Eileen Davidson Shares Her Thoughts On The Conversation Surrounding Kim Richards’ Sobriety and Lisa Rinna’s Bag Of Pills

Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog to talk about the drama on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eileen suggests that it isn’t too late for Lisa Rinna and Eden Sassoon to hit the reset button when it comes to talking about Kim Richards’ sobriety. She also shares her thoughts about the game of telephone when it comes to Lisa Rinna’s bag of pills.

“I’m sad to share that my family has suffered yet another tragic loss. Thank you all so much for your love and support. This week’s blog is short and to the point.

After the ups and down in recent weeks with Dorit, I’m hoping we are back on track after last week’s lunch. I couldn’t believe Dorit had never rollerbladed before. She did so well. Next time I’m bringing tequila! Now, that would be fun.

Both Erika and Kyle are killing it at this time in their lives. I love seeing women going out there and realizing their greatness. You go, girls!

The only thing I have to say about Kim Richards is that she seems happy, healthy and excited about the future.

I believe that Lisa R. and Eden want to be helpful, but I’m not sure talking about Kim and Kyle in relation to substance abuse is helping anyone. Just like we hit the reset button at lunch last week, I don’t think it’s too late to hit the reset button on discussing Kim’s sobriety.

At PK’s birthday party, I think all of our 1980’s dreams came true when Culture Club was unveiled. It brought me right back to driving around Hollywood, going to auditions in my convertible Alfa Romeo, and singing “Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Chameleon.”

As Boy George stated before he fled the scene, “Telephone, Telegram, Tell Dorit!” Lisa R.’s “pill bag” is just another example of this convoluted game of telephone that keeps getting played. Dorit told Lisa V. that Lisa R. took out a bag full of pills and shared it as “gossip.” Not sure why it took her so long to admit they were just vitamins and a couple sleeping pills. Do you really think if Lisa R. had a giant bag full of prescription drugs she’d pull it out in front of everyone? Twice?

It’s enough to make you wanna throw a whole bag of Xanax in a smoothie! (That was a joke…)”

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  • Michelle

    This might not be a popular view, but I’m glad Eileen is not “sticking up for her friend” blindly. She admits it wasn’t the right thing to do. No it’s usually not too late to hit the “re-set button” but in the case of Kim’s sobriety…….ahh I dunno. It might be. Too much has gone on that both Kim and Lisa R can’t let go of so they may as well just agree to disagree and not share each other’s space from now on. It’s okay to keep someone at arm’s length or across the road……whatever works for you.

  • beargirl

    Why does anyone need to carry around a plastic bag that full of pills? Does Rinna not go home? There are plastic med containers with separators by pill type, by dosage, etc, that one can buy even at the dollar store. It just seems odd and somewhat suspect. Just adds to the possibility that Rinna is just crazy. Eileen finally showed some sense with regard to her friend’s actions. However, Eileen is a the manipulator and she has the past to prove it. Think about it and give LVP a break. Doubtful the women are a priority in LVP’s life.

  • Rain

    I think this is a well written blog and I agree with most of what she says

    • Jack

      Me too!!! As an Eileen supporter, and a Rinna h8er, I’m glad she isn’t supporting her friend’s bully-esque behavior!! And honestly, if Eileen is saying move on, it’s time to MOVE. ON!!! Eileen is the queen of holding onto things, as is Rinna, and everyone needs to move on from Kim. I don’t agree that it’s too late though. It’s way too late.

  • 80s gal

    that bag of pills was bizarre. unless that’s her daily dose of pills, why does she carry around so much and is it even safe to just mesh them all in a bag like that? can they cross contaminate somewhat if they r bouncing around like that in her purse? I think if Lisa R and Eden mind their own business they may stand a chance of resetting a friendship w Kim. I do believe Eden concern is sincere but as she is a stranger to Kim, perhaps her approach would be discussing her experiences with addiction in front of all the ladies with Kim present so it’s not a one on one attack. then leave it alone. she doesn’t know Kim well enough to be so intrusive.

    • Rita Keita

      Agree with your comment regarding Eden but she probably received info through the grapevine. Edens facial expressions are a bit much at times, too transparent.

  • Cin

    sorry for your loss Eileen….

  • Roberta Larson

    I’m so over Kim Richards! She is super annoying, I just hate it any time she is on the show.

  • bluebell

    Still can’t stand ED or LR!

  • Starr

    I am by no means a fan of Eileen from her 2nd season on. But, I must say she is being fair & I hope as Rinna’s friend, she can get her to shut up once & for all. As for Eden, right now she leaves me with acid reflux.