Eileen Davidson Thinks Kim Richards Scares Lisa Rinna


Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog this week to reveal why she thinks nothing has been resolved with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars. Davidson admits why she pulled Lisa Rinna to the side to discuss what happened with her and Kim Richards and dishes her thoughts about Brandi Glanville’s slap.

Watching the last couple of episodes, after having lived them, was like pulling my fingernails out with a pair of pliers. Because of that, I just want to keep this week’s blog simple and straight to the point.

I’d love to enjoy this trip, have fun with the ladies, and ultimately have peace, but it needs to come from a real place. Since we all went through this horrible event together, I feel like we all need to resolve it together.

That being said, I don’t feel at this point that any resolution has been made, contrary to what everyone but Kyle and I seem to act like. I’m completely confused by the fact that Lisa R. went shopping with Brandi and Kim. I would have no problem with that if I thought that Lisa R. had gotten a real apology from Kim and that they had come to a place of mutual respect and understanding. As Kyle said, it seems that everybody has swept this awful event under the rug. Where’s Kim’s apology for making insidious inferences about Lisa R.’s husband, Harry? Where’s the apology to Kyle and me for all the awful things that were said? And why did Brandi not step up and say she had been concerned about Kim as well?

This is why I asked Lisa R. to meet me at the bar. I just need to understand what’s happened that’s made her OK with this very wrong situation. She tells me there is no dealing with someone who isn’t rational. Kim scares her and she’s not fine with any of it. I look in her eyes, and I now understand. Lisa R. makes it clear that she is in pure survival mode. All I can do is try and support her, knowing that what happened at that dinner is anything but resolved for her. She’s simply not capable of dealing with her true feelings while on this trip. My guess is she will when she gets home and into a safer, more supportive environment.

Later that evening on the boat, there is still so much ugly tension. Kyle and Kim aren’t speaking. Kim and Brandi aren’t speaking to me (why again?). There’s this elephant in the room while everyone pretends nothing happened the last time we all had dinner together. Because I truly want us all to reach some kind of common ground, I decide to put it all out on the table. I’m hoping if we can all listen and hear each other, we can have some understanding and possibly salvage what’s left of this vacation.

On that note, I apologize to Kim about how I handled the question of her sobriety. For some reason, she doesn’t seem to want to accept that. Now Brandi is accusing me of calling her an alcoholic. I don’t recall ever saying that. I have said (based on behavior I have witnessed at my home and other places) that she tends to get mean and sloppy when she drinks. Apparently this is the first time she’s heard this? Okaaaay. We go around and around and more nasty things are said, and I just personally can’t go there anymore. I stated my case, clearly and concisely. I honestly don’t know what else I can say or do. I’m done.

I was very surprised that Brandi suggested that we say something nice about each woman. It was a very kind gesture on her part. However, it all still feels a little strange. Am I the only one having an out of body experience here?

At the end of the evening, the bizarre behavior continues. Brandi and Lisa V. are goofing around. Brandi tries to kiss Lisa V. and, for some reason, ends up slapping her across the face. Granted, it wasn’t a hard slap (thank God), but I do understand why Lisa V. feels a line has been, once again, crossed.”

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  • Karen

    One of the things I really love about Eileen, besides her dry wit, is her determination yo face everything honestly and openly right away. She doesn’t let things fester nor does she snipe incessantly behind ones beck, no , she heads straight to the source- or at least she TRIES to. But alas there is only so much one can do. And I yotslly agree with her, after Kims horrendous treatment of everyone at that first dinner, wher she screamed STFU and called Eileem ugly and a beast, with no apology, I would not want to spend one second with her, much less pretend like everything is okay.

  • One Rotten Egg

    I really hope Eileen returns…being involved with a show that has Brandi and Kim may be enough to say “no thank you” next season.

    • Kat

      You’ve got that right. I cannot stand either one of these women. Two dumb drunks.

  • yes she did

    No surprise there – I would stay far away from her too.

  • Cin

    Kim is toxic and now she has a new bf who is toxic… two toxic people together is one scary situation.. I would be afraid of Kim also. She’s a mean spirited woman along with BrandiTwinkle. Eileen – I absolutely love you on the show – please stay for another season – I’m finding it harder and harder to watch this show but you, Lisa R. & Lisa V. make it worthwhile – SO STAY!!!

  • Tracy

    Eileen is so normal, she’s actually a little boring. But she needs to stop spending so much time worrying and opining about how everyone else should be handling each other. Just worry about yourself, Eileen. Just yourself.

  • DebBrenn

    Amen, Cin! The two Lisas and Eileen without the others would elevate the show. Last night was Bizzaro World. The Toxic Twins (Kim and Brandi) have huge mental problems, and are just hard to watch. And Kyle is just not interesting.

  • Team Kim and Brandi

    Kim and Brandi are real & honest about their life – –
    They are not afraid to speak the truth!

    Kyle, Lisa V, Lisa R, and Eileen
    Are BULLIES & Mean Girls

    Team Kim and Brandi all the way! ! !

    • DebBrenn

      Oh, dear. Honest and real are only good when combined with decent and kind.

    • ARLINE

      KIM and Brandi are attention seeking, vulgar narcissists.. They lower the bar of the show enormously.
      Eileen Davidson is, thankfully, raising that bar with kindness, compassion and a wonderful personality.
      Many people stopped watching the show because they can neither stomach Brandi or Kim.