Eileen Davidson Disgusted By Ken Todd and PK’s Sexist Joke About Erika Girardi

Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog to discuss the season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Davidson writes that she is absolutely disgusted by the crude jokes Ken Todd and PK were making about Erika. Eileen also says that she thinks Kim Richards and Lisa Vanderpump need to move on from what happened to them with Lisa Rinna in the past.

“There’s a lot to unpack this week, and I’m not just talking about my Hong Kong purchases.

Leaving Hong Kong, I knew there were still issues between Dorit and Erika. And between Dorit and Lisa R. and Erika and me. Yes, she and I are fine. Erika had a moment. I understand having moments. Oh boy, do I ever!

At Lisa V.’s gorgeous party, other things were not so pretty. Such as the “pile-ons” that seemed to occur. Lisa V. used what Lisa R. said in Hong Kong to vindicate her part in what happened last year. And Kim used the issues between Dorit and Lisa R. to open old wounds. Honestly, there’s enough to deal with, without the need to raise these issues from the past. The stuff with Lisa V. last year is over, and it has nothing to do with anything that went on this year with Lisa R. Same with Kim. Both parties had come to some kind of forgiveness and acceptance, and now it’s all out there again.

Yes, I know I should have just guzzled my rosé and stayed quiet, but this thing with Kim needed to get dealt with. It’s like whack-a-mole. She and Lisa R. had just come to an understanding with each other at Carnie’s cheesecake party. And now we’re back to square one. I couldn’t just ignore it and let this continue in some cycle.

It got heated. It got ugly. PK engaging did nothing to help the situation. It only made things worse. He wasn’t so much defending Dorit as condescending and insulting Erika and me. It just added fuel to the fire.

There were a lot of words thrown out during the rosé showdown. I am glad that at least Erika was able to have a genuine apology from Dorit. I was beyond disgusted to see PK and Ken, after the fact, making crude and sexist jokes at Erika’s expense. When is enough enough? STOP!

Eden’s vitriol for Lisa R. did seem to come out of nowhere. But remember, I see and hear everything. Eden felt like she was being dismissed. Of course, when I encouraged everyone to let Eden have her say, I had no idea it was going to consist of Eden screaming at Lisa R.

It’s not easy coming into a group of so many strong personalities. It takes a while to get your bearings, and I’ve been there. That being said, Eden’s reaction was (cough, cough) pretty extreme, especially when Lisa R. had only told her she was on her guard around her after she went to Lisa V. There were some mixed messages, such as Eden saying she’d rather be Lisa V.’s friend any day and that Lisa R. was “crazy,” when moments before, she’d been yelling at Lisa R. for not giving her enough of her friendship.

This party was a crazy, giant, pink explosion of grievances. Ones that had never been dealt with properly and others that have been “hugged out” beautifully only to be brought back to life. Like Frankenstein’s monster. Ugh! Where does all this lack of resolution lead us?

THE REUNION, of course! I think I’ll trade in my cocktail dress for a flack jacket. Just saying’.”

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80 Replies to “Eileen Davidson Disgusted By Ken Todd and PK’s Sexist Joke About Erika Girardi”

  1. I agree…..Kim was TOTALLY trying to stir stuff up with Rinna. Kim is horrible and NEVER acknowledges any wrongdoing. She and LVP seem to need a thousand apologies before they can move on…..RIDICULOUS. LVP jumping on the bandwagon was also in very poor taste. Eden’s reaction was over the top but Rinna DID call her a liar and then “owned” her comments….but that simply wasn’t the time or the place for THAT confrontation. She looked nuttier than Rinna (so hard to do). Over Kyle and her sucking up to anyone that can bring up her status. She should hate Rinna but doesn’t because she’s married to HH…..Kyle loves having that connection.

  2. come on Eileen….. I know the ladies have to make themselves relevant in order to stay on the show so I am assuming your role is to follow Rinna around.

      1. I like her, too. She’s even keel and balanced. Even though I understand her need for closure on situations bugs people. But I still stand behind her having had every right to be salty as hell with LVP in previous seasons for planting that seed on air to speculate about how her marriage began, that sh** was disrespectful, and taking family and children into consideration I would have kicked her butt into the middle of the next year if it were me- for trying to passive aggressively stir up trouble in my life? No way, Jose. That said, I think she has always handled herself in a very genteel manner in comparison with the majority of people on this cast past or present.

