Eileen Davidson Says Lisa Vanderpump’s Attacks on her Have Been Relentless and Disgusting


Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog to discuss the season finale of the RHOBH. Davidson has something to say about Lisa Vanderpump’s last blog and says she is embarrassed for her cast mates.

“Never in a million years could I have imagined what would take place this year on RHOBH.

It’s been emotional, turbulent, and downright ugly at times. Yolanda has had it the toughest. She’s continued to battle Lyme and been isolated from our group at times because of it. She’s suffered from the controversy and confusion surrounding the Munchausen’s comment. On top of all that, she’s had to endure the ending of her marriage to David. Now she’s in her new home as a single woman, and I hope this next step is full of great new beginnings. I loved when she and Erika talked about her best days being in front of her. It shows the kind of woman she is: strong, loving and positive.

The most shocking of all is seeing where things have ended up with Lisa V. and me. All this because I expressed my feelings to her? Because I sought the truth coming out? Really? Now I understand all too well why Kyle felt the need to stop trying to get Lisa V. to admit the truth. Kyle had let it go and moved on because it’s just easier to be aligned with LVP than against her. I have first-hand experience with what comes your way when you dare to be honest with LVP and dare to expect the same from her. Her attacks on me in the press and social media have been relentless and disgusting. I’ve rolled with it the last few weeks, but her blog last week was beyond. Then I witnessed her husband Ken’s nasty tirade about Lisa R. this episode. I cannot fathom a woman in her mid 50s and a man in his 70s acting this way, saying vulgar, low-class things about others and myself. I am embarrassed for them. But at the end of the day, I am grateful. Because every time Lisa V. and Ken open their mouths, they reveal a little bit more about who they truly are.

I know I’ve joked many times about my need for honesty getting me in trouble, but I know where I stand with everyone now because of it. I feel stronger than ever that the best policy for my life is asking for and telling the truth. And looking back, as strange, and at times, appalling as it was, the clarity I have about everyone based on their actions and reactions is invaluable. I wouldn’t change anything that happened this year. Honestly.”

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I like Eileen but this doesn’t explain why she gives Rinna so many passes. Rinnas actions and reactions are the most gross of anyone. And her calling out Kim AGAIN last night was just the latest installment. Kim doesn’t owe Rinna anything. Not one thing. Nothing. Ever. And certainly not any explanations about her sobriety. Rinna implying she wasn’t sober on camera yet again speaks volumes about HER not Kim. Eileen backing her up constantly is the one thing that makes her suspect, in my eyes. For that reason she can leave with Rinna & I dont care. You can’t… Read more »

Eileen for me is a bitch

I totally agree. I think Eileen got LR after LV, because Eileen is so jealous of LV. AND I also think LV was asking Eileen about her love for her husband. I think Eileen is a shamed of how she got her husband.. Erika is also jealous of LV, because she has class not like Erika who is thot

I think so as well, Debbie. For after Erika bad mouthed LVP to Kathryn & it was taken back to LVP–wrong—Erika, who did not like LVP, needed to have her as a friend because she knew her husband liked & respected LVP & wanted to continue an association with the couple. I believe she is jealous of LVP mostly for that reason.

Yes indeed!


Forgot ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I don’t see her giving Rinna a pass. I see her calling her out (like on the beach) but not in public the way Kathryn tried to shush Eileen. I really think Eileen couldn’t imagine why LR wanted to go that route again and again. She called her out on the beach the same way Kyle called out LVP on the yacht. I think Eileen respects that LR is a grown woman and she has no right to say anything about her behaviour when in public.

Pj those are all good points. I agree with you. I think I’ll change my kind to say it’s disappointing E remains friends with LR.


I really like Eileen now and think she has handled herself with respect and class this season and I believe Lisa R would do well to pause before she specks. I think Lisa R knows she has stepped on many booby traps this season, but I do believe her when she says, she was strongly encouraged to do so by LV. The reunion should be lots of fun next week!

