Eileen Davidson Says She Was Not Mad At Lisa Rinna


Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog this week to dissect the relationships between the ladies of RHOBH. Eileen says she was not mad at Lisa Rinna, but admits she was certainly glad to see Erika Girardi hold her own against Lisa Vanderpump!

“Listen, this is all so confusing for me. It might be easier to talk about if I try to dissect each relationship dynamic, as it stands now, one section at a time.

Kyle, Lisa V. and Yolanda:
The last time the three of them sat down together was at Frida, and it didn’t end great. Lisa V. left abruptly, then Yolanda sent the email out, which Kyle still hadn’t replied to. I think Kyle had good instincts letting Yolanda know she wasn’t ignoring her but that she would talk about it at another time. I get that Lisa V. wanted to make her point, but Yolanda was obviously not ready to talk about it. Yolanda became emotional. I’m not sure why, but there might have been something else going on for her. Whether it had to do with Lisa V. specifically or not, I’m not sure. At any rate, showing up for Yolanda may be the first step in repairing their relationships. Now that Yolanda is in better health, maybe they can all meet up for coffee…or tea…or tap water? I think it’s more the talking than the beverages, right? But, just in case, maybe tequila shots would help?

Lisa V. and Me:
The last time I’d seen Lisa V. was at her house for dinner. When we greeted each other at Wally’s and she asked, “Are we good?” I had flashbacks to last time. But for everyone’s sake, most of all mine, the answer was, “Yes, we’re good, Lisa V.!” I wasn’t upset or expecting anything from her. The awkwardness on my part came from trying to navigate how to have a decent relationship after all the weirdness. I don’t really have friendships not built on clear communication. (Who would have thought, right? Kidding…)

Lisa R. and Me:
I was certainly not mad at Lisa R. for her opinion about Lisa V. Her “confusion” about why Erika would say Lisa V. “could easily persuade people” did seem a little like a case of “the lady doth protest too much.” That’s all I was saying. Lisa R. is a no BS kind of gal, which is why I love her so much. She’s also the person I confided in when we were in the Hamptons. She knows Lisa V. at least as well as I do. I’ll leave it at that.

Erika and Kathryn:
Erika was in the dark at the start of this dinner. Then, not only did she find out that Kathryn betrayed her confidence, but Lisa V. confronted her about it. For being blindsided, I think Erika handled it really well. Like Yolanda said, you can tell she’s “the wife of a lawyer.”

Strangely, in watching Erika and Lisa V.’s interaction, it reminded me of when I tried to be open with Lisa V. She was very dismissive and kept trying to make it seem like Erika was wildly off base. The whole time Lisa V. pretended to be totally in the dark and played naïve. Lisa V. is a lot of things, but naïve is not one of them.
I’ve gotta give props to Erika for not letting Kathryn off the hook. I assumed, and I know Erika did too, when Kathryn wanted to be a “genuine girlfriend,” that absolutely did not mean she would immediately go tell Lisa V. what had been said. If it was all on the up-and-up, why didn’t Kathryn admit to it before Erika confronted her? I don’t know how the “rule” is that anything anyone says is fair game. And if that’s the case, then maybe Kathryn could have let Erika know that up front. I’m very happy that I know that about Kathryn now, though.

Andrea Bocelli and Me:
Just kidding. I just want to brag I got to witness a private performance by Andrea Bocelli! Which was beyond! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Yolanda and David Foster! And Andrea Bocelli, of course!

Kyle and Kim:
When Andrea Bocelli sang “Ave Maria,” Kyle felt like it was a sign from her mother. It was really beautiful to see her emotional attachment with the music, and how it prompted her to call Kim. The last time we saw Kim was at the reunion show. The difference in her was tremendous. She looked great. She had a very calm presence. The two of them, although it was difficult, and there were tears, are doing the deeper emotional work needed to make the right progress in their relationship. I’m rooting for you, Kyle and Kim! It’s not easy trying to move forward from a rocky past into a better future.

I’m rooting for all of us after watching next week’s teaser…and I’m doing some praying, too.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Eileen is trying so hard to stay relevant by trying to go at Lisa Vanderpump. She has no storyline whatsoever.

Sometimes I think Eileen is the most “normal” housewife of all…If I were in these situations and trying to deal with these people…I think I would be like her…always trying to address the elephant in the room, clarify the problem, work through the misunderstandings, and soothe these gargantuan egos. But I also hope I would have given up by now and just gone up to the bar and hung out with the bartender…like I usually do when surrounded by artificial chick drama.

