Eileen Davidson: Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog to discuss the drama in Hong Kong on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Davidson admits Rinna’s sixth sense was BS and gives her opinion about Dorit talking about Rinna’s bag of pills.

“Hong Kong? How about Wrong Kong?

I should have taken my lack of sleep on the plane as an omen of how this trip was going to be: EXHAUSTING.

Hong Kong was stunning. The bold colors, scintillating lights, and huge, modern buildings— not to mention the generous chocolate towers in the hotel rooms—were a delight for the senses.

Even though we were all jet-lagged (Me most of all. Hello! No sleep on the plane!), we rallied for cocktails after we landed. All I can say about Eden’s story about “London” is: I’m now even more grateful that I’m married. It’s tough out there in the dating scene! But, even when I was single, I would never have dreamed of putting myself in a situation like Eden has by not getting a second hotel room. All the ladies felt the same. Hopefully, she heeds our advice or at least brings mace.

As a fellow animal lover, I was very intrigued to learn more about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Lisa Vanderpump gave an open invite, and I decided to come along and learn more about the work she’s doing. I got to see the atrocities of the Yulin Festival and gained a deeper understanding for Lisa V.’s passion. I, myself, have been rescuing dogs my whole life. If nothing else, I feel like maybe we both understand each other a little better now. This might have been a real turning point for the two of us.

Maybe there’s hope for this trip yet! Just kidding…

In regards to Lisa R.’s “sixth sense.” Obviously, this is B.S. She even admits it is! I’m not going to even go there, though. Despite the mysterious nature of Lisa R.’s anonymous source, Eden did confirm what Dorit had said about Lisa R.’s behavior being “induced.” And we all saw it. It was also brought up on several other occasions, namely in Mexico. Dorit DID bring up Lisa R.’s pill bag and intimated something sinister about them several times. How Lisa R. found it out isn’t important. Dorit offered this information, now, twice to excuse Lisa R.’s behavior and words about Kim. I’ve already mentioned how ironic this is.

On the junk boat (how fitting!), something that’s been building all year came to a head.

We’ve all witnessed the way Dorit and PK have discussed Erika. I knew Erika’s true feelings would come out eventually. And when they did, I sat back and let the two of them handle it. I even attempted to help smooth things over until Dorit came after me about it. I was trying to HELP Dorit, and so was Kyle, by telling her Erika was embarrassed. She didn’t listen, and in fact, she vilified me for it at Game Night. Now, it should come as no surprise to Dorit that Erika was embarrassed. I feel like I should have the words, “Don’t shoot the messenger,” tattooed on my forehead.

Now we’re stuck on this junk boat, and everyone is involved. I do not predict smooth sailing.

This group does not have good luck on boats…”

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39 Replies to “Eileen Davidson: Don’t Shoot The Messenger”

  1. Nice that Eileen chose to go with LVP and Dorit. LVP did apologized, last season and this season, enough times for Eileen to give it a rest. Perhaps common ground will mend the fences, it is best for everyone, including the viewers. Perhaps, if it works, Eileen will have a more positive presence and be a more present participant. Eileen might consider her ‘ride or die’ friendship with Rinna as tainting her reputation and she might need to stand-up to Rinna.

    1. ITA! I was glad to see ED go with LVP. It would be great tv if the 2 got along. They seem to find common ground over the horrible treatments of God’s animals.

      1. So all your past posts trashing Eileen, she is suddenly a good lesson just BECAUSE she went with LVP?? Wow LVP must be performing miracles !

        1. Yes, she is a miracle worker!!! (Well, I am an LVP fan of course!)
          I actually liked Eileen her first season, but since then I am not a fan, though I like her on YR. She is a soap actress. Rinna acts all the time and that speech at the table with Kim was acting for sure.
          I think it was nice that Eileen made the effort to go with LVP. It is a gruesome sight to see the torture. I think that Kyle should have gone too, but she chose not to see those sights again. It would be nice for her to be with LVP and not Erika IMHO.
          I hope you are having a nice day! XOXO

      1. No, not at all. It is a positive step on Eileen’s part. That’s it and it’s about time. LVP apologized, more than once. Either Eileen was deaf or just decided to hold a grudge about something that was well known before she was a part of RHOBH. It’s time for all the ladies to stop sweating the small stuff and get on to better things.

        1. Don’t buy it! This’ sudden’ change of heart only occurred after last nights episode when Eileen cozied up to LVP. It’s transparent really and predicable with the super fans . Whoever you like or not is realiant upon wether LVP likes them or not . All your past posts you’re trashing Eileen , Rinna and Erika. And today by some miracle , you’re full of forgiveness for ED! Oh please !!!
          So this ‘stop sweating the small stuff’ is just saving face

          Pick a lane ! Pick a lane


          1. I have picked a lane….it’s not Eileen, Rinna or Erika. That has not changed. However, if someone takes a positive step, whoever it might be, that is a good thing. People change, people learn, that’s it. Doesn’t matter if you buy it or not, it is JMHO. Lane picked. xoxo

          2. Hate to break it to you Rain, but none of us like or dislike anyone based on LVP. We are grown women & can make up our own mind. I agree with beargirl, it’s a good thing when someone takes a positive step. We can agree to disagree.

