Eileen Davidson Was Shocked Lisa Rinna Admitted To Saying Those Things About Kim Richards

Eileen Davidson is reacting to this week’s episode of RHOBH in her blog. Eileen shares her thoughts on Rinna’s apology to the group and says that she does believe Lisa and Kim can move forward now. Davidson also says she was shocked to learn Rinna admit she said those things about Kim to Eden.

“I invited Erika over in preparation for her Y&R debut. We love a good family script reading in our house full of actors and writers. It was a lot of fun. Erika continues to prove her acting chops. I’ve seen her read a few times now, and she always crushes it. Vinny joked that he wanted to manage Erika…not so fast, Vin! I discovered her first!

The Yulin Dog Meat festival is utterly horrific. I felt like Ken did while watching. How can you not be overcome with emotions when seeing such cruelty? I commend LVP, Ken, and everyone working to stop this barbaric practice against innocent animals.

Now onto the main event…

I was thrown for a loop when Lisa R. came clean to me. As I’d said to Kyle, it seemed out of character for those words to come from Lisa R. Lisa R. explained about the deaths in her family and “getting that phone call,” and reminded me of what Kyle had said about Kim. I understood more why she’d overreacted in that way. If anyone empathizes with the loss of family leaving a toll, it’s me. There’s a lot of past pain—and not just from the past with Lisa R. and Kim—at play here.

This doesn’t change the fact that what Lisa R. said was wrong. Game Night was difficult, but no one was questioning Kim’s sobriety.

However, I still do not agree that Lisa R. lied. She spoke to Harry and Eden and realized what she had done. That very day, she did “own it.” It wasn’t a private conversation either. She had the opportunity to approach Kim and Kyle alone, but instead, she fell on her sword in front of everyone. That took a lot of courage. And she took a lot of heat.

It looked really rocky there for a while. Carnie stepped in with her perspective, and it resonated on both sides. Eventually, Lisa R. sincerely apologized to Kim, and Kim, in turn, apologized to Lisa R. This is major progress. And even though it didn’t look like it in the beginning, I think the two of them are truly ready to put this to bed, once and for all.”

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24 Replies to “Eileen Davidson Was Shocked Lisa Rinna Admitted To Saying Those Things About Kim Richards”

  1. GO AWAY homewrecker–ED brings NOTHING to this show except a BIG FAT PAYCHECK she gets from Bravo–another overpaid person.

  2. Eileen, your blind devotion to Rinna without the facts has only put you, once again, in a bad light. Rinna is nuttier than a fruitcake and she is no one’s friend from all that I can see. I can never see her sticking up for anyone other than herself or maybe Harry Hamlin, as we have seen. She lies to suit her mood. she does not seem to have a guilty conscience about it, and she only fessed up when she realized she was put on the spot and it was all filmed, so she had to come clean. Rinna thinks a stuffed bunny is a token of affection and her apology makes it all better. I don’t love Kim in the least, but Rinna was so so wrong this time. I feel sorry for Eden after all of this. I wish they would never air Kim too. I cannot stand to see her.
    Eileen, stick to soaps. You are glamorous and fit your role on YR. Stay there and exit Stage right from BH. Thanks.

    1. I feel like Kim should be able to attend her sisters events without constantly being berated by Looney Rinna. Look at how many times Camille has gracefully appeared this season. I have a feeling Kim’s appearances would be just as graceful as Camille’s if it wasn’t for Lisa’s constant need to address her hated for Kim.

      1. You are entitled to your opinions, Jack.
        I just do not see Kim being graceful, but there is always hope…maybe? Camille changed when Kelsey wanted a divorce, and she just seemed like she did not want to look bad on TV…since there was a custody battle, etc. She was the new Camille, very mellow and boring, when cameras were on, anyway. Oh, and I never thought of Camille and Kim in the same category either. Kim is like dynamite just waiting for a spark to set her off…IMHO.
        I always liked Eileen on YR. I still watch it. She has an alliance with Rinna and when she accepts everything Rinna says as fact, it comes back to bite her in the back as we have seen. Rinna has problems. I wish she would go, and then maybe Eileen would be more tolerable, but the two of them together, always running away together to talk about people…is hard to watch. They did it on the boat too. Eileen is also quick to jump to conclusions. She never could get LVP’s sense of humour, and LVP does have one and is not always trying to put in nasty digs either. It is the way she is, and frankly, I like LVP most of the time…not always.
        Kim and Rinna should never be in the same place together. It is a poisonous combination.

        1. I feel like I’m missing something with the boat scene. I watched the episode twice, and when Rinna was spouting off, Eileen visibly grimaced at Rinna’s behavior!! Plus Eileen has been very adamant that LR has been foolish and needs to drop it.

          I’m one of the oddballs here that just can’t get behind LVP. While I do love her relationship with Kyle, and find her humor to be funny for the most part, I don’t like that she plays off every hurtful comment as a joke. I also don’t like that even when she is joking, she can’t seem to understand why it may be hurtful to some people. Not to mention that she always seems to have an issue taking a joke.

          I’ve always been on Kim’s side as well. I grew up in a home with a dad who reminds me very much of Kim. (My dad is now sober 3 years!!!) I get very defensive over her, and I tend to understand much more of her behavior than I think Rinna does. Kim has definitely been out of hand (so glad Kyle put her in her place about the “let’s talk about your husband” thing) but i feel like Kim’s defenses go up only when Rinna is around for very good reasons. They usually tend to back Kim into a corner then wonder why she strikes? I wish Rinna actually would get over her problems with Kim. I don’t think she ever will though.

