Eileen Davidson Quits RHOBH

RHOBH Star Eileen Davidson announced on Instagram that she will not be returning to the show due to her hectic schedule as a working actress.

“After a lot of careful thought, I’ve decided because of my crazy schedules at The Young and The Restless, as well as Days of Our Lives, it’s best for me and my family if I step away from being a Housewife for now,” she said in a statement. (She mirrored the sentiment on Instagram on Friday (below).) “But you never know, I might be popping in from time to time just to see what the ladies are up to! Thanks for your love and support guys!!!”

Eileen has been a Housewife since season 5 of Beverly Hills.

Will you miss Eileen?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Initially, I liked Eileen…Then I realized she was a total s$it stirrer, and was unreasonable–remember the constant need for an apology from LVP?

I’m glad that overpaid geriatric is gone.

…and don’t read too much into the “geriatric” comment. Just saying she aint no spring chicken, but she IS a homewrecker that had affair while she and her now husband were both married, but hated that LVP brought this up on the show.

I totally agree ORE. If you have the nerve to have an affair with a married man whilst you’re married yourself, regardless of the circumstances, then have the nerve to have a grown up conversation about it. Eileen made her affair the story, not LVP. Probably wouldn’t have made the show if she hadn’t made it into a big ordeal.

LVP is an abnoxious manipulative twat

Truthfully, LVP is incapable of apologizing for anything. Because she’s a QUEEN. And full of herself.

What is wrong with your eyes and ears because LVP apologized to Eileen so many freaking times that apologizing became her storyline for a two seasons.

I really enjoyed Eileen. She had a great sense of humor and loved watching her and Erika’s friendship grow! Oh well, some people are just too sensible to be on this show.

Ditto ! I love her and I will miss her

I’m glad she’s leaving. I won’t miss her.

Good for you. Youre heads above that white trash.

AWWWW 🙁 I will TOTALLY miss Eileen. She was one of the saner, nice, genuine housewives. Sorry to see her go.

I agree completely. I’m one of the few who likes the bemuda 3, Eileen , Yolanda and shannon LOL

Quite happy with this news. She was no bed of roses. Best she just sticks to the soaps.
Whatever is Lisa Rinna going to do?

So sad to see her go, she was sane, funny and accomplished!


Smart girl on top of pretty, kind, and honest. I don’t get the continued persecution of her having an affair – cripes! half of America’s marriages end in divorce and tons of times because of falling out of love with their partner so why is Eileen Davidson crucified. for this by some I’ll never understand.

Hello gorgesous ❤️❤️❤️❤️ How are you ?
I do like Eileen and will miss her . I think we could’ve seen many other sides of her had she not decided to be glued to Rinna
She’s a class act
Eileen’s ‘affair’ is only an issue becuase LVP made it one and her army of fans latched on to it . Our leader grabbed p***y and that’s fine but she had an affair 20 years ago, let’s stone her !! Rolling my eyes
Love you xoxo

I think that Eileen is very smart.
She used this vehicle to promote her new endeavors, and it worked, she’s on to bigger and better things.
I also think she started to see a side of Rinna that she could no longer support or excuse.
LVP is very good at bringing up the skeletons in other’s closets, it would be quite interesting if the spotlight were turned in her direction. That being said, the Todds and the Van Pattens both seem to enjoy long term marriages that have worked for them.

who is going to defend Rinna now? can’t wait to see Rinna squirm w no one on her side.

That’s what I was wondering. Now who is going to feed Lisa Rinna BS and back her up when she spews it all over the rest of the ladies?

Absolutely yes, she will be missed, she stands her ground, in stressful situations she always keep her dignity,

I love her

Another housewife I saw while on my travels in the States just a little while back, at pizza restaurant where she was with a group. I generally am not phased by the the sight of celebrities, but honestly, there was a tree inside the restaurant that I hope hid my face as I stared, because Eileen Davidson is STUNNING in person, good lord! Insane body, well proportioned, and just damned pretty with piercing eyes… There was a point where I saw she threw back her head and laughed this really full bodied laugh with her friends…in retrospect it might have… Read more »

Great that means LVP’s forced apology tour – at Eileen’s insistence – is FINALLY over. Good grief and good luck BYEileen!