Eileen Davidson Is Exhausted By Her Conversations With Dorit Kemsley

Eileen Davidson is exhausted by her conversations with her RHOBH co-star Dorit Kemsley. In her blog, Davidson writes that she doesn’t feel like Dorit hears her when they try to have a conversation over their differences. Davidson also talks about filming with Kim Richards and says that she believes Kim is looking for problems that don’t exist.

“Have you ever been in a situation where you thought your intentions were good and true, and then at every opportunity to explain yourself you try, and try, and try, but it’s just taken as something completely different? Then you know how I felt at Game Night.

I thought I was making myself clear with Dorit. I wanted her in the loop so she didn’t feel—like Erika did about the panty situation—that we all were talking about her. Dorit herself said at Camille’s house that she felt like we were encouraging her with the underwear present and then we wound Erika up about it behind Dorit’s back. That is not what happened. I did not want her to think that.

You all know me by now: I want to get everything out in the open so it doesn’t become a bigger issue. I hoped Dorit would see that I had her—and everyone’s—best interest at heart.

When I was reaching out to check in with Erika during this conversation, Dorit viewed that as me making her the bad guy. Being conscientious of Erika’s feelings is not mutually exclusive to me also caring about Dorit’s. But we are still getting to know each other, so I guess I get it if she felt defensive. I did attempt to clarify, but, as usual where my conversations with Dorit are concerned, she talks a lot. When do I get a chance to say something? She still does not hear me. It’s exhausting!

I’m happy for all the great new beginnings in Kim’s life. But while I want the best for Kim, at Game Night it was clear she was looking for an opening to vent some unresolved feeling with Lisa R. and me.

The conversation with Dorit had nothing to do with Kim. But she took pieces from it—like Lisa R.’s father dying—and twisted them. Like accusing Lisa R. of using her dad’s passing as an excuse for her behavior? That could be valid, I guess? But it was not true! Kim crossed a line saying that. Also, Lisa R. is not a liar or a faker, and I never saw the “eye roll,” if in fact there was one. I’m thinking Kim’s looking for things that are not there. Lisa R. admitted she struck a low blow (very low BTW), and she apologized. But this should never have been discussed, to begin with. We already have enough to deal with at this table. Now we have to go back to Amsterdam? Help!

Despite everything, I think we all, including Lisa R., have our hearts in the right place with Kim, and always have. Even though there was an apology, I don’t know how many issues were actually resolved at Game Night.

Unfortunately, that saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” keeps bouncing around in my head. I wonder why?”

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17 Replies to “Eileen Davidson Is Exhausted By Her Conversations With Dorit Kemsley”

  1. I truly think ED needs to stick with soaps. Again she is going to go on and on about Dorit and to me she and Dorit are very much alike – both very annoying.
    And Kim, please find another way to make some money – you and The ROBH are never going to work out.

  2. So true, Aunt Bee! Dorit is being snarky, but Eileen inserts herself in EVERYTHING with a side she’s chosen. She was the one that has stirred Lisa R up like a puppet on s string several times. What comes to mind first is a conversation in Dubai insisting Lisa R make something a much bigger deal by airing her grievances to the others. But there have been several times she’s done that.

  3. ED is similar to a soap opera: hanging on to stories until they’re ‘resolved’ changing the POV and actual history of an event. And just like a soap opera you can tune in a week, a month a year later and her story is still being ‘resolved’.

    1. Yes, when a person refuses to let the tiniest thing go, it becomes boring really fast. Almost every single topic she has been involved in has been discussed ad nauseam. Now, with dirty Dorit maybe she will see the similarity and have a “moment” of introspection…..is it possible?

  4. Is she watching the same show I am? It’s like she is watching herself and saying its Kim and Dorit – check the mirror babe – you may be surprised by what you see.

  5. ED has horrible communication skills. Every time she opens her mouth, it takes on a life of it’s own. She clearly was involving Kyle to blindside Dorit.

  6. Apparently, Eileen is a very insecure person with many, many issues. Obviously, she see something different in the mirror than the true reflection. Eileen needs to visit her shrink and start to deal with her issues of inabilities to understand other people. Eileen truly believes her opinions and ‘stirring the pot’ is OK, but lambastes any other person who has a different opinion. Eileen also does not understand when someone apologizes to her. Rather, she will bring up the subject again & again seeking another apology. Perhaps Eileen lives life as if it were a soap opera versus reality. After all, she keeps bringing up past issues again and again as if to remind the audience of what happened ions ago. Eileen and Rinna need to go. They are neither glamorous nor interesting. Go Away!!!!

  7. Cannot stand Dorit and her gross husband.. they only invite interesting people to their dinner parties.. and one of the first conversations was one of their- who is this guy- friend’s comment about how “now the have not’s can see how the have’s live”.. screw them.. please stop offending the viewers with disgusting people like this.. this is not what we want to see Andy.. Dorit, you were so out of line with Erika and now Eileen.. get off of the show.. none of us like you.. and get rid of the fake accent..

  8. I’m loving Eileen this season, she’s more confident and blunt. Dorit, oh well, she needs to shut up, she can’t even remeber a fact that happened two days before.What a mess!

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