Eileen Davidson: I Knew Erika and I Were Going To Be Okay

Eileen Davidson is opening up about spending her time with the rescue dogs in Hong Kong about recuperating from the drama with the women. In her blog, Davidson also talks about Erika’s apology for blowing up on her at dinner and what else happened in the episode.

“We’re back in Hong Kong! At least there’s shopping.

Hey, therapy is therapy, retail or otherwise. No, bags and shoes and bracelets cannot solve conflicts. But they can take the edge off. And that’s exactly what we needed. Maybe we all should have gotten some of Eden’s rose quartz after that dinner.

After shopping, we went to see the SPCA rescues from the Yulin trucks. I never met a rescue dog I didn’t want to adopt. That Shar-Pei and I bonded, and if I could have taken him back with me in my purse, I would have. And that’s exactly what I tried to do, through proper channels of course. I was all set to take him, but I found out he has a short snout, and the flight would have killed him! Much better to let someone local adopt him.

The only thing that made me feel better leaving the dogs was that they were the lucky ones who were rescued from torture. Getting to play with the doggies was good therapy too. I think our souls needed to be around those adorable creatures and gain a bit of perspective. It was a great way to end the trip.

Finally home, jet lagged and groggy, I met Kyle and Erika for lunch. I knew Erika and I were going to be okay. Like I said, I feel like we get each other. I’m glad we can put that all behind us and get focused on more important things: Erika’s Y&R debut! Showing my friends the set is one thing, but actually having a friend come and shoot scenes? A wonderful experience. Especially when I saw Erika in my old dressing room! That place has so many memories for me, and now they do for her too.

Wasn’t that scene hilarious? The best part? Erika was terrific! Congrats on her first, but certainly not last, time on Young and the Restless!

Kyle wrapped her last day of shooting on her series. That must be such a relief after all that hard work. Loved that Mauricio showed up on set to support her. It’s really hard when both spouses are working and traveling with kids. I know from first-hand experience how complicated it can get. But Kyle and Mo seem to be making it work.

After everything that went on in Hong Kong, is it really a smart move for PK and Dorit to come back and insult Erika and Tom’s marriage? They don’t know anything about their relationship! And who are they to judge, anyhow?

This party is sure going to be interesting. It’s a rosé tasting, so at least I know there will be wine. Looks like we’re gonna need it!”

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10 Replies to “Eileen Davidson: I Knew Erika and I Were Going To Be Okay”

  1. I like Eileen on the Young and the Restless. #YR. Yet, she has had me disliking her all season, especially because of her alliance with nutty as a fruitcake Rinna.
    I will agree that Dorit and PK should not have brought up Erika’s marriage, especially if Dorit really wants to move on and hopefully be on better terms with Erika. Yet, their observation about Tom and Erika may be correct. Do they see much of each other? Stiil, it seems to work for them?
    There are two sayings: Absence makes the heart grow fonder and Out of sight, out of mind. I think we can only guess which of these may apply to Tom and Erika’s marriage..maybe both?
    Eileen is a good actress, yet her tears were real when Erika attacked her. I felt bad for her, but her choice of words was wrong, and I think she has learned from it.
    It is nice that she and Erika moved on too. I still am no fan of Eileen or Erika on BH.

    1. I’m a person who has always had relationships that have extensive travel and separation periods from my significant other, from the time I became an adult. It doesn’t have to mean anything, other than it simply being the nature of your respective jobs. It’s part of your identity as individuals.

  2. Eileen was most certainly taken aback by Erika’s outburst….. as was everyone else. I wish Eileen would get a backbone and quit accepting Rinna’s behavior and reaffirming it. Has anyone else noticed that Kyle & Lisa V. have been in the background of the drama all season. They seem to be doing their best to stay clear of the bullshit. Good for them – at least they are not making a silly fool of themselves like some of the others. They probably threatened Bravo they wouldn’t be back if the nastiness was about them. I like them both this season – fun times for them and less drama. As for Rinna – I was very happy they added her as a housewife – but not now. She’s embarrassing – makes me uncomfortable as a woman to watch her.

    1. Rinna gets in trouble when she starts thinking. She needs to stop because she is wrong 99% of the time. Speaking of husbands, Harry seems to be away all the time. What is wrong with Rinna that she felt the need to post a photo of herself naked on the internet a few days ago? Who does that?

      Frankly, I give PK a pass. If a woman is going to sit in front of a man, any man with no underwear on and have her legs spread open so you can see it all, he is going to stare at your privates you have on display. Any man would look at it. My husband, your husband, any man would stare because it is there for them to see. Now, a few men would be embarrassed and excuse themselves and leave the room.

      All I will say is Lisa Vanderpump is just wanting the new girls to like her more than Lisa Rinna, I think she has that made in the shade. I do not care for Rinna at all. LVP does try to stay above the petty frays that swirl and entwine these women. That is hard to do.

  3. None of us has a clue how much time they spend together. We only see a few minutes each week of a persons entire life.

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