            1. the proofs in the pudding !
              Yes we can agree to disagree . I am not invested in any argument with anyone here .

              I’ll apologize for my tone to you too. I’m woman enough to know when I sound like a bitch. I have no beef with you . Who knows , maybe when another HW franchise rolls around , we could be on the same side . It’s happened before !

              G night xoxo

  2. I am so glad ED went with LVP. Hopefully we might get to see a friendship develop. We all know that it was Erika who told LR. She was sitting at the table when Dorit spoke about it. LR is a straight up liar & so is Erika. I don’t think what Dorit said about LR was so alarming. It did say they were laughing about it. And she did laugh about it with LVP & Boy George. She also was trying to give LR the benefit of the doubt when LR was saying she never told Eden that Kim was this close to death.

        1. No she isn’t. She’s a puppet and needs her strings pulled all the time .
          You wouldn’t even like her if she wasn’t LVPs friend

  3. Don’t understand something you wrote above..”wishy washy crap that reliant on how someone’s idol feels? Idol?? To be very clear, if you are suggesting that I have an ‘idol’, not so. My opinion is mine, as yours is just that….idol is a bit much and that inference is concerning. Everyone’s opinion should be respected and not put down and, to be clear, I don’t idolize anyone.

    1. Well that’s MY opinion and I stand by it . You obviously have yours and I could care less about it . Don’t care if you find it concerning or not and you can’t tell me what to respect or not to respect .

      I’ve apologized for my tone and I have nothing else to retract or defend. I’m good !

      1. Final thought, never told you to do anything. And, we do agree, we don’t care about each other’s thoughts. Hope that ends any further discussions. We are ‘all good’.

    2. I agree beargirl. I don’t idolize anyone. I make up my own mind, always have & always will. Everyone has their own opinion & it should be respected.

  4. Eileen is a horrible drag on this show and this blog post just further affirms my feelings about her from her first season. No spark. No zest. Just bitterness for Vanderpump over BS which is she is FINALLY willing to *maybe* move past. Buh bye!

  5. I couldn’t believe my ears when Rinna was making fun of Dorit for not admitting to what she said about Rinna bag of pills! seriously Rinna? talk about being a hypocrite!!

    1. I agree but I see it as Dorit being a hypocrite too after dragging Rinna through the mud for lying . They’re both idiots

      1. There there Rain. I don’t think everyone could put on such a fake accent so easily…takes some smarts, no?! Just kidding.
        I don’t think either of them is brilliant, however, I think Rinna is a go getter and always tries ways to get more income, for herself and her daughters, and even Harry Hamlin. She is not lazy.
        As for Dorit, she is a spoiled princess, but she did have a life and a job before PK and their marriage is quite recent. I don’t think she is that stupid,
        but she is not someone I would choose to be friends with either. I am not sure why LVP did not come to her defense either. Maybe LVP is more PK’s friend than Dorito’s? Oh well, this show is over for me when LVP leaves, and I don’t care about the rest.

        Still love you Rain. XOXOXO

        1. Always love you too❤❤❤

          Dorito is not evil, nor dark hearted. She’s just dumb and PK wants this show more than she does. But LVP watched her take a beating and didn’t say a peep ! Ah well

          1. Well, when you think about it, Dorit Lemel and Paul Kemsley are pretty much newlyweds. They just had their two year anniversary and Jagger was born the year prior to their marriage in 2014. It was a love at first sight for both of them from what is written. Dorit was headed to Hong Kong on business when he asked her on their first official date, having met through friends, and because her grandmother told her (just before she died) that she would find someone (matchmaker) for her, she felt she should postpone her trip when PK asked her to do so, went on the date and they were inseparable since. Paul moved to NY 6 months later.
            I think maybe Dorit is still doing her best to be the loving, attentive wife and maybe doing that more than being the hands on mother of her children who came so quickly in their relationship.

  6. I am with you as to the four year rule then graduate to do other things!
    Yes, Vicki and Kelly are in a different category of pure evil…hard to like at all.

    Are we dumb and gullible? Hmm. Well, I guess some of us?! (I am on the laptop so I cannot put the halo emoji here) 😉
    I think Kyle wanted to go sightseeing since she said she was never in Hong Kong before. Erika has been there and was probably showing her the sights…just my guess. How often do most people, even wealthy ones, travel to the other side of the earth? I for one hate long flights and Maui was the furthest for me, and I was not a fan. Otherwise, I would have loved Australia!

