Eileen Davidson Shares Why She Kept Her Mother’s Death A Secret

Eileen Davidson is explaining why she decided to keep her mother’s death a secret while shooting last year’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’s reunion. In her blog, Davidson describes the situation as saying it was pure survival mode. Eileen also weighs in on this week’s episode and her confrontation with Dorit Kemsley.

“I’m not really sure how we got here, but, hey, here we are.

Once and for all: I lost my mother in March. This was months after all the issues with Lisa V. happened. The next day, I worked Y&R. I chose not to tell anyone there because that was the only way I could do my job. It was pure survival. I had to make the same decision for the reunion. We all had a lot of issues that needed to be talked through. I knew it would rob everyone of their ability to be honest with me if they were all walking on eggshells. More over, I couldn’t even talk about my mother without breaking down. The best—and really the only—decision was that if I was going to be at the reunion, I was not going to discuss what had happened until I was ready. I would have happily explained this to Dorit, PK, or anyone who asked.

When Lisa R. informed me that this had been brought up at dinner, I wanted to get to the bottom of it with Dorit. But Dorit said she didn’t remember. But now I know it was talked about. And there were some very strong opinions regarding myself and Lisa R. going around. Who is anyone to judge how I chose to handle the loss of my mother? Especially two people who I hardly know, and don’t have the all facts?

Moving on…

Congrats to Camille on her new pad, and her new independence. She’s had a tough road but always dealt with it with kindness and class. She deserves this beautiful new beginning, and I’m happy to celebrate with her. I was really looking forward to going there. It was meant to be a fun, nice day with Camille, Erika, Dorit, and me, but things got very tense, very quickly. This is not what Camille, or any of us, needs right now!

Can we get another new beginning for this lunch? Re-do, party of four!”

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I understand her decision. For PK & Dorit to judge her is despicable.

I do too…and one thing I appreciate about Eileen is she is not passive aggressive – if something is bothering her, she confronts the person for resolution. If she had known PK and Dorit more she might not have even carried about their opinion. I certainly would not!!

ESPECIALLY BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T DO ANYTHING!!!! She lets other people raise her children, clean her house, do her chores and she doesn’t do jackshit but sit around and judge people. She gets me so heated!!! And then she’s going to call Erika’s music a hobby??? I hope she is burnt to a crisp by the end of this season from getting roasted so bad.

I don’t believe Dorit or PK were judging ED. They were just giving their opinion. I don’t understand ED not telling anyone & I think she is weird. ED, LR, & EG say they don’t judge others. But yet they are the ones who are constantly judging. I think ED & LR are reaching. They bore me to death.

That’s exactly correct, bluebell, Dorit & PK were not judging, just giving their opinion, plus I do not think they got the full gist of the conversation either. I still feel Dorit did the correct thing in feigning forgetfulness about that subject. I sincerely feel she was trying to avoid confusion & I applaud that. When she, Dorit first met Eileen, found her so sweet & could not understand where LVP was coming from. Well now she’s had a taste of vinegar Eileen & her cohort, Rinna.

I don’t get why Dorit made it such a big deal that Eileen didn’t tell people she didn’t even know her at the time. That’s Eileen’s decision and business she probably knew if she said anything Lisa vanderpump would of blamed that on why they had prOblems.

First off I have to say , I can’t stand the fact that Eileen claims to be Erika ‘ s friend but when cheese Dorito was talking about pantie gate (again ) ED joined in and made jokes about it. No loyalty at all . If someone was talking about my friends like that to me I would quickly tell them to f off. About not telling everyone about her Mom I totally agree and understand . My Mom passed almost 4 years ago . I still haven’t told everyone . ..why? Simple , because I don’t like them and… Read more »
Daisy, I said exactly what you said about Eileen & Erika’s friendship. Eileen did not want to miss that moment–that’s no friend to have. Both she & Rinna are 2 of a kind. I just do not trust a thing that comes out of their mouths. Rinna is a hypocrite for telling LVP she was hard on her & not meaning it for a second–what kind of sick games do they play anyhow?! I’m sorry they both lost a parent — that I would never over-look, but, just think, if that was not that, they still would create confusion out… Read more »

Hi Starr sweetie , how are you ? I agree with almost everything you said . The only difference being I’m not feeling Dorit . At all actually . No biggie though , we can’t all like the same people all the time . I hope you’re doing good

Hi Daisy love, agreed. Please keep well.

Love your comment: create confusion out of pure, clean air because that is who they are.

Daisy you are spot on with Eileen, she is sly and fake to me!

I agree. ED didn’t take offense when Dorit was talking to her & LR. ED actually said she wanted to be there. And when Dorit did give EG the panties, you can see ED laughing in the background. They all know Dorit meant it as a joke, not some slam to EG. For EG to be so out there, she sure has a bad attitude.

I agree that Dorit meant to lessen the “pantygate” talk and spin it into something light hearted but it was very obvious from Erika’s reaction that she really didn’t know that it was talked about so much and she was embarrassed as hell. Now Dorit owes Erika an apology. Lordy! Lordy! I so think grieving is very individual and must be respected. I respect ED’s decision. But now we’ve gone off on a tangent and it’s so annoying and tiring. I feel sometimes like saying to these women……if your 15 year old daughter came to you week in and week… Read more »

For EiIeen to have been so cool & composed at the reunion having just suffered the loss of her mother plus go to work at Y&R she has to be one cold hearted piece of work, I would’ve been a blubbering mess & definitely not able to concentrate. She did say it was life changing, but somehow I dont see a single change in her & to think she lost 6 members of her family in one year. Seems to me it did not make a dent in her character.

Thats a pretty heavy accusation. You dont know how she grieves. When my mother lost her father, she didnt cry for a year cause she was busy holding it together for the family and work. Ive had students that will break down in my classroom for the first time after their parents death years prior. Its all how someone grieves and handles a situation. Just because you react one way doesnt mean everyone reacts the same. You shouldnt assume she was changed.

You have a point there Jack. Everyone grieves differently. I guess Eileen had bitterness & resentment show face first, she was stone cold at the reunion to say the least, not to mention hurtful. I’ll put that down to shock. Certainly it was not life altering at all for she hasnt shown a second of change for the better.
I was a fan of Eileen at the beginning & even more so of Rinna, not anymore.

Im the total opposite. I couldnt stand Eileen at first and now I’ve warmed up to her significantly (still cant stand Rinna!). I think it just comes down to our own personal preferences. I think Eileen was goofy at the reunion though. One of my favorite moments in this series is when Kim says Eileen is too dramatic and Eileen answered in the MOST dramatic fashion I’ve ever seen.

Lol Jack, I remember too. I have watched Y&R for years & always loved Eileen on the show till she became a housewife. Her 1st season, I saw her as a total lady & admired her even more. Thereafter when she would not let go & held grievances & pushed every button Rinna owned & showed two sides, I turned off. Even watching Y&R, I view her as cold. So dear Jack, on this one, for now, let’s just agree to disagree in the nicest way possible. Agreed? Handshake & hugs.

Oh, of course!! To each their own! 😉

Agreed. I’ve lost both of my parents and from my experience you soldier on the first few days to make arrangements, get through the wake, the funeral. Once the services are over and all your family and friends go home…then you break down. Grieving is a long process and everyone grieves differently depending on their religious believes, customs, etc. On a side note, my Mom was a huge Y & R fan.

ITA 100%! ED is 1 cold hearted piece of work. I haven’t seen a change in her at all. In fact, I think she is an awful person. ED & LR using the death of a love one is really sickening to me.

bluebell, you said it for me.