Eileen Davidson: Kim Acts Like a Dictator


The soap opera star seems to have had enough with Kim Richard’s and the way she has treated her cast-mates this season, and during the reunion. In the final part of the reunion that aired Tuesday things got heated, and Eileen gives her input in her Bravo Blog.

Eileen writes, “I continue to feel like I’ve been given a timeout and told to sit on the “naughty” couch. Is my timeout over, yet?

I know it wasn’t right of Lisa R. to “threaten” Kim with the text she sent. However, I was there, in Amsterdam, and I witnessed the entire debacle between Kim and Lisa R. I saw how Lisa R. handled it. Basically, she didn’t. It was all brushed under the rug, and Lisa R. never got to resolve her feelings. Kim saying that everything was fine between the two of them when they left Amsterdam is just unbelievable. Nothing was fine or resolved. We all knew that. Lisa R. had deep, unresolved feelings that came out in that text. I have to say that besides texting that she would “f— Kim up,” everything else was right on.

When I went to console Lisa R. (and finally got to leave that couch!), the subtitles showed Brandi calling Lisa R. crazy. Considering Brandi and Kim’s actions this season, she should watch how carelessly she throws around that word.

It’s more than a little ridiculous that Kim thinks she gets to decide what we can talk about and what we can’t. She acts like a dictator, saying and doing whatever she pleases, then tells Lisa R. and Kyle to stop bringing things up. She even shushed Lisa VP. I do not understand how Kim can just drop these bombs. She insinuates horrible things about Harry and now Kyle, and then says she doesn’t want it discussed on camera. She’s very good at railroading people, and I find it extremely annoying. I know the topic of the dog bite was considered taboo by Kim, and therefore wasn’t allowed to be discussed anymore (again, why does she get to decide that?), but I don’t know of anyone, especially a young girl, who spends five days in the hospital, and has to have an IV drip for three weeks from a “little bite on a finger.” Her bone was infected! I can’t imagine if that happened to one of my boys. I guess whatever “secret” Kim has on the “real story” about the dog bite will be officially labeled NON-EXISTENT, just like the “secret” about Harry was last week.

I don’t know about you people, but I’m getting really fed up with Kim thinking she can just slander everyone and be really, truly cruel to her sister. I just hope Kyle can find some peace and resolution. She deserves it. All I’ve ever seen, in person and on the show, is her being a loving and supportive sister to Kim. Maybe Kim doesn’t watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?”

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  1. Eileen, do you really think Kim acts that way because she wants to be bossy? You and Lisa R have to mind your own business. This season Kim was your, and Rinnas, storyline! Without her you both are aged, boring and nosy. You are boring us now. Keep your soap shows because you suck boring rotten eggs. Kim is an alcoholic…what’s your excuse??

    1. What other choice was there but to have it be the storyline? In the first part of the season Eileen showed herself to be a lovely, kind classy woman. Something Kim will never be. CLASS THINKS AND DRUNKS DRINK.

  2. As usual Eileen writes (by herself- unlike BG) a wonderfully logical and clear headed blog. With humor and insight. Kim IS like a dictator- the crazy bully of Beverly Hills who rants and raves horrible innuendo and then tries to silence any defense. That she happens to be an addict is no excuse. Eileen is a wonderfully funny, honest and talented working actress, mother and wife. She was a gracious and sardonic addition to the cast who had the backbone to stand up the nastiness that BG and Kim brought her way – unprovoked. I hope she comes back.

  3. Brandi & Kim are real and honest with their life & speaks the truth about the other HW!

    Kyle, Lisa V, Lisa R, and Eileen
    Are BULLIES & Mean Girls!

    Team Brandi & Kim all the way! ! !

    1. OMGosh, are some people delusional or what——-. Eileen D is a lady, clear spoken & a GREAT addition to the RHOBH. So is Lisa R. As we have seem, Kim is a sick, demented, vicious, lying mule that lashes out with a one sentence line & then refuses to back it up. A bully & a vindictive slush, lying & hiding all along & blaming Kyle every step of the way, as well as everyone else except her slutty bff, Brandi. I really hope Eileen, Lisa R & Lisa V & Kyle returns, minus the pair of she-devils.

