Eileen Davidson Felt Bad For Erika Throughout PantyGate

Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog to discuss this week’s episode of the RHOBH. Eileen clarifies that she didn’t understand how powerful Dorit’s statements about Erika and #pantygate had been when she and Lisa Rinna had their conversation with her over drinks. Davidson said she felt bad for Erika throughout this and that it was blown out of proportion.

“Last year, when Erika came to visit me on the set of Young and the Restless, we had talked about her coming on the show. Now, it’s actually happening.

Our executive producer Mal needed to meet her and discuss her role. Even though “girl next door” may not be Erika, the possibilities for her Y&R character are endless. I knew Mal and Erika would hit it off and Erika would handle the meeting like a pro. But, the fact that she inspired Mal and he wants to read her is huge. That doesn’t happen every day. Nine number one hits and now she’s going to be on Young and the Restless? Is there anything Erika can’t do?

To answer my own question, she certainly cannot, and she will not sink Young and the Restless!

When Dorit brought the “pantygate” situation up to Lisa R. and me at Tart, she said it was a “crazy thing that happened.” Dorit only told us that PK was “uncomfortable,” which seemed like a reasonable reaction. I think I speak for Lisa R. and myself when I say the vibe we got was light-hearted. We had no idea the things that were being said about Erika. And neither did Erika herself, until Dorit gave her the underwear at the Escape Room.

When I said to Dorit I wanted to be there when she told Erika, I absolutely did not mean it in a sinister way. I meant that I thought it would be an interesting conversation, because I thought Erika, in true Erika fashion, would shut it down.

I feel really bad for Erika through all this. She just wanted to drop the whole thing, but it really has taken on a life of its own.

What’s the solution to ease the tension in these kinds of situations? Oh right, lock us all up in a room we can’t escape!

It felt like turning metal into gold would have been easier to do than escape that Alchemy Room. Eventually, we all had to work it out. Overall, I think we all did very well. It was fun, stressful, and really good for us as a group to work together as a team.

Maybe the Escape Room can inspire us all to move past our differences and support each other in a common goal?

Annnnnd then I see a preview for next week’s episode and I may have to rethink that whole “teamwork” thing.”

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9 Replies to “Eileen Davidson Felt Bad For Erika Throughout PantyGate”

  1. Not sure about Eileen’s comments in her blog I’m sure she knew what had happened so it just didn’t seem genuine to me. Maybe I’m being harsh because I can’t stand Eileen but that was just the impression I got from her.
    I am on Erika’s side rather than Dorit who I think is appalling and I hope you don’t think that British people speak the same way as her, I certainly don’t! She seems to have taken her accent from a few poor sit. comedies that’s the kindest I can be about her.
    So far I’m not enjoying BH as much as I thought I would, I hope it improves. Especially as I have paid for it!

    1. That Dorit is a pill. She’s trying to hard to get drama started straight from the gate and I think it may backfire.

  2. Dorit is a piece of sh*t. Going around to ALL the women to talk about it. Then gives the panties to Erika as a “joke” and , in her words, ‘make fun of her’, BUT when Erika stands up for herself and says she didn’t do it intentionnally, dorito gets on her high horse and tells her like “of but when you don’t have underwear, and you wear a short dress, and you sit like this, you KNOW you’re showing ….” I mean, Dorito can exit the show now, no one will be sad.

  3. Of course Eileen wanted to witness Dorit & rubbish that she felt bad for Erika. She, Eileen enjoys stirring the pot while remaining in the background. She’s seems hypocritical to me.
    These women are trying to create a very boring story where there’s none. So far, not enjoying BH as much, a bit on the silly side.

    1. That’s what I was thinking, too. When anyone makes an entire episode, plus, about one thing that was an embarrassing unintentional faux pas, it means to me that that person is boring. They have nothing to offer from their own mind or heart, so they find it necessary to yak and yak about some inconsequential instance. That little talk her and PK had in the kitchen was disgusting. Any lady would have told him to keep his mouth shut, and that she, as his wife, better never hear of the moment again coming from him. Not sit and gab about it as of it was important. What the hell is wrong with her? This was an unintentional 10 minutes that would be embarrassing for any lady. The one thing I don’t get from Erika, is why she answered Lisa’s question at all. Anything Erika does is going to have a fire, and that added fuel. She brings with her all of her confidence, her normal and positive love for herself, her strong personality and her beauty. It’s coming with her everywhere she goes, and she makes a statement simply by being who she is. That is a unique quality, and rare. Many, many women and men are jealous of it, and it makes others uncomfortable. If they were honest and normal with her like Kyle is, and also acted as themselves without pre-judging her, they would not be uncomfortable, & I bet she is a wonderful, honorable, trustworthy friend to have. Again, I believe Lisa is jealous of Erika, and more so because of the true friendship growing between Kyle and Erika.

    2. I thought at one point during the drinks at Tart, Eileen motioned with her legs wide opened while they spoke about pantie gate.

      Am I recalling incorrectly?

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