Eileen Davidson: I Felt Absolutely Awful

Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog to explain her confrontation with Erika Girardi on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eileen shares her thoughts about what Dorit and PK Kemsley had to say about Erika and also why she jumped in at dinner to try and make peace between Dorit and Erika. Eileen profusely apologizes for her statement about Erika’s son and says she never meant it in the way that Erika took it and says she highly respects the sacrifices he makes in his job.

“I knew from the beginning that the thing between Dorit and Erika would eventually come to a head. What I didn’t expect was to have Lisa R. and me dragged into it as well. Dorit’s reaction was surprising. Erika had some strong words—probably because she’d been keeping the deep embarrassment and hurt she had for “pantygate” in for so long. Instead of sincerely apologizing, Dorit landed some pretty harsh critiques back. Calling Lisa R. “low-class” and to “question if Erika has feelings” was uncalled for.

Additionally, both PK and Dorit saying that Erika has an inflated sense of self because she “pays people to love her” is just plain creepy, especially coming from the only other woman who brought a glam squad to Hong Kong, I might add!

There’s also a lot of confusion about intentions here. One minute we see PK and Dorit saying—as they’ve done many times—that Erika was putting it all out there and making crass jokes at her expense. Then on the junk boat, Dorit said how no one ever questioned that Erika flashed PK on purpose! She even insinuated as much to Lisa R. and me!

We all needed some serenity the next day. The gondolas were terrifying, but the perfect way to experience the views of the green, misty mountains. I think visiting the Buddha statue brought a sense of calm and wonder to each of us. And this California girl got to light the biggest incense stick in the universe! What a unique and humbling experience going to the Buddha was. And that feeling of peace and serenity lasted all of us…until dinnertime.

Last week, I said that we as a group don’t do well on boats. Let’s add restaurants to that list. It got heated. It got ugly. I felt like I needed to step in only when I saw Dorit was genuinely trying to apologize. Erika was not in the place to hear that. I didn’t feel it was right at that point not to try to help to find a resolution. When will I learn?

What I said was a hyperbolic statement intended to mean, “It’s not as big of a deal as it could be.” This was for some perspective when Erika said nothing Dorit could do would make it right. I never, ever, EVER considered that Erika would take it as me disrespecting her or her son. Nothing could be further from the truth. I felt absolutely awful. After the initial shock, I realized that there were some more things going on to lead Erika to that reaction. She was absolutely right, I don’t know how that must feel, but I have tremendous respect for the sacrifices her son makes and the sacrifices of her whole family.

Check, please!

Looks like we’re gonna need all the incense in Hong Kong to get through the rest of this trip.”

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  1. Beautifully worded Eileen! That’s how real woman resolve issues, you sincerely apologize and you move on! ❤❤❤❤

    1. Poor Eileen and Erika!! That was such an emotional ride, especially for Erika. Like most people have mentioned, she clearly cracked. Eileen was right, she was in no place to resolve the issue. I was getting very frustrated that people couldn’t recognize that and decide to move on before it reached that point. Having said that, if that’s the way these ladies reacted we wouldn’t have a show.

      That was quite possibly the rawest I’ve ever seen anyone hurt on any series I have to say. You could tell how genuine the friendship between Erika and Eileen is though by the true pain Eileen felt when she realized she upset Erika.

      As for Dorit, I’m actually rooting for her to slap the dog shit out of Rinna. I was flabbergasted when Rinna accused her of doing coke in thand bathroom. That was so bizarre and out of the blue such a clear set up to try and make Dorit look horrible as if Dorit hasn’t already done that herself. Lisa seemed absolutely toasted at that dinner. I have to give Dorit props for not taking that bitch out.

  2. I’m still bummed about the ugliness that happened on last night’s episode. I feel Eileen was abused by Erika last night with her words which I feel was off base. Last night was a real turn off for me.

    1. Erika was clearly in a place of pain and having a major meltdown It wasn’t pretty to watch. I dont think she was capable of rationalising the true meaning of Eileen’s words, which were obviously not meant as hurtful. There’s someting deeper going on here and I’m worried for Erika. Out of character!