I like Eileen and Erika.. CANNOT stand Lisa R and Kathryn.. they make me sick.. Not a big fan of Vile Kyle either.. Her and Lisa R are the biggest drama queens and so not funny (but they think that they are)

Chick drama! Gosh I hadn’t heard the term chick since my biker days! Loved that.

Ok I wanna know about the biker days…now that sounds like lawless FUN heeheeee

What happened to your ☂❓

I know Real Sandy, right ?! I think I got tired & lazy. 🙁

☂Jane Bond

Thank you for reminding me xox

All better now! 😀

I’m soooo tired of Eileen. If the “weirdness ” in the room doesn’t involve you, then STFU. Stirring up crap happens on soap operas , and your real life should be one.

Too much acting Eileen, it isn’t one of your soaps! This thing with Lisa VP is so over the top and stop trying to get others on your side! I’m done with both actresses although at least Rinna makes me laugh at times. Eileen just makes me depressed!

WAYYYYY TOO MUCH!! I just cannot with her! She’s becoming almost as passive aggressive as Yolanda and I have no idea what exactly LVP really did to her? She’s babbling on and on about dismissive and manipulation, but it only seems to come when Lisa doesn’t want to listen to wax harmonic about yourself and an apology that was not good enough. You got 3 apologies! It’s enough. I don’t blame LVP… I’d dismiss more than half the crap these ladies belly ache about too. It’s like they all want their pound of flesh. Oh, and Eileen was definitely mad.… Read more »

I used to like her, but now she is nitpicking with Lisa and getting hard to watch. She is going to the dark side with her new friends…maybe it is a blonde connection or something. I don’t know, but I like the two Lisas much more. It is like the blondes against the brunettes or something…except Kathryn who is not in either group yet, anyway IMO.

I’m conflicted about Eileen too, along with Kathyrn. One minute I’m blahhh ehh and then they’re so cool, very down to earth and real. But Sally, Eileen needs to let our Lisa alone! I so agree she has overthunk over felt over everything on that Hampton foolishness. Let that bone go doggy !

She sure does! My dog lets her bone go quicker than she is!

😉 xoxo

I zip Rinna always when she is alone. I almost can’t with her even when she is with the other ladies. She does that sickening laugh and her lips, God, I try not to see the physical stuff, but her lips look bloated.

Lol..that’s cause your doggie doesn’t have to keep up a storyline for air time. Thank God, although I’d rather watching the doggie with the bone than to keep rehashing this stupid argument with Eileen over LVP. 🙂 D

You haven’t seen my dog with a bone! Never lets it go but once she has she is fine unlike Eileen!

Lol. It still has to be more entertaining though:)

I assume you mean my dog is more entertaining! She is! Lolxo

What kind of doggy do you have, Sally! I have a hysterically funny and adorable shih tzu. 🙂 he’s my everything

I have a black cocker spaniel called Meg who is small for a cocker and she is my second daughter! I don’t know what I would do without her! Xo
I hope you managed to get some sleep!
Two of my nieces have shih tzu, they are do cute!

Ohhhh a cockerspanirl, Meg how sweeeet. Walter and Meg would be best friends! Xox. I did, Bonnie Sal, I got like 3 hours late morning. Hubby works very late into the evening so I will get another uninterrupted 2-3 very soon.

Miss Moneypenny, It must be so difficult for you! It’s awful that you are in so much pain! Xo
I love the name Walter! What colour is he? Meg gives good cuddles when I am sick she seems to know which bit hurts!

I had to post here no more room! Ok, Walter is pure white with some smatterings of black on his little head, he is human like it’s scary. He knows my moods emotions everything. He’s partly the reason I walk around singing and smiling cause I don’t want him to pick up on negative stuff and be worried because they DO! Just like a child I swear aren’t they? I never intended on mentioning my stuff and honest it’s under control mostly with meds and such. Please don’t be saaaaad no no no! Don’t worry be happy! Remember that song… Read more »
Jane, it’s ok we are allowed from time to time to mention things, I feel it gives us better insight and understanding of each other. There is no one here who wallows least of all you! Because I was bad yesterday Meg wouldn’t leave me alone! So I know what you mean they pick up on everything! How old is Walter? Meg will be ten this year and I don’t want to think of life without her! The mother of our last two dogs lived until she was 15 so I’m hoping Meg will be the same. She plays golf… Read more »