    1. right there with you Aunt Bee … bums me cuz I was excited that Rinna was coming on the show – not now. As for Ken & PK – didn’t really catch the joke at the end…

  3. Agreed – bringing up “stuff” from last year – WTF? And hello…how many apologies does one need? I hear an apology every week about the same things to the same people over and over. Can we PLEASE move on now. This is not junior high ladies. I would be humiliated if I were ever caught acting this way to anyone. You are all constantly turning a wonderful trip, lunch, dinner, party into a shi+ show. Who acts like this?

  4. Eden let loose. She had been holding back a lot it seems. I guess screaming loud enough for all the guests to hear was not something she cared so much about, but I wonder what meds/drugs she might have beeen taking. She was ranting like a crazy woman. Granyed, Rinna is a troublemaker to the nth degree, and she did point the finger at Eden when she herself was the one who lied, but still.
    I liked the diamonds and rose’ party. No surprise that it was going to be about Vanderpump rose wine either. It had to end with a bang…sorta kinda?!

    1. Oh my god. Eden was giving me LIFE!!!!! I have so been there before where you feel so disrespected by someone that all of a sudden the world goes away and it just comes out like a tidal wave.

      The true star: Erika checking her makeup while Eden is screaming her heart out.

  5. Why is it that Eileen ALWAYS has to jump into the middle of whatever chaos Rinna is involved in? Rinna is a big girl and Eileen needs to just stay quiet. I am tired of these two acting like they are siamese twins. Also Eileen needs to move on from her dislike of LVP…ENOUGH ALREADY!!

        1. Well good for him! I wouldn’t want to see your husband do that either. Unless you’re admitting you can’t stand up for yourself !!

          Plus every single season on every franchise there is a pile on! Either she can put her big girl panties on or exit the show

          1. CreePK wants camera time, simple as that. No other men were in that circle of women, and he had no right to insert himself to try once again to put Erika down. I think he so jealous of Tom & Erika that he’s becoming obsessed. He might be an agent or promoter, but he’s no Tom Gerardi, and Dorit is no Erika. Very rarely do I personally think there is need for any of the husbands to interject themselves into an argument between the ladies. This wasn’t one of those times, IMO.

          2. Rain, I think as women we can hold our own very well. I know I most definitely can. But, if a husband is present, watching on & witnessing how ganged up on a spouse is & does absolutely nothing because he feels he’ll be viewed as less of a man in the sight of other women, then he is a wimp. His main loyalty is to his spouse at all times. Not the other women, whose spouses should be there & if Erika, Eileen or Rinna’s husbands were present & did not stand by their wives or in their case stand in correction of, what would one think? I would be astonished. Same goes for the female spouse to do the same for her husband.

        2. Exactly Dayle Hudson. Any decent husband would defend his wife against a pack of bullying vicious wolves–male or female. I think they, Eileen, Rinna & Erika are jealous when Ken & Pk does that as their husbands are never around.

        3. If a bunch of self centered men were verbally ganging up on my husband… yes he most certainly is capable of sticking up for himself – but I would also step in at that point and give them a piece of my mind. I call it having each other’s back – why is that so hard for folks to get. I am fully capable of fighting my own battles but it’s always nice to know if I need/want him there he would be. And I’m no baby…….by any means.

          1. Dayle H & Cin, I FULLY agree. Most people view a spouse] butting in, whether it be male or female buisiness , wrong. I view it as you do & I call it loyalty.
            Women can be like vultures when they’re ready & this was one of those times. If my husband did not do something to stand at my side as I 100% would for him, then I would be so dissapointed & let down.