      1. Days of wine made an excellent comment about how when this episode was being filmed , it was during the time all those cops were being targeted and shot. I think that may have taken Erika to higher levels of anxiety. Coupled with the fact that she had just gotten back from her emotional visit with her mother, she was definitely in a very fragile place

    2. I am too – it was difficult to watch. IMO, Erika was broken and when strong personalities and wills break, it’s not pretty. Erika knew she could trust her friendship with Eileen – take it out on her, say horrible things and know Eileen would still love her. This is what I will take away from this episode.
      That and Rinna is a off on another planet.

    3. It was an extreme reaction, it would appear. But when I take into consideration how rough things have recently been in the US with the compound issue of racial profiling, false arrests leading to unwarranted death, community uprisings and revenge killings against police all rolled into one big cluster, I understand why she was triggered: at the time RHOBH filmed this, the streets in many American cities were becoming powder kegs, rife with tension and violence with everyone hot (and jittery) on both sides of the fence. One of my best girlfriends here across the pond is from California, and she literally cancelled her son’s exchange student year in the US at that time. She was simply not willing to take a chance he could end up in a situation where something gets misunderstood, or miscalculated in a police confrontation , and her child does not return home to Europe. The fear has been very real on both sides from police to civilians, with everyone just wanting to make it home. I feel where Erika was coming from, though she was wrong in her delivery to Eileen.

    4. Erika completely snapped at Eileen. I’m not an Eileen fan, but she was trying to help Dorit & Erika get past this. It was ridiculous. Can’t stand Erika. Last night was enough for me.

    5. I agree. I’m not a fan of Eileen, but this was uncalled for. I think this is the real Erika. What bothers me is that Eileen will make excuses for Erika & LR.

  3. Eileen’s intentions were honestly misconstrued by Erika, and Erika acknowledged on WWHL last night that she overreacted. This is an especially trying time to be a mother to a police officer in this country, and on top of Dorit yapping around her all night, she blew. Erika and Eileen are cool with each other. Why Erika or Eileen give Lisa Rinna one second of their time is one of life’s imponderables, she is Dorit on steroids.

    1. I think Erika went off on Eileen for defending dorit and used that comment to do it. Her real anger at Eileen was for disagreeing with her idol. It does appear if you don’t worship at the alter if Erika, then nothing you do or say matters. Why insist on apology you won’t accept…or can’t even hear cause Rinna won’t stop yapping.

      1. I agree 100%! Can’t stand Erika or LR. I am not a fan of Eileen, but she did try to help Erika see that Dorit didn’t mean to hurt her. There is something seriously wrong with Erika & LR. I hate watching these 2 train wrecks.

      2. I definitely agree BB, Erika thinks she’s next to God & if not totally adored & revered or not on her side, you’re a waste of time to her.

  4. Yes, they are FRIENDS, they can snap and move on! Erika snapped at the one person who would take it, and Eileen did so with grace.Kyle sat there eyes darting back and forth like one of those kitty cat clocks from the fifties, and Rinna was salivating, man that bish gets to me!
    Love to Suze if you are on communication with her, Rain❤

    1. Suze needs all our love and prayers ❤❤❤
      Kyles behavior last few episodes is definitely seems to be back on the LVP train. I still like her . But every scene was like LVP/Kyle/Dorit doing one thing vs the other 4 .
      Ah well

          1. Me too Rain. Suze is in my heart & prayers. I emailed her, but no response & that makes me feel she’s not equipped enough right now. I miss our special Suze.

            1. Yes Suze responds when she can. You’re a pure hearted woman , and I’m sure you pray for her. Please continue ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Wow. Very interesting episode. What I took away was how absolutely bat shit crazy Rinna is. Listen, I started to feel SORRY for Dorit when Rinna continued to go in on her like that with this fake gangster bravado. If Lisa R had come at me like she did Dorit on the boat it would’ve been a repeat of Porsha and Cynthia fighting.

    1. It was interesting! Rinna could use some more zen – or something, I agree bat shit crazy!!! At the same time, sly enough to realize the heat is on someone else – Dorit – and she’s trying to add fuel to the fire…

  6. Are you kidding me??????? Eileen did not expect that Rinna & herself would be dragged in to that heated conversation. What an immensley hypocritical statement if I ever heard one. Both Eileen & Rinna happily inserted themselves with prodding from no one except themselves., something they always do. That warfare was between Dorit & Erika, not them. And WOW!!!!!!! they, Eileen & Rinna took offense to Dorit saying Rinna was low class? That was pure truth & if they both cant take the truth & the heat, just shut their self-righteous mouths. No sympathy here.
    Erika would not let up & was a major, silly, to the highest degree, drama Queen. To quote myself again, her popularity makes her feel she’s royalty. Again, no sympathy here. Enough is enough with their trashy behaviour.
    I never thought I would have to say this, but I do now. Rinna ius as gutter trashy as Brandy. What a horror story pair.

