Eileen Davidson Says She Was Only Trying To Help The Situation


RHOBH star Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog this week to discuss the giant misunderstanding that happened at lunch with the ladies between her and Yolanda Foster. Davidson says she was only trying to help the situation and feels terrible for her mistake. Read what else she had to say below.

“This was a week of learning experiences for me. One, I learned that even swans have emergency rooms. Really, Hanky? Not nice to bite the hand that literally feeds you! Get well soon, and learn some swan manners before you’re singing your “swan song.” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Two, during the tour of CBS, I learned that Lisa V. (or Eve Harrington as I’ll now call her) wouldn’t hesitate to steal my job. Three, I find out Lisa R. has had a relationship with her bikini waxer for longer than I’ve known my husband. Four, I also learned that now I can do anything I’ve ever wanted, because Lisa R. had her fanny waxed on national TV. Finally, number five, when we were officially introduced to Erika (and her $189,000 dollar ring) and the age difference between her and her husband Tom is brought up, I learned we all have the worst poker faces on the planet. But all that seems unimportant compared to the real issues here.

Go get a glass of wine, and please excuse me for a moment while I take my foot out of my mouth. Maybe get a snack, too, because my foot is halfway down my throat.

Are you back? Because I need to clarify: During drinks at the Sofitel, Yolanda brought up Taylor questioning her illness to Lisa R. I misunderstood! I assumed she heard about what Lisa R. had said at LVP’s when we met the ponies, so I jumped in with damage control. I thought, “Lisa R. is out of town and hasn’t gotten to talk and apologize to Yo yet.” So I felt it was my job, as both of their friends, to explain. I’m not sure if you know this about me yet, but I like getting things out in the open and resolved! Just ask my husband. He LOVES that about me…as long as I do it after 9:00 AM. But, please believe me, if I had known Yo was only hearing about what Taylor had said, I would have never brought it up. Especially when I saw how uncomfortable this information made her. I would have left that convo for Lisa R. to have. My only intention was to help. So why do I feel like I’ve only stoked the fire? Or started a new one?

Yolanda is gearing up to have major surgery. I didn’t understand how intense it was at the time, either. Getting her implants taken out is invasive enough, but removing leakage from her chest cavity and under her arms is a whole new level. It’s not surprising she felt it was time to have a family meeting with her mother and kids. Yolanda lost her father young, and she’s trying to take care of the people she loves. Her talk with her kids, and their reaction about the will being discussed, was very intense and extremely moving. I know how hard this conversation can be, despite how important it is.

I don’t think anyone saw it coming when Yolanda dropped the bombshell about Bella and Anwar being diagnosed with Lyme. This new information is all coming out, and the other ladies and I are now just trying to get everything straight. It does shed more light on Yolanda’s fight; she’s not just battling for her health, but for the health of her children. I think her raising awareness of this disease, through whatever outlet (cough cough Instagram) or just being so raw and open about her struggles on the show, makes more sense than ever before. As a mother, I understand fighting for my kids, but the fact of the matter is I cannot entirely relate to the struggles she’s facing. But I absolutely respect her for it. And after seeing her break down while talking to her mother about the surgery, I dare anyone to accuse her of not really being sick.

Is the universe trying to tell me something? Maybe the desire to have everything out in the open isn’t always the smartest move. But I do feel inherently that communication and understanding are the foundation of any healthy relationship. It’s either one of my best qualities, or one of my worst. I’m starting to wonder…”

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36 Replies to “Eileen Davidson Says She Was Only Trying To Help The Situation”

  1. I cant help seeing the producers telling Eileen to stir the pot. She knows better than to come in on a conversation sri8rring up resentment. Its all for our benefit and we get sucked into the drama. I am glad to be a small part of it by keeping the ratings up lol

    1. Joy, I’m sure a lot of it is producer driven and we all fall for it! I know the first episode was so not too much of a reach to think more.

    2. I was going to write that very thing. I dont think the producers told her to. I think they know they need to do teir bit to keep it going or they are out…. This was so awkward though.

  2. First she wouldn’t take no for an answer and pushed until she was included in that conversation. Then she blabbed the results to Yolanda. Harassing a woman who isn’t well is the most interesting thing she can come up with?

  3. Ever since I found ou that Eileen was a homewrecker, the manipulation and dishonesty never seems to leaave. Yes–JUDGY EYES One Rotten Egg!

    Cant believe she was just trying to help.