      1. Sorry Rain, Dorit stood tall & strong in the lions den she was in & held her own so well. As a loving husband, who knew his wife’s pain, he could no longer stand in a background & be silent. Did you note Eileen’s shooing remarks to him? she sickens me. AND, why is it okay for Eileen to always support Rinna who is always offensively off base & you take offense to LVP joining PK to support her friend Dorit who was, in my opinion, totally correct in standing up against nasty bullies. She definitely did not need either, but that trio was supporting each other unfairly & I was immensely happy that PK & LVP joined.
        Fair is fair, right is right & wrong is wrong. There’s a time & place to interfere & that was the rightest time for PK & LVP to do so. I know we view things through different glasses & that’s what makes this group of ours so rounded. If we all favoured the same people, or agreed on everything, we would be a mighty boring blog, I think.

    1. Totally agree benny on both counts. Sickening isnt it. No Vincent or Harry Hamlin in sight to stand by their wives or better yet, tape Eileen’s mouth & stuff Rinna’s before taping hers.
      She really does not like LVP & that’s why I felt joining her to see the video of the Yulin dog festival was because she had her own agenda for doing so & to prove something. I saw right through her hypocritical reasoning. The darling dogs did soften her cold heart, so a tiny tad of good came from that at least. But not enough to warm my heart toward her.

  6. Sandy, he opened his mouth and said something nasty s o he’s fair game! Nobody gave Tom a break when he was perceived to talk down to Erika and that was fair game too
    Love you more ❤❤❤ truely!

    1. Rain, you’re going to definitely kill me today—BUT—when Tom talked down to Erika, it was perceived how he considered her a child who had nothing of worth to offer. That was undermining his wife in the presence of company & seemed disrespectful to me. Who am I to say, I love Tom & am clueless as to their relationship as we rarely ever see him to get a true feel for their relationship.

      1. He can talk to his wife any way he wants , WAY different than nane calling other women. Ken disgusts me ! He’s done that a lot and grabbed Yolanda. He’s a pig

        1. I watched that scene where Ken touched Yo over like 10 times, in slomo too. He didn’t “grab” her, he touched her. She butted into his convo more times than he did hers in that season. He was sticking up for his wife, but he really didn’t grab Yo. Yo believed herself to be above being touched, like the beautiful Queen of England. Now there, no one is allowed to even touch her without permission. Yo isn’t queen of anything. I do however, wish her health ad peace in her life.

    1. If their wives can’t handle it, they shouldn’t be on the show . They are the ONLY 2 bitch husbands constantly lurking around

    2. I love when a man sticks up for his wife and is there for her support. Yet, I don’t like it when a man speaks for his wife, like he is her puppeteer. She should use her own words if she is there, and he should not speak for her and butt in beyond the call of duty if that makes sense.
      I love Ken and love that he has been supportive, yet, some of his words later may come back to bite her in the a..s. It adds insult to injury.p and opens up wounds that may have even been healing as in the Erika case.
      I find it irritating if someone were to speak for me, especially without first consulting me, since no one should assume what anyone else is thinking and wanting to say. It is not right.
      Have you ever had someone write a nasty letter to someone and sign your name to it? Would anyone believe it was not from you?
      Well, this is the same thing really.

    3. Men hate the crap that goes on with women. My husband wouldn’t have done one of these shows for any amount of money.

    4. I think PK just wants to be relevant and thinks it’s fun to stir the shit and Ken gets brownie points for jabbing at an LVP enemy. He probably got sex that night.

  7. I might not be on the “correct” page for this, but one thing I wish Rinna would learn is that not ALL people say “their truth” in the same way. It seems as though ( I have to stick to one topic here, so much happened and I am only 1/2 way through the episode ) Rinna believes HER WAY of speaking, feeling, listening, acting is the ONLY way anyone can SPEAK THEIR TRUTH. I am so, so sick of her psycho babble words. Again, she did have one BBQ at her house. It is the second event she has hosted at her home in the years she has been on. What could she possibly be hiding? Something, for sure, IMO. If I look back from her first appearance, she has never shared her reality with the reality show she is on. It is only everyone else’s reality she speaks of. I do not get why she expects everyone to engage others in the way she thinks they should. She reminds me of Ramona in that she always comes back with something more nasty than what she thinks is being thrown at her. She is muddled in the minutia of life, not, IMO, life itself. It is ALWAYS that she has to hear it the way she says it. Hard to explain. I know, it’s like she only hears one language, if it’s not her “Truth psycho babble language” she can’t hear it. I agree with Eden, she has an evil energy.