    1. I agree with you Starr. Erika thinks she’s important. Erika’s excuse that Dorit & PK hurt her & her husband & then demanding they both apologize to her & Tom was pathetic. WHO THE HELL DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? Sorry, but I’m not buying her BS. She is living in her own messed up world. Her saying she says important “S” & Dorit says “BS” is ridiculous. It shows how stupid Erika really is. She threw everything she could at Dorit last night, & Dorit handled it with class. Erika is a true nut job. Not only did she look ridiculous, but her yelling at Dorit & then Eileen was pure evil.

    2. ED & LR don’t know when to shut up, especially LR. I am completely sick of LR trying to take over this show. Thank God, Kyle & LVP stood up to LR. She actually is starting to act like a deranged woman.

  7. I haven’t seen this episode yet, but in my mind I can absolutely “hear” that sing-song sincerity voice Dorit uses every time she wants to pretend she has a bit of good-will toward anybody else. She’s so self involved and phony that she doesn’t realize that her cattiness isn’t covered up by the many versions of ‘Darling, I would NEVER have even SUGGESTED or SAID such a thing.”

  8. I agree with you Minx. Erika, ED, & LR are pathetic. I was proud of Kyle for calling out LR, and LVP for saying “low blow.” It was funny watching Kyle & LVP heads bobbing. But what really bothered me was that Dorit was talking to LR on the boat, Erika jumps in, & then they are both ganging up on Dorit. I don’t like that behavior from any one, especially a grown woman.

    1. Hello Bluebird,
      I agree. This display was cringeworthy..
      Also, when Erika insinuated that “Pantygate” was insulting to her Husband..
      Okay, Erika performs on stage in these ridiculous costumes that leave nothing to the imagination for audiences, but her Husband would be upset about,
      ” Pantygate” ???

      1. Is it absurd?? There is a difference between a stage audience watching a show and a dumb cow implying Erika was trying to seduce her husband
        id think that would be obvious

        Dorit and LVP should be gone !

      2. I agree with you Minx. Erika was naked for all the cameras/people to see while she was getting a spray tan. I’m not buying Erika’s “BS.”

  9. No one knew of the bag of pills until LR brought them out. She acts like for dorit dug them out of her bag. This ALL LR’s fault in the first place.

  10. I think Erika vulnerability wall has been cracking and when that happens it’s like a flood. That’s what happens when you push emotions down. She was stuck in her hurt with dorit and you can not hear or think or make wise decisions when in pain or hurt. There’s no clarity and Erika just heard through her pain. Lisa r. Is a gossiper and jumped st the chance to highlight someone else mistake like she did gossiping. She took advantage of erikas pain and ran with it putting somebody else on hot sit. Carrying around pills is addict behavior. Carrying prescriptions pills not in the labeled bottles is a crime. Lisa r has addictive mindset. Blaming, shaming instead of taking full responsibility and shutting up from start. Yet bravo likes that kind of mess hope no one else kills them selves through this kind of reality delusional mess.

    1. LR is always causing someone else pain. I believe she is intentionally cruel. She knows exactly what she is doing. She doesn’t have a story line of her own. She is ruining this show.

  11. Eileen! If you knew there was going to be a problem with panty gate, why did you & LR say you wanted to be there when Dorit gave Erika a gag gift. You & LR could have put a stop to this from the beginning. But instead you like to gang up on people. You make excuses for Erika & LR.

  12. Lisa r has addictive personality! Carrying prescription pills in a bag with other stuff is against the law. Prescription meds are to be in the label bottled. She’s cruel I’m
    Considering not watching anymore because of her ugliness. Bravo thrives on ppl pain. Hope no one else commit suicide because of the humiliation or get harmed like these big bullies like that Matt that jumped and choked out Peter in a radio station. Bravo needs to have someone there at reunions to speak to these ppl to center themselves and calm down. Elilen is a wonderful woman I wish she distance herself from lisa R

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