Eileen Davidson Shares Her Thoughts On Dorit Kemsley’s Birthday Party

Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog to highlight this week’s episode of RHOBH. Davidson refuses to acknowledge the pettiness and talks about the fun in the episode. She shares the celebration of 11,000 episodes of Y&R and jokes about her husband’s ripped jeans at Dorit’s party.

“I wasn’t at Dorit’s party long before it became evident that some of us are still looping a broken record, trying to rewrite history, and others are trying to move to the next track. I know, I am, for one, the latter. Everything else about the subject has already been said. Moving on…
Dorit’s 40th birthday was a blast. We had cocktails in their beautiful home, where I was able to chat with Dorit and get to know her a bit better. Who knew waiting outside was a full-blown Buddha Lounge-style nightclub? It was so extravagant that I kept forgetting I was technically in a backyard. I have to say, way to go PK! You know how to throw a birthday party! The rose gold Bentley is okay, too. Not quite my Ford Flex with its surfboard racks. You wanna talk luxury? My Flex has a little refrigerator in the back seat. Vinny and I have been known to throw some snacks in there during our many road trips. Can your Bentley do that, Dorit?

Speaking of my husband, maybe next time I can just tell people his ripped jeans are from the same Moschino runway as Erika’s t-shirt dress? (Which I loved, btw, Erika.) But I actually agree with Kyle: Vince is definitely hot enough to get away with ripped jeans, regardless of the designer. Hell, my husband’s so hot, he can wear a tank top and board shorts to the next one. (Vince, if you read this, I am joking. Please do not wear board shorts to the next party we attend.)

I totally got a kick out of watching Lisa R. and her gorgeous girls preparing dinner. Usually it’s the parents teaching the kids to cook. In Lisa R.’s household, it’s the opposite. If Lisa R. needs another cooking lesson, I will volunteer to teach her to prepare something that doesn’t involve SPAM or potato chip casseroles.

Finally, massive congratulations are in order to everyone at The Young and the Restless for the milestone 11,000 episodes! It’s been an honor to be a part of a television legacy for as long as I have. The flashbacks to my scenes from the 1980s are fantastic. What a great opportunity to relive some of my favorite Y&R moments. Little did I know, as a 22-year-old kid, that one role would change my life forever. It’s been a great ride, and it’s still going strong.

I hope the Y&R writers are watching and get inspired by my suggestion to have Ashley go full-Erika Jayne. If not, I’m still standing by my suggestion that I become one of Erika’s backup dancers. Although, after watching the auditions, I think involves a little more than I thought. But I can learn steps and be sexy! Show me the moves, and let me try out! As long as there’s a doctor, a cortisone shot, and an ice pack on hand, I think I could rock it. By the way, Erika, my birthday is June 15th…just saying.”

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21 Replies to “Eileen Davidson Shares Her Thoughts On Dorit Kemsley’s Birthday Party”

  1. Not sure about Vince being hot! Not my idea of hot that’s for sure and I wouldn’t have let my hubbie go to a party like that with ripped jeans come to think about it he doesn’t wear ripped jeans anyway.

    1. Suze….. I look at him as being sexy. The best scene he had was when Brandi & Kyle were fighting in the garage and there was his head in the garage door window….

  2. Vince was cute in his youth. He was a teen idol at that time. I think he is just okay now, but no, the ripped jeans look is something I don’t like on anyone, and especially at a more dressy function. Nope.
    Also, Erika’s dress was a no no. It was a Tee Shirt. You can drop any designer’s runway name and attach it to a paper bag, but it will still be a paper bag. That was a Tee shirt. I am sure it was comfy, but it was unattractive and inappropriate.
    Oh, and Erika will be on The Young and the Restless tomorrow, the 15th. I have to remember to tune in on time and try to watch it all. I usually get distracted when the show is on, though I try to watch daily.

    1. I said that on my original comment first thing this morning but it won’t be on until tomorrow because of the change over. I thought it just looked like a t-shirt and nothing more!

      1. I guess that was before the change to the new look here?
        Oh well, Great Minds Think Alike!
        I don’t know how a Tee Shirt would be appropriate at a party like that, when she said to look…I forgot exactly what she said, but it meant dressed to the max. Erika thought maybe she knew the designer or something? Weird. It was unattractive on her too. Maybe it would work as a beach cover up or something. I wonder what she paid for it.

    2. I agree with you R Sandy. I think Erica did it on purpose as she doesn’t like Dorit. Maybe PK’s constant show of affection doesn’t sit well with Eric’s kind of standoffish husband. But I am not fond of Miss Show Off Dorit either and where does this money come from when the UK says he owes money.

  3. I am over Eileen…. which is a bummer for me. I liked her in her first season but I feel she comes off as acting this part … also.. she needs to get over herself. She won’t let things go. This things she has with LVP and needing an apology…. get over yourself…. I wouldn’t give you one either.. or Lisa R.!!!

  4. First…testing…
    Second…Eileen earned a little respect by not mentioning or reacting to LVP nasty comment about her husband. LVP is doing everything she can to get a reaction and good for her for not playing her game. Kyle is right LVP carries a grudge and for a long time. Any – WHY – is LVP wearing her hair with the bump in the back…really ages her – IMO

    1. Seriously right?? If she cut off her hair to chin length, got it real straight and sheened, she would be stunning, maybe even a one shade lighter and brighter, lighter tones near the face she could give the younger ones a run for their money. Kyle stepped it up and has definitely improved that pony tail tied so tight she was in the next state. Kyle looks her age now actually younger way more youthful.

    2. Really? I love Lisa’s clothes. She has them made to fit her curves and they are great for a woman her age too without looking too young or matronly either.
      As for her hair, I agree she might try a little bit shorter length, though I think Ken likes her hair longer perhaps. Just a feeling I have about it.
      I think shoulder length is nice.

  5. Eileen, please get over yourself and your endless quest for apologies. You’re like a dog on a pork chop. Everyone except you and your buddy Lisa R heard 1,000 apologies from LVP, just none acceptable to your fragile ego. And while LVP’s comment was tacky, either confront her then or get light hearted and not take it so personally. You wouldn’t of had your panties in a bunch if there wasn’t some truth in it. To run back to the other mean girls to cry about it is so high school. LVP had every right to give you the cold shoulder for all the ragging you have her last season. Enough already!!

  6. Um, Vince isn’t “hot” by any terms. He doesn’t look or act like a man, he’s still in guy area. And there’s a HUGE difference between a “man” and a “guy.” Eileen really needs to stop EMOTING all the time. That voice she uses isn’t even her real voice. Her real voice is the one she uses when she is talking to Vince, much lower and not EMOTING. Did LVP have a bump-it on her head? What was that? Dorito bugs me. Her husband seems odd, she’s “lazy riche” (new term for nouveau riche) and doesn’t seem to be hands-on to anything. Barking at that guy curling her hair? Can’t this women do their own hair? How hard is to use a curling iron? Erika likes attention, hence the t-shirt. It was meant to say she’s above dress codes (I hate them myself quite frankly) and she’s too arty to follow such mundane rules. I still hope she rips Dorito up and down Rodeo Drive. Rinna bugs me. Acts like a trained seal, way too over-eager to be accepted to the point she is just obnoxious.

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