PJ, the only reason Eileen called Rinna out at the beach was when Rinna stated that Yo was even more manipulative than LVP in her mind & Eileen said she did not see it that way because recall, she was holding a dagger against LVP, was enarmored by Erika Jayne & was already team Yo. In her mind, she wanted Rinna to join forces with her & take LVP down in a big, dirty way.Big lips fell into that trap big time. Eileen was not advising her so called friend correctly as any good friend would do, she was out… Read more »

Neither Eileen nor Lisa Rinna have plot lines, so they invent them, by going after Lisa V this season. My hope is that they are both given the boot but good, and don’t return ever–not even as guests. They are BOTH S##t stirrers, it is so obvious. Also, PLEASE let YO YO GO GO. Another snoooze fest. Just my 2 pence

Unfortunately BeBee99 ANDY Cohen loves all the controversy that these “ladies” stir up. He lives for it. Just watching his reactions at the reunions you can see the wicked gleam in his eye.
The soap stars will be back and so will Lymnewitch. I am so fed up with the BS and as I have stated many many times I have a lot of friends and none of them act as disgustedly as the RH women. Gross

I agree Aunt Bee, I too have lifetime friends who’s never acted that way-ever. Some associates that enjoyed bad mouthing others, I have allowed them no privileges to engage with me, not even in a social setting as it was toxic to me.

Naturally I would expect nothing less of a class act like you, ☆

Was that for me 3D’s? if so, THANKS, I’M HUMBLED.

Yes, absolutely for you. Anyone would be blessed to have you for a friend, you have shown that here so many times. You are kind and classy, and strong. Maybe you don’t FEEL strong all the time, but who does? You show a wonderful spirit, and if it means much, I always read every word you write. Never boring either, ever. I see why your Daddy named you his ☆ in the sky. You brighten up the world.

I agree. It’s do boring and predictable. Every time they get together it’s attack LVP time again! And get another apology for EDs hated word affair. Ugh. Then don’t h lay down with another woman’s husband. Right??


I absolutely agree with everything you’ve said. Well put!!


Oh good grief! That’s as much as I’m saying!

And that’s exactly right….good grief……


Eileen you started this whole mess with your demand for a “real apology” and then dragged the not so bright Rinna into your web all for a shot at another season. You should be so ashamed of yourself. Now I know why Vinnie wants no negativity from you until 9. And I think you are jealous because LVP has a supportive husband and you do not.

Vinny asked Eileen if she wanted his opinion and she said No to him. They communicate so well. Eileen wants the last and only word.

Loved your response ! You were on a roll . Dare you stop me now . I’m in your corner girl friend .

ITA! Eileen, are you forgetting that you bad mouth LVP all season? Cannot stand Eileen, LR, Yo, or Erika. Eileen & LR looked & acted ridiculous last night at Kyle’s dinner.

I think Eileen and LR and also Erika wants everybody to go after LV , because there so jealous of her.

Yes, ridiculous and revengeful. Rinna couldn’t wait to make her “long time friend” look as bad as her.

Agreed 100%, besides, whileen’s attacks have been relentless on LVP.
Me thinks whileen is uber delusional—-maybe she cannot separate real life from the soap she’s in? Just saying….
Either way cryleen & lipsa have been so nasty to LVP and they have been such a disappointment…..

I totally agree

Listen up, Bitch. YOUR attacks along with your manipulated friend against LVP have been disgusting. Soapy and Sudsy can give it but sure can’t take it.

I love you Skeptic

Love you too Aunt Bee xoxo

Funny Yo on WWHL said Mo hadn’t talked to LVP in eight months why are there pictures of them in January? Is that because Yos brain is confused and she can’t count to ten any more?

Either that or Mo is staying clear of LVP because he knows what a jealous witch Yo is and wants to keep his kids clear of her nuttiness. Yo has a split personality – the St. Yolanda we see on TV and the jealous puppet master behind Erika, LR and ED.

I don’t get it Yolonda has had Lyme disease since before her kids were born, but it’s only this season that she actually sick and bedridden? I don’t like LR but she’s right something is up…

totally right, cryleen needs to keep her legs closed and lipsa needs to keep her lips closed.
Seriously — all they had to offer viewer’s this season was taking down old curtains & ass waxes on dirty carpets…..