  8. I’m starting to have mixed feelings about Kyle since her appearance on Watch what happens live yesterday. Seemed a little unsure of how she felt about someone.

    1. So is she politically correct by keeping herself out of it? That way she makes no enemies?
      I did not watch WWHL. As for Kyle, I have always had mixed feelings and I have never been a Kyle fan.

  9. I watched it!! And O M G!!! There truly is a lot to unpack like Eileen said. Rinna and PK are it a tie for who could make me vomit the most. Here are some of my random thoughts:

    I was sickened by both Lisa and Puke’s behavior and was rooting for Eileen to kick PuKey out of the group!! I was hoping Eileen would come full circle and be the wine thrower.

    I wonder if Kim was given a bonus to kick it all off!

    I went from being indifferent about Eden to loving her and hoping she gets asked back next year.

    Vanderpump is a mess. She needs to go.

  10. ❤️❤️❤️ I love that!! Titty Galore. Also, Ken is icky too; I was so disappointed that he ONCE AGAIN got into being a derogatory asshole.

    1. I cannot believe she has a friend in the world, and why does Eileen always stick up for her?! It must be some soap opera allegiance?

      1. I’m so TIRED with Eileen following her!!! Eileen is my QUEEN but Rinna is the jester and those titles DONT mingle.

      2. Yeah I agree Real Sandy. I think I would like Eileen more, like I did when she first came on the scene, if she would drop her sidekick LR.

    1. Kim wants it both ways. She wants to come back to the show but have everyone be hands off!! Well that’s not how it works . If you’re on the show , you should expect to be scrutinized and for people to come after you
      I hope for the sake of her sobriety that she stays away and just focus on being sober a great grandmother

    1. Sunshine, I hate to burst your bubble. Eileen smart? I think she’s as dense & empty brained as they come. She sure can read a script, I’ll give her that. Maybe that’s what she does lying in bed at night, preparing in her empty mind just what her next sentence will be next day without knowing exactly what story line these women will pull. No wonder she says one thing & then says the exact opposite when suited. So sorry sweet Sunshine, I kinda disagree.

  11. Oh my dear Louise, SHUT UP EILEEN. When I think I’m softening toward her for a brief moment, she spoils it with artificial waste less comments.
    Give me a break, a BIG break with her hypocrisy. Last season was entirely about her neediness with wanting LVP to apologize.. She even began this season having a problem with LVP’s “I’m so sorry” about her mother’s passing, was shocked it was not about last season’s AGAIN needing YET Another apology, not her mother’s death. What a shallow jake ace. Who does that???!!!!
    Take note, here she is having a big problem that Kim & LVP keep reverting back to Rinna’s lying acidy attacks on them both. She must be as fruitcake crazy as her demented bff is. And, she is certaintly right up there with Erika’s coldness, same level. No wonder those three are close. Birds of a feather & all that.
    Of course she always only agrees with bff Rinna & her new add on Erika. Of course she has no sympathy or understanding of Eden’s outburst & is mortified at Ken & PK’s conversation as Vince would NEVER, EVER do that. Why would he, he’s never there. What’s new anyhow?!,

    1. I know! I have the same challenge with Eileen. She says something in interview, like the stuff in Hong Kong about the Buddha, the “thank you, Buddha” stuff actually made me laugh at something she said for maybe the very first time. Then “Oh, I feel pretty” speaking of her soaked Sun dress and sandals, it struck me as funny. I though, well, maybe she is changing. I very much didn’t like her laughing with Rinna when Rinna referred to her vulgar gesture and words to Dorit in the car ride back after the boat ride. That really wasn’t funny or called for. I still think, Starr, that Rinna really does have some kind of pill popping problem. I’ve thought that since way before the Xanax smoothie comment. Why would she get so defensive about it, ask about it several times, and then ask Dorit about what they all went inside for while she sat with that odd guest at creePK’s and Dorit’s outside dinner? They went in because that’s what you do when it gets dark after dinner is finished, and again, that was uncalled for. I wondered why she didn’t go in herself, no one had to invite her inside, she was already invited to the party. I thought her staying outside in the dark and chill was what was weird. I don’t know if I think Eileen is exactly cold, just mostly boring, and I don’t think Erika is, but Eileen needs to stay on Y&R, and off RHOBH.

