Eileen Davidson: Why Do All Roads Lead Back To Kim?

Eileen Davidson is reacting to this week’s episode in her blog. Eileen says PK comparing her to a muppet is a compliment, because he never has nice things to say about women. She also says that Dorit gave Eden some good advice about the situation with Kim. Davidson is confused why Eden is so involved with the situation with Kim because she barely knows her and has never seen her anything but sober?

“As much as I’m excited about a Great Gatsby party, might I remind everyone, the book didn’t end very well…

Watching Lisa R. back in the kitchen was guaranteed laughs. Does everyone else know how to cook in that house but Lisa? I guess they’d have to. Everyone’s crazy about Harry’s meat. I happen to be a big fan of Harry’s pie. Erika was right to ask, “What is it that Harry Hamlin can’t do?” The world may never know.

The food at the barbecue was fabulous. The company was great. I am just concerned about the topic of conversation. No matter what is going on in people’s lives, why do all roads lead back to Kim?

I think Dorit was right to tell Eden that she should talk to Kyle directly and that she didn’t want the talking behind people’s backs to continue. But I know she didn’t mean, “Let’s have a discussion about Kim in front of everyone but Kim.”

At Kyle’s game night, I thought Eden had jumped in with some wise words that diffused the situation. Now she’s just pushing too hard. I’m not quite sure what she wants. Looks like she’s trying to save a life that doesn’t need saving. To my knowledge, Eden has never once seen Kim anything but sober, happy, healthy, and excited about her future. Like I said at the barbeque, I’m uncomfortable talking this much about Kim without her being there. And that’s all I’m saying on the subject!

Erika coming to CBS was so much fun for me! I know she said she was nervous, but I wouldn’t have known it. She was a natural and a pleasure to read with. Listening and taking direction are the most important things and she did both. Sharing this part of my world with a friend is such a pleasure.

Now on to the Great Gatsby party. If it wasn’t obvious, I had a great time. My partner in crime, Lisa Rinna, and I always know how to have fun, even when it comes to port-a-potties. As far as PK comparing me to a Muppet, I’ll take that as a compliment, because I know he has a habit of describing women in less-than-flattering terms sometimes.

And just like at Dorit’s birthday party, I’m gonna keep on dancing!”

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14 Replies to “Eileen Davidson: Why Do All Roads Lead Back To Kim?”

  1. No Eileen. A muppet (not capitalized) in British slang, means a stupid idiot or moron. I do not think PK meant a Jim Henson Muppet, and he was counting on you, being an American, not knowing the real insult in his comment. PK and Dorit never quit with the snide remarks.

      1. I am not up on British slang, but I thought PK said it in an insulting manner, so I looked it up in a search online. It is clearly an insult. They took the word from the Muppets and used the term muppet to mean a moron. It is listed in an article called British insults Americans won’t understand. I saw it elsewhere too under British slang, other dictionaries, etc. Yup!

  2. Did Eileen and Rinna continually bring up Kim last season? What was their point at that time? The hypocrisy of Eileen is amazing………did she not go on & on & on regarding LVP’s apology? Then saying LVP did not understand her and her feelings. Come on now, Eileen needs to get off her sanctimonious rear and start acknowledging she is manipulator. Oh, where is Eileen’s husband these days???

    1. ITA! LR dropped the Yo & “M” last season & blamed it all on LVP. She did the same thing with Eden & now wants it to stop. I’m even happier about PK calling them muppets. If it means judgmental, sanctimonious, lyinging “Bs,” I agree 100%. LR & ED are always talking about & judging others. They are so boring.

      1. Not for nothing, but using the Brit term ‘muppets’ is really quite civilized. Here in America, the term ‘b-tch’ is the 1st thing that comes to mind. As LR always says…..OWN IT……and Eileen and Rinna need to do so.

    1. No, I was stating that though it is not a curse word and never implied by me, it is far from a compliment.
      Here is a definition from a BBC America article:
      “Brits have borrowed Jim Henson’s name for furry, be-stringed critters and tweaked it to mean someone who’s stupid, gullible and incapable of independent thought. Let’s not mention this to Miss Piggy. “

  3. I totally agree…so far I would say ED is a bit lower keyed this Season. Maybe she took in what she read about herself, but sadly, not what was written about her bestie.

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