I honestly think Eileen does not get the difference between a conversation where others speak at random, and a script where she already knows exactly what they are going to say and how she will react. I am serious, too, not being sarcastic. At the Thank You dinner Mauricio hosted for the girls, Eileen couldn’t understand why the talk went to things that were said in Amsterdam. She is so scripted in her mind she didn’t even recall that the first “manipulation” Rinna made reference to happened in Amsterdam! She said in TH more than once “How did the discussion… Read more »
Eileen: If you didn’t have such a sordid past, you wouldn’t be so sensitive about it. Own it bitch. You are trying to divert attention away from the real problem. You. You are a shrew. Put your 1970 denim overalls on and go stand on the PCH. Maybe someone will knock you over and your brain will scramble and you will be more normal. Until then, don’t tell people what they can, and cannot, ask you. If you don’t like what people say and think about your past (your whoring around with a married man), then don’t do it in… Read more »

Eileen is the oldest of all of them.

So, this is what they call projection, aye?

What relentless attacks? She is delusional. You know what I find embarassing? I find it embarassing that two people can be in Hollywood their entire adult lives, and the only thing they can do to make themselves relevant as cast members on a reality show is stir the shit and play the victim. Those two are a real piece of work.

Once again well said Christopher! Xo

We missed you Christopher 🙂

Well said. Did you happen to catch how Vinnie couldn’t even be bothered to look remotely interested in what Soapy was whining about. His face was set in stone. i bet this is the next divorce we’ll hear about.

I agree! I haven’t seen these attacks that she keeps storming about. I think she drank LR’s koolaid. How can you stand to back that bullying b? There was no reason LR should have treated Kim the way she did at Kyles party? Kim is trying to get her life back together. You’re backing the wrong team ED and it’s made you crazy. LR enjoys, dare I say delights! in stirring the pot and all the while puts on that deer in the headlights look when someone doesn’t agree. Take a hike and take LR with you…PLeeezzzzz! It’s boring now!

Attacks from LVP? I’m confused was LVP just supposed to accept everything being said and not say a word? What I find disgusting, is that Eileen had no storyline all season so decided to go on and on about a conversation that took place at the beginning of the season. While she is a good soap opera star, RHOBH isn’t a soap opera – though it feels like it sometimes.

It does since Eileen and Rinna joined. Xo

LVP, on her way out of the party, approached Faye and apologized for being rude in a sincere form. I really and truly think she did that so Soapy would see that she can apologize but she just can’t be bothered apologizing for something that didn’t deserve an apology. That was golden!

I took the apology to Faye as an FU to all of them. She hates Resnick and did it in her typical passive/aggressive snarky way. I hope Faye doesn’t flatter herself. That’s the kind of manipulation the others talk about. She did that deliberately, on camera.

Upon further reflection, I think that was a set-up between Kyle, LVP and Faye. That was no spontaneous apology. Pre-planned.

I agree it was pre-planned as a kick in the teeth to the gruesome twosome. Faye didn’t seem shocked at all which, if I was Faye, I certainly would have been. Faye accepted in stride and told Kyle in a calm manner. She knew it was coming. Good spot PJ.

Skeptic, I agree it was pre planned, sorry 3D but Faye and Lisa can’t stand each other they have both said horrible things to each other! Good for them if it was. Half the stuff we see like Rinna and Eileen is pre planned as well with Yo! Xoxox❤️❤️❤️

It’s ok either way with me. I do believe that in order to plan it, Lisa and Faye had to speak or maybe only Kyle and Lisa, but Lisa had to agree and I do think she was sorry for the rude comments. Which, either way honestly doesn’t matter to me, they have both moved on even if it simply for the show, it is a good thing. I think the next divorce will be Harry Hamlin to Rinna. After he sees what a foul, cruel, rotting stench of a soul she has when he sees the season. I loved… Read more »

I can’t see any love in either Eileen or Rinnas marriage! Lisa and Ken are obviously still in love as are Kyle and Mauricio. Xo❤️❤️❤️

I made me kinda sad EJ had to schedule time with her husband, and call to confirm those date too.

Yes I would hate that! Well I wouldn’t live like that! Xo

Love what you wrote 3D ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hopefully now LVP fans can finally forgive Faye 🙂

♥︎, Rain.