Meg plays golf!? That’s so sweet. Sally, do you mind me asking what do you deal with physically ? If you’ve mentioned it and I forgot (cause I do) my apologies. Xoxox

whoops: Walter just turned 9 on Valentine’s Day ❣but he acts like he’s a puppy still. He’s wild and crazyyyyy when he plays ball

I have a black and white Havanese (Irish Pied markings) He is similar to a Maltese, from the Bichon family of dogs, and originally the breed is from Cuba like Havana..Havanese. Habanero in Espanol. Well, he is little and just the right size and just one year old. We keep his silky hair long now..may trim for spring. He is hypoallergenic and the first dog I am actually not allergic to…for some reason. Miracle pup. Sorry, I got carried away. He was born on Thanksgiving…and I am thankful. 😉

Real Sandy, I love havanese pups, all the bichons! I’ll bet he’s beautiful with that long coat ❣

Jane, I have three bulging discs at the bottom of my spine, I have already had two removed from the top and now am Titanium Girl! At the bottom the vertebrae are collapsing so they can’t get at the discs. Other than that Osteoporosis and osteo arthritis, sciatica and now something is brewing that I don’t want to think about just yet just going to spend my few days away getting very tiddly and having fun on the sunny island of Arran! The rest aren’t worth mentioning as repercussions of arthritis! But I am happy and cheerful and try not… Read more »

Miss M to add Walter is a good age for Meg! A little bit of a toy boy but acceptable. Xo

Oh Bonnie Sal, (((((((hug))))))))). How on earth do you deal with this? Are you on meds? How can you get around and deal with this? I am so sorry and I can imagine the hardship. I would never have known you were a stolid warrior if I hadn’t asked. I’m amazed at your sweet strength. Blessings, Ms. Moneypenny Bond xoxo

Walter – a toy boy LOL

Miss M, Yes I’m on meds thank goodness! You never moan either! Look at Starr she doesn’t and so many many more Real Sandy, 3D! I couldn’t list everyone and none of us moan! What’s the point, it doesn’t make you better if it did, lol, I would moan like billyo! Xo

Sally, you’re the best! 😀

Oh my gosh everyone here has debilitating illness? (((((Hugs to everyone))))) ❣ Sally wherever you are please enjoy yourself! xox

We are all the best here! Xoxo love you all!

Eileen is beyond tiring this season… For someone who claims always to want to address the elephant in the room rather than leaving things unresolved, she has taken it on herself to say a lot of nasty things behind Lisa’s back this year – not to mention trying to get as many of the ladies on side without Lisa finding out she is trying to manipulate them to her cause. Pathetic.

Eileen IS the elephant in the room.


skeptic, you said it. She has become THE elephant in the room.

Love Eileen. Finally calling LVP out on her bull…..

But she chose the wrong interaction to try it. There might or might not have been something behind Lisa asking, but it just as easily could have been curiosity or not wanting the viewers to watch them eat. There really didn’t seem to be some insidious reason for Lisa asking that. I mean seriously, Eileen and Vinnie are married. I would ask something like that and I am not even a BH Housewife. If Eileen felt as though it was intrusive she, as an adult woman, should have used some banter to change the subject. I mean it’s those interactions… Read more »
…………The last time I’d seen Lisa V. was at her house for dinner. When we greeted each other at Wally’s and she asked, “Are we good?” I had flashbacks to last time. But for everyone’s sake, most of all mine, the answer was, “Yes, we’re good, Lisa V.!” ……….. Whiny Eiley, oh, so now you have PTSD? If you felt you and LVP “weren’t good” then you should have had a backbone and stated exactly why you weren’t good rather than dismiss LVP’s three apologies. Get a backbone woman. …………I get that Lisa V. wanted to make her point, but… Read more »

I do enjoy reading your comments! Totally agree of course! Xo

ITA Skeptic. I don’t even have to write anymore cuz you take the words right out of my mouth! SOULMATES!

Then Ela elephant in the room that should be discussed is the negotiated salary for Eileen–OVERPAID

I love the new name for Erica – Erotica fits her so well. In my opinion without K and B Yolanda needed a friend/bodyguard and Erica is it. God only knows what BS Yolanda and her buddies have told Erica about Lisa VP. I honestly think Yo is jealous of Lisa’s friendship with Mohamed and the sickly witch is truly out to bring LVP her down.