  12. No pun intended, but ALL of these women were getting the party started in the season finale. ALL OF YOUSE GALS. I loved it, though- watching them strategize which play they would make was thoroughly entertaining. Eden was the only person who was unleashing straight from the “ID”, bless her heart.

  13. I think Eden really is that way. She reminds me of what overindulged little girls (or princesses) grow up to be, really. They sometimes revert to little girl mode, since it always worked for them perhaps. It is like being stuck in the teen years to some extent. She ran into Lisa’s arms and wanted to be hugged and loved. Maybe her dad who supposedly considered Eden one of his favorites, use to coddle her, but mom doesn’t. I think Eden is sincere, but she is a troubled soul who needs to be treated with kid gloves.

  14. Correction. LVP would NEVER behave in such a lowly manner. Last season, when LVP & Ken were at home & discussing Rinna’s lying, made up accusations against his wife, he certainly added his 5 cents worth in front of the cameras too. Same was done with Yolanda the crow. Same difference, different day.

    1. Starr , that’s MY opinion. I’m sorry you’re on a tear and going after every single one of my opinions but I’m not going to change my mind and neither are you . So I get it !
      And FYI , LVP acts quite low ! You don’t see it but that’s fine .

      1. Oh Rain honey, Never Ever think I’m tearing you down—not in this lifetime. This is any thing but personal. It’s our opinions which are so different.
        Read on, I’ve disagreed with others too, but that’s what we do, agree to disagree with love & respect at all times for each other.
        I just had posted another “Disagree” with you, stating that you would kill me today as I’m in opposition of you once more. Shucks, down with bronchitis, too weak to do more than use my fingers, so passing the time away with my silly rantings. I’d rather kick myself than hurt you or any of my other blogger friends. I hate to hurt others & if I’ve somehow hurt you, I genuinely apologize. You’re too nice for me to ever want to hurt you, believe that.

  15. Rain , it must be hailing out as I totally agree with your last paragraph. Hurrah!!!!!! happy like a pig in mud to agree somewhat with you.
    Hey, when OC starts what’s going to happen to us. Shannon is your light in the darkness & for me, she is only darkness. I would love to love Shannon & I will never say never, I will try. How’s that? You can kick my butt though if it dosent happen. Full permission.

  16. Thank God Rain, not to sound dramatic, but I doubt I would’ve been able to forgive myself if I had hurt you. Love you too & respect? Highly as well.

  17. Wish I loved alcohol, I would’ve celebrated with a glass of wine. I have agreed in the past, way little, I must say. But each time, it is to be celebrated. I’ll take a sip of my quinine water to do so. Tons of love.

  18. Very true Sunshine about L. Rinna. As for Eileen, I dont blame you for being confused as she does give very mixed signals & that’ll confuse anybody.

  19. I must watch that scene again. I always watch the season before the reunion again. so much happens that I forget, we did have some Spring warmth, but it’s gone now. Windy, wet and cold now, perfect drawing, coloring and housewives weather‼️

  20. Yes, Rinna is a vulgar piece of work. I zip with my feature that shows a little picture of the screen until she is GONE. Throw some water on her and maybe her and her monkeys will melt.

  21. I am not a fan of Eileen’s. I would certainly like her more if the gag worthy Rinna was gone, but one thing I have to say is that I am impressed that she went through the trouble to invite her to Y&R, and that she doesn’t seem jealous. If she is, she hides it for what it is, a knowledge of the natural beauty Erika has. And I think that is a good quality to not react in a spiteful, mean way to that. Kudos to Eileen for that.

  22. Lighten up Eileen your always comparing your husband to others .Hes never really on so how do you know. I thought it was just a joke .

  23. Eileen is still waiting for a appology. I lost count. She’s always bad mouthing Lisa V in her talking points & accused Lisa of doing what she is doing . Lisa makes a joke of it Eileen is just mean.

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