    Yes, I am a fan of LVP and my sister who likes a lot of the people I don’t like, like Tre for example, says she thinks LVP is a super snob. (FYI my sister is the ultimate name dropper, so I almost giggled on the phone with her..at her winter home in FL. Anyway, it takes one to know one? Oops, did I say that about my dear eldest sis…but I still love her oodles. 🙂 She also watches most of the Bravo shows and she is a fan of other reality shows like Little Women too. I watched some of Little Women Atlanta the other day! I cannot watch so many shows however. I do love that little people are given more exposure in the media and as intelligent human beings and as not as circus performers or elves.
    Love you, Rain. I always love your comments. You really are the queen of this site now, for real IMO! XOXO

    Have an awesome day!

  7. Well, I am sure some are dumb but not us!!! LOL
    You kill me once again with your hubby’s tool!!! LOL I am sure you have enough smarts for the 2 of you!!
    I don’t know how posters defend some of the characters they do, like Porsha. That girl has no conscience at all, and her intelligence is lacking in a big way. She is trouble. I don’t know how Bravo finds some of these people, really and then they keep them, knowing how dangerous they are, even physical attacks and that is okay…not right.
    I don’t watch NJ..no more OC for me either. NYC women are in a different category. NY women never hold back. NJ either, but not all NJ women are like the ones on the show, thank goodness. Some are more like NY women…commuting to the city for their jobs and living so near it. It is like maybe living in the nicer parts of Oakland and working in San Francisco maybe? Just saying. Some of NJ is very Philly in the south, since it is close to Philadelphia. Anyway, I don’t like the way NJ is represented at all…and cannot stomach that one.
    I watched Atlanta in the beginning and stopped after the year Porsha did not know what the Underground Railroad was…then now started back this season and watch after it airs.
    Some of it sickens me but I do like a character or two. I like Cynthia a lot. She is the nicest one. Kandi has her nice moments, and honestly, she seems like a hard worker. Her mom…well, that is another story. A lot of these shows seem to be set up in that they know where they are going and what they are to discuss…so it is not so Real..

    Have a good day! XOXO

  8. I did think it was rather odd that no one (I don’t count Dorit) wanted to go with LVP and was glad that Eileen did. I understand why Kyle didn’t but the others should have. It was the purpose of the trip. I would have gone but made it clear that I would not watch the torture of the animals. I couldn’t have. And I’m not even a big animal lover. They don’t give me joy like they do other people (like my husband who couldn’t fathom living a life without a few) and like they should. But I draw the line at torturing and eating domestic animals. Actually, torture of ANY animal is unacceptable. I’m not a fan of LVP but I do have to commend her on this effort of hers. Not sure how much traction she can get from it but her heart is in it completely and its in the right place, IMO. I do wish she would pull back on the snidy remarks though. It makes it hard to like her. Oh and Eileen’s emotions and tears were totally real.

  9. Oh, and when Porsha found out they were going to Hawaii, she said she was now leaving the country! No Porsha, no passport necessary for Hawaii or even Maui..a Hawaiian island. It is a state.
    How dumb is Porsha anyway? Just saying.
    I think Shannon wants David filmed maybe…just to keep an eye on him? Maybe not, but having the cameras on them made them see how unhealthy their relationship was even before we found out about the infidelity. Maybe it keeps them both behaving, and she likes the attention too.
    I wish they had all new housewives, keeping Shannon and Lydia. If you are right and Vicki and Kelly get thrown off…somehow, it would be worth watching, maybe?!

    1. I do like Lydia and her mom! But Vicki and Kelly are non starters. If I read that Vicki and Kelly turned on each other and now hate each other and turned on each other, that maybe worth watching

      Oh there is no limit to porscha stupidity ! I snuck a few peaks last week I think maybe , and there is Phaedra with her fat ass in a tiny ridiculous swimwear which looks like dental floss. . Isn’t she a lawyer and she allegedly has a reputation to live up to ? They’re ridiculous women , except Cynthia . Once I heard about the drugs and rape blah blah, I turned the channel.

      1. Oh Rain you do excite my heart with possible tales of Vicki and Kelly turning on each other. That would ABSOLUTELY be worth watching. BRAVO could sell tickets to that one and I for one would buy!

      2. Phaedra is a total enigma to me. One minute she is talking restoration services and modesty cloths and the next she is yanking floss out of her ample azz in front of Porsha’s boyfriend. I don’t think we have any idea of who Phaedra really is.

  10. Phaedra actually said that camel toe is considered sexy and everyone wants to show theirs off these days. Ummmmm – no.

  11. Rinna is happy that the heat is not on her now and directed to Dorit! Dorit did not intend nor say she was a drug addict. Then Erika and her fake persona chimes in and adds tension. Which Lisa R. Is loving this mean girl, high school BS! Eileen should have stopped it with her philosophy. Not a fan of Rinna and Erika. Shows starting to show how ignorant some of you are. Dorit was honest and not evil spirited.

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