She is sure going after her hard this year, correction her minions are going after her hard! Xo

ITA with you re the minions lol. I love LVP but I have to agree with her non fans that she does know how to stir things up and then sit back and see where the pieces fall. She is a very clever business woman and i think she brings business side to the HW side. She can’t fire them or chastise them as she would her employees so she tends to manipulate certain situations to her benefit so she can see who she can and cannot trust. Personally, I don’t think she trusts anybody but Ken. I still have… Read more »

Of course Lisa stirs things up then sits back! Who cares! At least she is watchable unlike Yo and Eileen! Yo will only go so far it’s easier to get others to do it for her, exactly what Lisa is accused of.

ITA. i also love her sly sense of humour. I feel some of the other wives just don’t get her at times.

😀 😀

She plays the game better than any other, Sally….and I don’t think she takes it all that seriously or personally. It is a job…and she keeps it interesting.

Totally agree! I wonder what it would be like if Lisa walked away and I wouldn’t blame her! Yo and Eileen have ruined it for me this year! I don’t even know if I will watch the reunion!

Oh Sally, I did not know. However do you function? I cant even begin to imagine. My prayers, thoughts & blessings are with you. Hope you get to rest while away.

Starr, I am a lot better off than you and lots of others here! As you know you lean to live with these problems and I would never let my children know how I felt on bad days unlike Yolanda! Not all days are bad! I’m going to be drinking prosecco and eating and really enjoying the next two days away and not worrying about anything else. The island does that as soon as you drive off the ferry, peace just enfolds you. We are here at least four or five times a year and love it! Take care of… Read more »
It is so transparent. I do think Yolanda’s illness, whatever it is, has made her dull in the mind. She keeps saying that and now I see it. I honestly don’t know why she stayed on the show! From the time she was on the trip in Puerto Rico her dislike of Lisa became apparent. As soon as she heard that story about the magazines from BG, she jumped on that like a carrion bird. She egged Kyle on until she finally brought it up at that dinner and from then to now she has been after Lisa V. Now… Read more »

Oh my gawd, nothin wrong with your brain, my friend! The memory on youuuuuuuu! I concur on everything you said here. ❣ *thumbs up and an alleluhia*

Yup…that’s our Yoyo.

3D I don’t need to watch I just read your comments as I know you aren’t biased, well towards Kyle but that’s allowed!

Ho is seething with anger that Mohammed is still friends with Lisa and Ken and she is beyond jealous of LVP. They are almost the same age and Ho is a child compared to LVP. Other than those kids of her, what else has she done in her life? NOTHING. She’s depended on men for everything and look how that turned out for her? Mohammed could care less if Yo doesn’t like LVP. Wives come and go to this guy but friends are a different story. So yes, I bet LVP knows all the dirt on Ho that Ho doesn’t… Read more »

Spot on!

GIGICAT, it’s killing Yo. She’s jealous of the close bond between LVP & Mohammed & it shows.


I admire the LVP fan club 🙂 they sure stick up for their queen lol. I think Eileen is great and I love Erika. I think LVP needs to wrap it up and take a little break from this show. She hates ALL the other HWs , and no one is buying her ‘friendship’ with Kyle 🙂 I think she’s s smart, sophisticated snd elegant women, but she’s also manipulative and calculating. I’m not drinking get cool aide so to me , her game is transparent and tired . Ok! I’m ready for the LVP assault now 🙂

No assault Rain, but meet me at dawn name your weapon! Also name your second I guess Kt? Lol xoxo

I’ll bring my tits! They’be always come through for me 🙂

Well that’s not fair I will have to use a second 3D??? I’m calling you!!!!!!!

Love you anyways Saly ;). My mouth is running amuck today! It’s 5am and I haven’t had much sleep, been up with the election results so this is a fun distraction

I love it when you are like this! It’s fun! I love you too! Xo

I lose to boobs every time!!!

I guess not everything is bigger in Texan then LOL xoxo

Nope, I didn’t get that gene…but I carry a big gun!

Hahahaha! Poached Eggs is all I have to say about me!

Yes Sally I’m full of it today :). No sleep and too much caffeine . Cup after cup of black tea, cream, one sugar

Caffeine helps me get through the day! Without it, my husband doesn’t even speak to me!