      1. I love Eileen. She is a great addition to the show. She is beautiful (inside & out) & that is rare. I love her blogs. She uses common sense & acts like a true lady. I hope she comes back! Love Eileen, Lisa V. & Lisa R.

      2. Yes, I wonder who they will get to round it out. I’d like to see everyone who thinks the show would be no good without “conflict” be proven wrong. Season one had conflict that was resolved. This year we saw 2 people try to destroy everything and everyone in their path. You know what I find hypocritical? That Brandy doesn’t treat Yolanda like a “homewrecker” Not that she is, don’t get me wrong. But she throws a glass of wine in Eileen’s face and Eileen still has her over TO HER HOME FOR A LOVELY PARTY and she insults her within minutes. Why is it people say “Brandy is honest” just because she says every crude, rude insulting thing that comes to her zanax and alcohol infested brain? How does Brandy know that none of the many, many, many men she beds aren’t married?

    2. This team Kim and Brandy- I see this all over. I don’t actually think there is a person sitting there writing their opinion. It’s Bravo seeing who will respond and who we will back up.

  4. Her blog is as boring as her, and full of nonsense.
    It’s fine for Lisa R to go mental cuz kim talked about her husband but it’s not ok for Kim to go mental cuz Lisa R talks about her sobriety.

    And we get it Eileen you had to sit on a sofa you didn’t want to, boo hoo. Maybe that was production punishing you for, reportedly, getting a load of money and doing absolutely nothing.

    1. What did I miss? Eileen did not go mental. She held herself together, remained calm, CLASSY and still managed to call Kim out on her behavior. Kim was a belligerent drunk all season, acting like a spoiled psycho. If she didn’t monopolize the seadon we would have been able to see more of eileen, who is much more interesting than a washed up drunk.

  5. It’s ironic how some peeps have to deflect, just like their idols, and bring up the actions of others (Lisa R) to try and smear Eileen.

    1. lol, I brought up Lisa R. cuz that is the topic on Eileens blog – becasue Eileen has no story of her own.
      Hard to talk about her when she hasn’t done anything.

      1. That is so, so funny. She has an actual career and has since she was very young. Just like Kyle, Lisa V. and Lisa R. All of them actually had a life, a career and joined the show to be part of something new. Kyle got Kim the job on HW and Brandy took the job because she wanted to put herself in the public eye. People that think honesty is the same as saying every cruel, insulting thing that comes to mind when you are in an alcohol and zanax haze will never understand what class is. I can’t wait to see next season only if Kim and Brandy are gone. Go to any bar after midnight and you could have type kind of people you want to see on here, sidewinder VX. We want to see beautiful people with their beautiful clothes, their beautiful homes, and their vacations to beautiful places.

  6. Team Eileen, Lisa R., & Lisa V. And I’m surprised, but I have enjoyed Lisa V. & Kyle cutting up & laughing again.

  7. And some peeps are entertained by nasty, drunken sluts on downward spirals instead of funny, witty glamerous women with full lives – go figure.

    1. As you can see sidewinder- I couldn’t let you totally off the hook. (Look at the other threads to get the joke)

  8. Fire boring Eileen, vile Brandi, and loser Kim Richards. Then I will watch again. This show is pathetic right now.

  9. I love Eileen. I think she is funny and lovely. How could she have the chance to show how funny she could be with Kim Richards and Brandy Glanville mucking up the show. Even after Kim “got sober supposedly” she was cruel to her sister. Kyle invited her to Portia’s BD and she wasn’t SURE IF SHE COULD COME. And Kyle BTW, tried to include Brandy all the time throughout the 3rd and 4th season, because the more you are on film the better. Lisa V. and Kyle host most of the events that Brandy and Kim ruin. Oh, and Yolanda. This season in particular Kim and Brandy ruined every single event they went to. Finally when Kim didn’t go to the bar in Amsterdam, Brandy couldn’t stand it that Kyle was having fun and once again had to ruin it. That 1st dinner there Kim was unbelievable. All Lisa R. wanted was for Kim to accept her sincere apology. Kim is so full of fetid poison that it spews out all over everyone else, her and Brandy both. Makes me sick. That dinner at Yolanda’s Brandy said foul things as soon as she had a couple glasses of wine to go with her zanax. Ugly is as ugly does.

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