Eileen Davidson: Rinna’s Comments Were Inaccurate and Extreme

Eileen Davidson is weighing in on Lisa Rinna’s conversation with Eden Sassoon. In her blog, Davidson admits that Rinna’s comments about Kim Richards were inaccurate and extreme, but she says that Rinna was not being malicious and is not a malicious person. Eileen agrees with Kyle that this kind of unnecessary gossip can push a person over the edge, but says that Rinna can run her mouth without thinking.

“I finally made it to Mexico! Too bad I was sick from the moment I got there. This left me incapacitated and not at all helpful while all hell broke loose.

Pardon the understatement of the year, but this is a very complicated situation! Watching the show the last couple weeks, Lisa Rinna’s comments about Kim Richards to Eden have been played many times. So much has been said about it. But, here’s the context I think we’re missing.

Believe me, the last thing I ever wanted to do was talk about Kim Richards. But she made that impossible when she inserted herself into a situation she knew nothing about at Game Night.
Kim would never have been a topic of conversation if she hadn’t aggressively gone after Lisa R. and me and how she viewed our friendship. This is an issue that goes back to comments Kim made in Amsterdam. It has never been resolved, and Lisa R. reacted emotionally because of it.

The only thing that helped diffuse the tension between Kim and Lisa R. was Eden Sassoon, who none of us knew very well. She stepped in, as a sober woman, and provided wisdom and clarity.

The very next day, emotions still fresh, Lisa R. confided in Eden, asking her how she might finally find peace with Kim. That is the only reason she had that conversation. Lisa R.’s comments about Kim were inaccurate and extreme. That’s not up for debate. But her intent wasn’t malicious, no matter how it may look, or no matter how it’s being portrayed now.

In Mexico, when confronted, I know Lisa R.’s reaction was genuine. She was very upset. That, and her subsequent talks with and Harry, really showed that she absolutely did not believe she’d said those things. I think she didn’t remember because they weren’t said with any venom or gossip. Of course by the time it got back through the “game of telephone,” as I’ve said before and Erika pointed out, it was twisted into something ugly.

I’ve known Lisa R. well for many years. We all know she’s off the cuff and sometimes says things without thinking. That’s why we love her. But she’s not a malicious person. And I stand by that assessment even now.

This is not to take away from how upsetting this must be for Kim and Kyle Richards. I agree with Kyle that this kind of talk can set a fragile person back. I also think what Lisa R. said is nothing as damaging as Eden going around saying horrible things about Kim and Kyle both, and comparing Kim and Kyle, to their faces and behind their backs, to her and her sister who passed away from alcohol. In these situations, I think the intent is key. What was Eden’s intent saying, “You don’t want my help down the stairs? Fine, I’ll let you crawl!” about Kim? Whatever it was, it was not coming from a place of wisdom or concern.”

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  • Cin

    why is Eileen blog all about Lisa R and Kim. Damage control for her buddy – I get that. Eileen should have found something else to blog about.

    • Starr

      Cin I agree. As usual Eileen is covering for her friend. What Rinna said was taped, no two ways about it. She did say it to Eden. Like Rinna constantly told LVP last season “OWN IT” it’s time she does the same. She has too many liberties with her tongue & it’s time she shuts up. As for her crying, yes, it was genuine, but not for the reason she wants us to believe. Her crying stemmed from guilt & being caught especially as she had a conversation with Kyle & lied blatantly. Her memory was just too selective for me to buy her so called innocence & sincerity.

    • SherrySmith

      It is a clean up blog for Rinna but a point has been missed Rinna is stirring up trouble with two people who do not need that, recovering alcoholics. You don’t play games with people’s lives.

  • Rain

    Eileen needs to see the light! Come on girl !

    • SherrySmith

      Totally agree with you Rain she is not doing herself any good for sure.

    • Jay

      Yup, hopefully eileen will see who rinna really is.

  • MaryBoston

    Eileen, you are too darn nice. Rinna was setting up Eden to do her dirty work…period. It backfired, blew up and she now has to back peddle. Eden needs to apologize to K/K for her role and then Rinna needs to crawl to K/K and beg for their forgiveness. She also needs to apologize to Eden. Eden’s actions were all based on what she was told. She did inject her own experience into the situation, whether that’s right/wrong is irrevelant.
    Let me give an extreme example. If I was a former battered person, and someone came to me and said they knew of someone being battered. I didn’t know this person, but I went to them and talked about it. What’s the difference? I’m still basing it on hearsay (wrong). I’m basing it on my experience (right).
    I know how to solve the problem. Never put Kim on this damn show again!

  • bluebell

    Give me a break ED! You are not the authority on intent & maliciousness. We all saw LR run her mouth to Eden. Eden went about it the wrong way, but LR served it that way. Kim wasn’t aggressive with you & LR. She was defending Dorit & calmly said you 2 do team up. It was LR who went off the rails, bringing up Kim’s arrest. It’s ok for ED & LR to gang up on 1 of the ladies, but no one else better. LR was not trying to find peace with Kim, BS! LR is upset she got caught. We all knew she did this same thing to LVP last season. Harry saying LR had never said that to him is rich. We all watched LR say those exact words to Eden. LR & ED are both malicious & double team. Neither 1 of you have a story line, only using LVP’s name. Both of you are so boring.

  • Aunt Bee

    Poor Eileen – she and zipper mouth have no story line so they go after Kim. Sick of those two and their ” you lie and I will swear to it” attitude.

  • One Rotten Egg

    There goes Eileen….taking jabs at LVP—it’s on film and we all saw what Rinna said, idiot–OWN THAT!

  • Sandra Oh

    Funny how Eileen is still chasing Vanderpump for an apology for the cheating remark years later but she can just waive off a “oh Kim’s not sober and close to death” remark with a “she’s not malicious” lol. Yes Eileen earn that paycheck girl.

    • bluebell

      ED is bitter & jealous of LVP. LR & ED have no story line. Sick of these 2 nut jobs.

  • 80s gal

    if LR honestly did not remember saying kim was close to death to Eden (which I don’t believe for a moment) then why make the statement about not being able to trust Eden anymore if she repeats what she told her in secrecy? just a thought.