Without caffeine, and this is real, I get a blinding headache. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was quite young. My Mom wasn’t concerned it would stunt my growth as I was 5’8″ at 14. Boob talk made me recall that.

3D will you be my second as I can’t fight ‘boobs’ with Rain as I don’t have any?

Sure, your second is reporting for duty. I will wear my brass breastplate for effect and to avoid injury, (to me or anyone else)

Hahaha 3D! Thanks for being my back up! From the sound of Rain you might need your breast plate!

It is funny I just saw this now. I made coffee for myself this morning and put my cup on the counter as I was on my laptop, and my son came into the room. I had my laptop open and went to move it, and forgot about the cup and spilled the coffee (about 1/3 of the cup) all over…counter, chair pad, floor, etc. I cleaned it up and an about an hour later said, I really need to make another cup of coffee, since my head knew I did not get my full cup. I really need my… Read more »

We grind our coffee as well and unless it’s near Christmas birthday etc when my daughter brings us Monmouths coffee which is the best ever! Otherwise it’s an Italian blend. Heavenly!!

Dunkin Donuts…whole bean…freshly ground and brewed in a Cuisinart drip machine…heats up the water hotter than most. Best Coffee Ever! I drink the whole pot (12 cups), black, throughout the day. In the summer, I switch to Iced coffee in the afternoon, with just a splash of half and half. I am an addict, and completely understand the headache thing, 3D.

Apple, I have just had four days without coffee, wasn’t allowed and I was foul! I admit it, my husband laughs but it isn’t funny as I get a headache as well! I am away with my SIL from today until Sunday and she is the same so our whole time on the island revolves around Hotel to coffee shop to restaurant, more coffee, to Dinner! At least we get each other! We go to Italy together for a week most years and the coffee there isn’t very hot so you have to say when you order it! I like… Read more »

My boyfriend is very patient…and will always stop for coffee when I need a fix…and I appreciate it. I am sorry about your health issues, Sally….but I envy your experiences… Italy, Abu Dhabi…and of course, Scotland. My grandfather got off the boat from Edinburgh in 1902 and I hope to go see Scotland someday.

apple, I’m fine honest, just Miss Moneypenny asked so I told her! Health gets in the way of life sometimes but it’s how you deal with it. I’m more of a glass half full than a glass half empty person! ( I am with my SIL for the weekend, left Hubbie at home with the dog. It is her birthday so we are having two nights away. Her birthday card is the glass half full, glass half empty, it says it doesn’t matter as it needs topping up either way! We will be having a glass or two!) Fancy your… Read more »

You’re killing me lol 🙂 ! A gun will stomp boobies any day lol. You’ll have to forgive my old hippie self! Sometimes I wake and I think it’s still the 70s xoxo

So true…during our CHL class they showed a carrier you can wear in your bra, instructor looked at me and said ‘uh, that won’t work for you’ BAAAHHAAAA. I had to reply well I rarely wear one…a bra that is!
Keep the old hippie self going…70’s were amazing, yes I was a kid but fond fond memories!!! Ah, the Bee Gees, Grease, Jaws, Sonny and Cher, Carol Burnett show…

Well that a rude instructor lol! Men shouldn’t be commenting on women’s boobs if they don’t want women commenting on their small junk ;). Yes the 70s were awesome and I was your typical Cali hippie flower child, that is till my husband swooped in with his sexy Wisconsin accent and large hands, and knocked me up. He saw my boobs and probably reminded him of the cows in their farm in Wisconsin :). You’ll have to show me Texas one of these year kt, and maybe a shooting lesson xoxo

You really are full of it today! Xo

It was a woman CHL instructor…comments about my – or lack there of – don’t bother me, cause when I’m older they will still be in the same general vicinity. ;0) Come on down y’all!!!

Very true kt!! 🙂 gravity does a number on us doesn’t it! So when I’m rubbing my knees, what I’m really doing is adjusting my bra 🙂

Hahahahahahahaha! Like KT mine stay put!

I am sorry is CHL class what I think it is? Concealed Handgun License class? I googled it and 3 different descriptions for CHL came up as possibilities. I have the coolest old leather holster for my 22c. When we first built our house here in the rural outskirts I wore it when I was digging my garden. I don’t now tho since there are neighbors with kids here. But the property was open and hilly with bad visibility especially when I was on my knees facing the field behind the house, planting shrubs. It’s all fenced along the back… Read more »

Yes, Concealed Handgun License. TX just went to open carry and I haven’t seen ONE.