    1. I’m really lost on Erika and I’m still in an extended Christmas with son so don’t have time to watch, she looks striking and I’ve seen her boobs in a clip, they look striking but I have never heard of her. It might be a UK thing or an age thing I don’t know but who is she??? As far as Eileen I liked her last season apart from the odd bit of overacting but not impressed this season yet. (But I am two behind) It sounds as though my decision has been made for me by the comments.

      1. I live here, Sally, and I have not heard of her either. But then I don’t usually go for the undressed, crawling on the floor type of entertainment. She has said a couple of interesting things, though. I bet money, ( if I keep betting I will end up broke ) that the producers saw what happened when the other franchises reached the 6th season and were worried, with good reason. They simply wanted to spice it up a little. Last season was just such a horror show the new girls couldn’t catch a break. NY with 8 HW was just too much for a lot of viewers too. I still like season one and two of BH most. One to three of NJ and one thru three of NY. No season of Atlanta and three to 8 of OC. Miami was an amusing show, just amusing to me anyway. I did like Leah. We will see about the new show. I am hopeful.

        1. Thank you I had never heard of her and didn’t think it was an age thing as I like all genres of music! I agree I like most of the seasons of BH, although Kim spoilt last season, I didn’t like the last of NJ, I didn’t think much of the twins or Amber, although felt sorry for her having to battle breast cancer twice. Atlanta I have never been a fan of since Kenya joined, Miami not so much but I did like Leah, none of the others. NY I enjoyed last season the most once Bethenny stopped crying. She had some great one liners. That’s about it I am losing patience with the producer driven story lines. I am looking forward to the trip to Dubai, lots of memories for me. Almost six years of my life!

      2. I never heard of her either Miss Sally. She is very beautiful….Glad you are enjoying your Christmas. I am too. Loving every second. xoxoxo

        1. Lovely Lisa, I’m glad I’m not the only one! Our Christmas finishes Saturday when my son and his future fiancé go home. Quite sweet seeing them together!! I’m so pleased you are still enjoying yours xoxoxox

          1. I am glad you like them together! What a relief. I wish them much health and happiness all their lives. And I wish it for their Mom Sally too xoxo

  4. Oh please, she is as subtle as a woodpecker. And I decided I don’t like her anymore either. Last year she seemed okay, this year the REAL Eileen reared her head and it isn’t a good person. I loved her expression when Erika said her husband was in his early hundreds…. Judging much Eileen? Glass houses and all…..

  5. Sorry sweet friends but I like Eileen — so far. I really thought she was trying to help. As far as facial expressions when Erica spoke about the age difference I don’t think any lady hid it very well. I laughed.

  6. No, Eileen, it was NOT your job to thrust yourself into the situation. You already interjected into the original conversation that you thought Lisa opened a can of worms by mentioning Munchausen Syndrome privately to friends. This was one of those times that you “accidentally” on purpose got involved.

    David had to vamoose before he got stuck paying millions more for Yolanda’s two kids to go through the same treatments that Yolanda “thinks” helped her.

    1. Those children don’t need David to pay for anything. Their father is richer than sin and has been for decades, he’s one of the most influential real estate developers in the world. His sister is also a notable force to be reckoned with. The family is literally a dynasty where development and design are concerned – I doubt that any Hadid child will ever want for anything, let alone need anyone outside of their biological family to pay for their health care.

  7. This blog was funny. I love Eileen. I think we have all stepped into something and then realized too late, we just let the cat out of the bag.
    Look. Yolanda has invited this skepticism into her life by sharing every procedure and somewhat wacky alternative cure in her journey to restore her health with everyone and anyone who will listen. When she added that her two youngest children now also have Lyme disease, most of us pumped the brakes, but her cast members are required to digest this information on camera. Whether she likes it or not, almost everyone is going to form an opinion and talk about it. She can’t control that and I agree with Eileen. Let’s get it out in the open and under some direct sunlight.

  8. Of course Erika won’t leave her grandpa. Did you not hear her say he won’t live forever or whatever that remark was o the show last night?

  9. I don’t think anyone told her to bring it up, could very well be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time. I do see an increase of Eileen not knowing when to shut up and let people do things on their own. Everyone said they wouldn’t bring it up but Eileen just couldn’t keep her mouth shut. She did it with her husband when he’s basically begging her to give him 10 minutes to finish a deadline and she just couldn’t stop. I just think if it’s not directly your issue, keep your mouth shut till the person who’s issue it is has a chance to speak first. I know it’s not going to change or there wouldn’t be the Real Housewives of anything… Lol

      1. You’re right Sally, we will continue to watch and wonder why they do a lot of what they do… Then wait in anticipation for the next episode… Lol

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