Ditto. I don’t think it was a set up at all. Lisa is too busy to take the time to plan that. Maybe in the moment she knew, but big deal. Just like the rest of this entire effing thing. Big effing deal.

She needs to stay on the young and restless, I’m tired of her!

Good Heavens, can she get any lower? calling LVP & Ken low classed when she has no class at all. LVP could take no more from this down her throat, petty she-devil & actually, LVP was very much a lady referring to the 2 devious idiots as ‘soapy & sudsy’. I would not have been that kind to be truthful. They set out to ruin Dubai & did a fantabulous job of it to boot. Then on to Kyle’s home, & the disgusting behavior continued by Rinna, once more prompted by the devillish B Eileen. AND, PRAISING YO to the… Read more »

Love you Starr xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love you lots too Suze. Praying daily.

Starr you amaze me every day love you ✨✨✨✨

I apologize for using the ‘F”letter with the OMG comment when I was responding to you Starr of the sky. Honest, it was not appropriate and I will no longer be using that particular abbreviation.

What a darling you are 3 D’s. No apology ever needed to me. Frankly, I did not even notice, so please don’t apologise, I see your soul & that’s pure.


totally right, cryleen needs to keep her legs closed and lipsa needs to keep her lips closed.
Seriously — all they had to offer viewer’s this season was taking down old curtains & ass waxes on dirty carpets…..

Soapy also offered a sneering face ALL season. God that woman masters the art of sneering.

Also Skeptic, did you note the glistening, evil gleam in her eyes when either talking to or about LVP? it actually scared me & reminded me of a passage in the Bible that states: “Beware of the evil eye, I will melt it down like the wax of a candle”.

#teameileen nuff said. Lvp and ken were disgusting yet again the way he talks to and about women is Despicable. I do not understand how they have fans. Fans that have eyes and ears yet

Because like anyone, they are not perfect. Maybe you expect that of them but apparently no one else. Ken stands up for his wife, always. Yo looked awful at the first BD party of the season, and she did that purposely to bring attention to being sick. He is getting old, and he doesn’t care as much about what anyone thinks of him. Why should he? he has built a wonderful life for him and so has Lisa. I never thought they were perfect, so I am not disappointed to see it. Soapy and sudsy isn’t quite asshole wax and… Read more »

Love you 3D! Xoxox❤️❤️

I agree 3 D’s. Ken loves his wife, knows her heart & when she’s treated like vermin, of course he’ll feel for her & with her & feel angry. That’s how I am if anybody has the gall to say anything about my husband & kids, sisters & brothers–especially if it’s unjustified. If it is justified, I will then set them right privately. He probably lost sight in his anger of the cameras. I love how he stands at her side.

Me too!

Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes even on camera. He is probably really sick of anyone hurting Lisa’s feelings.

I have loved your characters on my two favorite soaps for years, and getting a glimpse into who you are as a real person on RHOBH makes me love you even more, Keep your head held high you’ve shown more dignity and class than others!

LVP isn’t nearly interested enough in Eileen to bother attacking her, she has far better things to do. What’s disgusting is Eileen’s relentless and disgusting and successful attempts to break up another woman’s home and family. They really need to get rid of her.

I very much dislike Eileen’s constant reference to what SHE thinks is why Lisa holds her at arms length. It isn’t because she was honest with Lisa about her never ending “feelings.” It was because she brought it up at every opportunity and at that dinner at Lisa’s, geese, I see why Lisa whaled out that she couldn’t stand it. Eileen was acting as if she was reading an effing script. Just on & on & on & on & on & on & on. Crimeny, whether Lisa has a way of being manipulative, part of her fault is that… Read more »

The two of them, S and S have totally ruined this season for me! Absoletuly fricken ruined it! That makes me a mix of angry and sad but mainly sad! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Again, Perfect statement Suze.


Soapy was acting throughout the entire season. Acting badly at that. I truly believe the only reason she got a day time Emmy as Best Actress was she was the best of the worst of them all. If she was any good as an actress I’m sure she’d have moved on to prime time roles as others have done. i truly believe, and desperately hope, that Soapy and Sudsy have sealed their fate on this show and are not invited back next year. They both are so toxic together. Last year I thought Sudsy may be fun but for some… Read more »

Have you done the Bravo poll? I put it on the Yo thread from WWHL. LVP at the moment is way ahead with these two and Yo just about at the bottom!