The most lethal,weapon I have is the garden fork!

I usually have a German Shepherd or two at the end of a leash if I am out…so I guess that qualifies as “open carry”.
I know people often change sides of the street when they see me coming, so…I think I’m good.

We had a German Shepherd when I was in my teens, beautiful animals!

We are hippy soul sisters, Rain. I do disagree about Lisa and Kyle. If I hadn’t seen the first 2 seasons first, I might not. I think they are true friends who got themselves into something too big for their friendship. And when the husbands get in it, watch out. On the last VPR, when Lisa was talking to Shwartz about his fight with Katie, about being wrong and happy as opposed to right and sleeping on the couch, she was talking about Ken and how he backs her even when she is wrong. I see that both husbands got… Read more »
Here here, soul sister :). I haven’t watched RHOBH from the very beginning so I’m not familiar with all the history. So I haven’t seen any seasons with Camille, Adrienne etc. I do NOT hate LVP, but do think she’s manipulative , plus I can’t shake off this feeling that she thinks all the other HWs are beneath her. She comes off very condescending to me at times, but that’s fine lol. It’s funny that I can put up with all Shannon BEdours antics, but LVP bothers me.. Go figure!! With regards to Kyle, I will say the unpopular opinion… Read more »

Rain..everything you say about LVP is true, but I can’t help it I still like her

Xoxo naynay! That’s fine ! I love it when people admire their HW isn’t perfect and is never wrong. Shannon Bedour is my queen and I admit she’s a freaky hot mess but I adore her lol

Good Morning All, I confess, I haven’t seen the episode yet, just read the recaps. Rain, you kill me, always spot on. And, “bring your titties” priceless, I almost spit my coffee out on my computer screen from laughing. I think they are all walking on egg shells because there is much more to the story about LVP and Kyle vs. Yolanda and what was said about her and her kids. We’ll have to wait to see!! LVP is the master manipulator. It has been said many times on this show by frenemy Kyle and Brandi. I’ll write more tomorrow… Read more »

Xoxo what the 🙂

Hahaha oh Rain you are not getting any recrimination from me, i understand what you mean about Lisa V., she has her ticks, too. 😉 she’s just consistent. Lol and she plays the best poker in town but she’s true to whose she’s been since day 1. Her high points are still for me better than her low ones. But, I’m not blind to her faux pas. They all have them.


I did like Eileen, I think she can be very witty I just think she’s trying so hard to have a problem with something that is so miner, she’s making a big deal of Rinna’s reaction to a comment Erica made, seems silly to me. I just realized all the ladies have had get togethers in their homes except Rinna.

Ahhh. I count on you to always see these little nuances. That is odd when you think of it. Last year she had a charity event at her house, but it was outside. Never a dinner or cocktail party! And the season’s finale will be Dubai, so if she does have one it hasn’t shown in the previews. Hmmmm…..

A Bravo ‘dinner’ is just code for hot mess drama lol

What the heck happened to this whining soap opera actress to make her feel so important? LVP apologized 3x to her and yet, it’s not enough. When LVP asked her if they were good, Eileen’s face got distorted and there was fire in her eyes. She is NOT over this yet. I guarantee this will be brought up at the reunion. My thoughts are that Vinnie dismisses her at home and she needs to act superior SOMEWHERE. She has no storyline since she has no personality. She needs to go away and return to the soaps (which by the way… Read more »

One word, yup!

OMG that so called “steamy” shower scene where she had her blouse ripped off was so poorly acted. There was no chemistry between Eileen and whoever the guy was. It simply was not a believable scene. Terrible acting and to think Eileen won a day time Emmy. Just goes to show she was the best of the worst actresses of the lot. LVP has apologized to Eileen THREE times now. That is typically three more times than she has apologized to any of the housewives, ever. Get over yourself, Eileen, you have been drinking some of Yolanda’s “I am superior… Read more »

It was an insincere apology so yes I’d want another one. You do know that LVP is the queen of holding grudges and unforgiveness , right? So this coming from Lisa , is ironic

Is anyone seeing the hypocrisy of these women? Eileen: you didn’t like LVP’s probing of your messy affair, and she apologized in “her” way. Does she keep having to apologize until she gets it your way? You said, “We’re good” when clearly you are not. You can’t call LVP manipulative when you are “persuading” the other ladies when LVP is not around what a web she spins. That’s manipulation girl. Ericka: Love her but she’s manipulative, trying to influence others her way re: LVP. That’s manipulation with a pink bow. Yo: you are such a hypocrite and arrogant but will… Read more »

I read that Lyme brain was on the Dr. Oz show. I am sure his eyes rolled back in his head more than once. So now Yo had Epstein Barr disease and Hep B. What more will she manufacture before she leaves the show.