      2. When Camille appears, there is no drama, no crazy and no insults. She is sort of pretty background. Not so with Kim. This is a show that Kim in no longer on and therefor why is she, if not for causing drama? I am sick of seeing her and just wish she would go away. P.S, I’m sick to death of the word sobriety.

        1. Lisa Rinna is always the one discussing it though! You’re exactly right, Kim isn’t even on the show so everyone should leave her alone!!!

            1. But you can’t really make that argument at the same time we are discussing Camille’s non-dramatic appearances on the series presently. She was off the show for almost the entire season last year and they still brought her up. Brandi hasn’t been on the show for 2 years and they still bring her up! So, I wish i could support your argument but I just cant!

              1. Jack I look at Camille as background, much like trees and sky. I guess I must have missed the Brandy thing. She is certainly not a story line. But when Kim is brought on the show and is placed directly across from LR at the table….come on Jack.

  3. I understand why Eileen stands by her friend. Friends are like most everything — not perfect. Wondering if Eden has long lasting friends. mmm…. she’s probaby annoyed most of them.

  4. Well, let’s see, Eileen does live in Malibu. It’s often foggy there. Hmmmmm…perhaps Eileen’s brain is in a FOG!!! Wondering, even when one has a very close friend, the BFF, does one just believe whatever the BFF says….you know…..ride or die? Eileen sends a message that she does not understand things very well. However, she is quick to blame anything and everything on LVP and LVP must also be responsible for the fog. Eileen needs to leave and just remain with scripted shows. Fog rolling in and the curtain has fallen…………leave the stage.

  5. It just shows you what kind of person Eileen really is, she’s not shocked by what Rinna said but that she admitted it. I guess when she lied about the AFFAIR is how you do it, lie lie until you die.

  6. Well, wasn’t Eileen the one that said that LVP cares more for animals than people? Yes, she does. LVP cares for people she loves & for animals, but why should she show caring for back-stabbing people like Rinna, Eileen or Yolanda? I certainly would not. I’m like LVP, I Love those I love & I Love animals more than I love most people. Who does not like it, can lump it, I’m not out to people please them.
    I said on LVP’s post earlier, Eileen & H H are trying hard to cover Rinna’s dung, but really, as fast as they cover, it gets uncovered. So enough with the deception & lies.

  7. When has Eileen back stabbed anyone?? I totally love Eileen and think she is very loyal. Sure she’s loyal to a complete nutcase, but I have a feeling that there’s nothing Eileen could do to get in y’all’s good graces anymore. The most she’s done this season is point out how excited LVP is that LR is getting taken down. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing??? Because she’s right, anyone can see that LVP is ecstatic about this AS SHE SHOULD BE!!! Anyone would be excited to see someone who plotted to take you down getting taken to task for their absolute idiocy. And I just don’t see how Eileen fits into this?

    1. I will agree with you ! I have always liked Eileen , and last season I was hoping she and Erika would be BFFs and that she would peel away from Rinna. I like Eileen but not when she’s with Rinna , just like I don’t like Kyle when she’s with Kim.

      I will not defend Eileen’s loyalty to Rinna, because Rinna is an atrocious person and there are no 2 ways about that

      I feel Eileen has been wronged this year via Pervo and Dorito and all that shit they talk about how Eileen should mourn her loved ones! Then she gets blamed for wanting to discuss it with Dumbsicle?? Lol

      I’m glad you like Eileen. I seem to like people that most don’t like , e.g. Yolanda, Eileen , Shannon etc .

      1. I like Shannon. No mo Yo. Eileen I used to like when she first started on BH. I loved it when Eileen, Rinna and LVP got together and had fun conversation during their first season together and then it all changed. No, I never could stand Yolanda. She seems cured now that she is divorced too. I guess that cured her forever Lyme Disease. Sorry. I still love you Rain. XOXO

  8. Yo was a superstar in my eyes. It hurt to watch her disease get questioned. But we won’t get into that again!!! Eileen kind of took over that superstar role for me. She is so elegant to me and she seems to genuinely care about each and every one of her cast mates in a way that I don’t feel from everyone else. And I totally agree she got the shaft from the eternally slimy mouthed P(u)K(e) and Boy George’s Butt Plug (too harsh?).

    Anyway, I love how real and unapologetic Shannon is! A total breath of fresh air from the stodgy fake-class of the OC. I SWEAR!!! I will flood my lil basement if Kelly and Vicki turn on one another. And, Lydia’s return has be really excited to watch this upcoming season. I wish I had the power to turn away from the series like some of you ladies. However they’ve been in my life since I was 12, so I just can’t give it up!!!

  9. Hey sweetie, it’s not that I want to be right, it’s that I am sick to death of old story lines. I think Kim would be fine outside of the show. 🙂

  10. I appreciate how you stand behind your friend yet acknowledge her misstep. I also think you’ve been fair to everyone this season and love that you gave kudos to LVP for her fight against animal cruelty. I’m afraid I misjudged you in the beginning much like I did Camille years ago. I believe you’re a wonderful addition to the group and bring some sanity and clarity that is at times much needed. Your willingness to show what you’ve been through with grief counseling is something that I can seriously relate to. Thank you Eileen.

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