I did yesterday 🙂 Soapy and Sudsy were scraping rock bottom when I did it.

Yup only Taylor under them! The big question is as its a Bravo poll will they take any notice of fans??? Not sure!

I have voted.


I found it, thank you Suze. ❤️♥︎☮⭕️⭕️⭕️❌❌❌♈︎☩♊︎

To add I wouldn’t blame Lisa for walking away after this season but maybe the poll will help her decide. These three need to go far far away!

I hope you are right Suse

Don’t forget to do the Bravo wpoll! I put a link on the WWHL Yo thread! At the moment Yo Rinna and Whineleen are 3% LVP leads with 24%. For Rain Kt and any others who don’t like LVP you don’t need to bother! Lol xo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Poll! Typo

Oh, Suze…I do like LVP. I don’t have the fandom for her like others. I tend to take the HW actions in pieces and not all encompassing. IMO, she is very good at twisting a story to make herself look innocent, even her BFF Kyle said so! She takes peoples weakness and turns their key, but it’s their fault for starting their ignition. The work she does for her charities is wonderful and how she interacts with her children is adorable. She and Ken have a strong relationship, although he’s been a bit harsh this season. Their house – ehhh… Read more »
No neither do I, I was trying to be funny, it obviously didn’t work! I don’t really have a lot of time for any of them to be truthful, LVP has a lot of faults same as the rest! I’m ok glad when chemo starts Tuesday, at least that will be be me feeling better in my head! It’s been a really tough week this week but I will get there, listening to Thunderstruck by ACDC, it’s downloaded onto my iPad I just need to get my husbands earphones off him. There could be complaints if I don’t. Have fun… Read more »

LOL Suze, I know where your husband is coming from, I’m like you. I can just be walking (with my walker) & bam, crack, crack, crack. Broken bones. Laughable to say the least. I’m praying your body receives the chemo so well that it’s like a second skin to you & does the job to perfection. Prayerfully it will be so. God bless you, Suze.

Oh boy! Starr, you have made me cry! With everything you have been through and still going through you just consider others!
I cracked my ribs three different times in two years, broke my leg, both ankles, and fractured my skull. The last time, I think it was my leg and ankles, I fell down the stairs, the nurse asked my husband to leave, then asked me if I wanted to tell them anything! When I realized what they were getting at I started laughing and told them I was just clumsy! He wasn’t very happy! Xxx

Your poor hubby.

I did tell the nurse he would only ever do it once, but he doesn’t have it in him! Xxxooo❤️❤️❤️❤️

You must be bionic by now. You can get through anything. 😉 ❌⭕️

Oh dear Suze, your husband had to have been upset. But, laughable as it is, I guess the nurse had to ask. I’m like you, so many broken bones that I’m now told that they cannot tell the new from the old, too many done for. I laugh, but boy, is it ever painful to deal with. You seem to be like me Suze, with a high pain tolerance. I’m allergic to every single narcotic, so I have to get by on Aleve. That’s zero in my mind as to what you are enduring. XoXoXoXoXo all the way.
ooo…sorry…little early for me and not enough coffee….! There is a great drinking game for the song Thunderstruck, sit in a circle and when they say Thunderstruck a person drinks and keeps drinking until they say it again, then it’s the next persons turn and continues. Same can be done with Roxanne. OOOOO the crazy drinking games we used to play when I was young with wonderful 80’s music. I’m sorry it’s been a rough week, I wish there was more we could all do or say. I know what you mean by ‘don’t have time for any of them’… Read more »

Love and kisses and thanks Kt Xoxoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

Suze, the last time I checked Sudsy was at 2% and Soapy still at 3%

Yup after I did that I looked again and she was down to 2%

I hope you are wrong Skeptic about LVP leaving but I sure as hell don’t blame her. Ken is getting picked on for coming to her defense and at 70 I am sure he is tired of it all. Can you imagine how he felt when Lisa would call him crying from Dubai?? I don’t blame him for any nasty thing he said about those witches. Maybe it is time he and Lisa relaxed and enjoyed the fruits of their labor but I sure as hell would miss them but then I wouldn’t be watching.