I used to really really like Eileen on the show. Now…not so much. Watching her have lunch in the park with Yolanda and Erika, Eileen wanted to do all the talking and she wanted to discuss the same old stuff she simply cannot let go of…LVP. My guess is we will be hearing about this same old stuff from Eileen all season. And it really irritated me during that park lunch how Eileen just talked right over Erika and Yolanda…just really poor manners and tells me a lot about her character…only self-centered people do that sort of thing. As Eileen… Read more »

OK I may have finally figured this out. Couldn’t understand why everyone was so bitchy about LVP this season. Remember when Erika yelled at Lisa Rinna to “say who told it” at her pool party about who said Yolanda has Munchausen’s? Well in the preview for next week, Lisa R tells Eileen that Lisa V and Kyle were the ones who said Yolanda has Munchausen’s and Lisa V urged Lisa R to bring it up to the others…………whoa……………

That’s odd, because LisaR has stated on Bravo that is was her hair dresser.

Rinna was the one who went to LVP’s house, where Kyle already was, and read the definition of Munchausens from her phone. If Rinna lied about who told her she lost major points with me. She already said it was her hairdresser.

It’s in a preview on Bravo…

Bravo’s previews are edited heavily i think. Last week I could have sworn Tom was telling Lisa she had to leave his house. Last night it was edited differently and he was now looking at Kathryn telling her to leave. I can’t wait to find out who he was speaking to.

Just saw the preview. It looks like LisaR is saying that she 1st told LVP about the Munchausen comment & that LVP encouraged her to share that with the group. Um, most people that have been watching question all of Yo’s problems.I don’t doubt Yo is sick with lyme, leaking breasts, etc. But Yo is the 1 who caused all of the confusion for most people, including David (or he wouldn’t have told her no more treatments until she got a scan). In the clip it kinda sounds like LisaR is blaming LVP somewhat for manipulating her (which sounds a… Read more »

I don’t agree with anything from your blog or your point of view. You are reaching when you talk about the conversation between LVP & Erika. Erika didn’t like be played, just like she did to LVP & Kyle.

Having seen this week’s show last night, the only highlight of the show for me was Andrea Bocelli. Erika J did not miss a beat with her responses to LVP when she was asked why she said what she did to Kathryn. Off she strutted to Kathryn to accuse her of back-stabbing. Much as I don’t so care for K, I’m glad she told Yolanda’s friend that it was all on her. What I definitely did not like was when Eileen met the 2 crows for lunch outdoors & did not have anything nice to say about LVP & once… Read more »

ITA! I think Kathryn was right to tell LVP what was being said about her. Especially after Kathryn’s blog said LVP had nothing but nice things to say about Erika & Tom & their dinner. Can’t stand Erika or You; they are both liars & backstabbers. Erika never told Kathryn it was just between them.

Eileen, Yo, & Erika are doing the exact same things they accuse LVP of doing. To me they are actually much worse than what they claim of LVP.

That’s the truth, Patricia.

Apple, before I got lazy with the Keurig, I always used my Cuisinart Grind and Brew for years. I still have it and almost went back to it when I thought my Keurig died,,,but then it worked again! I used to buy bags of Dunkin Donuts whole beans from the local Dunkin Donuts and nothing compared. Now the single serving Keurig is easy…but costs a lot more and is wasteful. I found a coffee that tastes great, is not too wishy washy and is a great balance of flavors with a medium roast. I am picky about coffee tasting fresh… Read more »

I am tempted during the holidays to get a Keurig, Real Sandy…when I have a house full of people coming and going and all with different tastes…but, so far, I have talked myself out of it because I am trying to reduce the number of appliances I have. But I just saw a brilliant idea on Pinterest …shelves in the basement to hold all those crockpots and bread machines and big casserole dishes and juicers that I only use occasionally…
I am reborn.

Great idea Apple. I have a bread machine too. I use it to make pizza dough mostly now. Those appliances do take up room. 😉