable subjects and causing more and more drama. So much so, it really appears you are doing it on purpose and not because unresolved issues drive you nuts. It was just wrong to bring up the whole Yolanda stuff after Erika’s big performance…how rude! That night was about Erika and you could not restrain yourself from making it about you playing some sort of ‘master resolution finder.’ Your timing was soooo selfish, I was amazed at your poor behaviour!!! I used to really like you, Eileen…now…not so much.

  15. And Eileen should have nipped the discussion with LVP in the bud as it was happening…not come back days later and demand an apology from LVP for asking questions. Just juvenile and weak behaviour.

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