Bee, I agree, if they go I’m afraid so do I! I can’t watch the rest of them, I don’t mind Kyle, Erika gets another chance so does Kathryn buts that’s it for me, I did vote for one oldie to come back but just because her name was there! Xoxo I would prefer some new ones. Xo

I voted for two oldies to come back. I liked Joyce but BRANDI and the real witch, CArlton gave her such a hard time. I would like to see her back without those two harpies picking on her.

Joyce is the only oldie I voted for, just to see what she is like without Brandi!

I once more agree Aunt Bee, if Lisa & Ken goes, so will I.

OMG, Starr! Is that true that you can’t take any narcotic pain meds? I mean, yes, of course you are being honest. I just saw this, not that I am advertising narcotics, but I have to say there have been some times that they actually saved my life. I almost had a stroke when I broke my neck from the pain. My blood pressure was so high it even scared the para-medic. And I have never seen a para-medic allow a feeling besides kindness to show on his or her face. Wow, maybe that is why you have such tolerance… Read more »

I know this wasn’t for me but I have always said how much I admire you 3D. Most would have crumbled after everything you have been through and I am so pleased you are getting back to a bit more health. Love you xoxoxoxoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

I think he was in the right for calling those bitches the names he did. I loved his “stroppy cow” reference to Rinna.


That was brilliant.

Yolanda is at the crux of it all. She is enjoying all the added attention now as if she didn’t do just that all season all by her sick in the mind self. Now she feels that she finally has her day in court as she feels everyone knows she is the victim of their verbal abuse & is glorying in it. She’s estatic that Mohammed & LVP is not talking, it’s what she wanted all along. What a witch. As for Erika Jayne to pass the remark that Kathryn is drinking the LVP Koolaid & is yet blinded. Hasn’t… Read more »

ITA! I believe all the hatefulness on this show started when Yo joined. Yo is the 1 who bought Brandi expensive stuff & then Brandi turned on LVP. It is the same old story with Yo bad mouthing LVP. I’m sick of Yo, Erika, ED, & LR.

Yes, bummer too. I really liked Erika ’till she started telling others what a friendship is. Who the h**l does she think she is telling people what a friend is? Yukk.

Totally agree Starr xoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

I think it is ignorant for anyone to say what another’s friendship should consist of. We go thru things with those we love. Sometimes we take stuff people looking in do not understand. That little remark, whatever it was, wasn’t a betrayal. Only in soapland would that be brought up and used as a story for months. I am pretty sure Kyle has done things Lisa didn’t like, and no doubt she stuck by anyway. THAT is what friends do. Saying it is a servitude or whatever Erika said is something that took the pretty good estimation I had of… Read more »

Starr I just don’t see what others see in Erika. To me she is all fakery. Erika Jayne has a slutty personality and Erika Gerardi has no personality at all. If I were her husband I would be so embarrassed by the EJ character. The more I see of her the more convinced I am that she is playing a third character known as Yolanda’s best friend. How long has yo been on this show. How long has yo had parties at her home or venue. How often before this season did we see Erika in attendance????? Just askin!

Aunt Bee, everything you said, all true, true, true. Out of the woodwork surfaces Erika Giradi/Erika Jayne. Before this season, Yolanda’s invisible friend & how well Yo knows her shows by the remark Yo made that Erika should perform for Our Holy Father, Pope Francis. OH MY!!!!!!!

Starr I love Pope Francis. He such a breath of fresh air and when I heard Yolanda say that I blushed. How could anyone be so ignorant.

Yes, ignorant beyind belief with that comment. It is torture to watch her.

I see no redeeming qualities in Erika at all. She has zero emotions. I believe she plays the part of Tom’s wife. But the real Erika is who we see. Who does she think she’s fooling? It takes quite a person to leave their son for their own gain. I keep wondering if she had actually been a stripper & set her sights on snagging a rich man in California. I remember her saying that her & Tom see each other a few times a week. I thought that was no odd statement. I don’t believe Erika & Yo have… Read more »

Oh 3D my dear friend you express yourself so well and you speak for the majority of us.
I only have one thing to add: there are two ugly mouths on this show – of course Rinna but I do believe that the other ugly mouth that began the Yoyo thing was Taylor at LVP’s tea party.

Aunt Bee, I agree partly on that. Yes, Taylor did voice her opinion, but she never used the word Manchausen—I used it a lot as I do believe that’s what Yo has & it was the broken marriage that put her in to having the non-stop attention she needed. All Taylor voiced was her confusion with the “Happy Selfies, Sad Selfies” & didn’t need to see the needles on TV. Yes, she voiced that, but they all did & so did I. The main blamer here is Lisa R.

I guess I added that because I had not seen Taylor in awhile and the first time I see her she brings yo up. Also I think her mouth is as ugly as Lisa Rinna’s and I must admit I have never liked her. She wants so much to be in the spotlight and I don’t find her interesting at all Sorry.

That I agree with Aunt Bee. For her 2nd marriage, I saw the episode where David Tutera was Taylor’s wedding planner. I felt so, so sorry for him as she was a true, blue Bridezilla,

That’s right I forgot about Taylor

Eileen is the most tedious person in the universe. I do the Ramona snooze every time she shows up with her 90s clothes

I have seen your name a bit recently and replied a couple of times are you fairly new here? If so welcome if not please excuse me! Xo

I’m relatively new. I’ve been following the boards for ages but couldn’t hold back any longer once they all went after the nearly perfect Vanderpump for a second season!

Good for you and now I really can say welcome from me! Xo

Welcome aboard Yellowbean. This is the best blog IMHO.

Yellowbean, I like you already. An LVP fan like many of us here. Welcome, you’ll enjoy our team, we work together with love & respect always.

Yellowbean this is in response to another comment you made regarding Yo’s boney ass. When I saw her at the picnic with Kim and B I thought her ass looked quite a bit larger in her tight white sweat pants. Guess that how you look after weeks, months and maybe years laying around in bed.

I think that was because of the menopause 10 or 20. One picture I saw of her wasn’t flattering in that it showed a significant double chin.

She is a beautiful woman. Honestly during her first few seasons I really liked her but after the whole Ken touching her arm thing I lost respect for her and if just went downhill from there. She has three great kids that she should be proud of but she’s not the “it” girl any longer. Hopefully she will fade off graciously into the sunset but I doubt it

I agree Yellowbean, seeing that episode & how truly nasty she was to Ken, I could not see her in a favorable light anymore.

Meanwhile, Eileen’s attacks on fashion have been relentless and disgusting.

Eileen has been the one who has been relentless and disgusting all season. She was like a dog with a bone. How many times does someone have to apologize to her before she accepts they way they said it. I wonder if her husband has to apologize over and over again until he gets to wording and tone of his apology right???

I think this was Eileen’s best blog yet…because it was so short. But it still revolves around her self-righteousness. How can she possibly think the mess revolving around her insecurities is ‘the most shocking’ thing to have happened all season. Please. It was, perhaps, the most tiresome thing to have happened. Eileen brought the entire situation on herself. She had the power to shut LVP down whilst the initial conversation took place…but she chose not to. She chose to have the conversation. For almost everyone else, it would have ended then. Not for Eileen. She kept trying to change history.… Read more »

So telling Eileen when your husband asked if you wanted his opinion about what you told him about what went down in Dubai! You shut him down. You talk about Lisa VP being that way…. But your husband can’t even voice his opinion. I believe in equality in relationships… But you obviously totally wear the pants in your family! Not a good look.

God what a nagging hag. No wonder Vinnie doesn’t want negativity prior to 9 am. After 9 am it’s relentless.

Was that definitely 9am or 9pm lol!

Eileen, Perhaps you have not noticed, actually CLEARLY you have not noticed that the very deep resentment you feel for LVP has made YOU manipulate Rinna into talking smack about LVP every chance you got. LVP asked you a few questions you didn’t like- do you really have to cover that EVERY episode? Move the hell on, admit you just don’t like her and get over it because it is boring, annoying and unfortunately the only storyline you have- maybe not a great forum for you………

Thank you Cindy N from Chicago. You have spoken so clearly about Eileen’s problem. I really liked her at first but she has reacted so ridiculously that I believe you are absolutely correct. Welcome to the best RH blog.