Eileen Davidson Continues To Defend Lisa Rinna

Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog to defend Lisa Rinna once again after this week’s episode of the RHOBH. Davidson asks what would Lisa Rinna have to gain from lying about not remembering what she said to Eden Sassoon. Eileen also says she feels sorry for Kim Richards, because she continues to be the topic of conversation.

“I think this bears repeating: Lisa R. clearly did not remember what she’d said to Eden. There’s no reason to lie. Lisa R. knows she was on camera! Why would she put herself through this? The only explanation is that she did not remember. If she did, she would own it. That is who Lisa R. is, and we all know that about her by now. I am feeling for her in this moment. And, frankly, I’m feeling for Kim. I’m sorry she continues to be the topic of conversation.

At Project Angel Food, it looked like everyone was able to put the issues aside for charity. They worked together for a greater cause, despite the many, many elephants in the room. I have to commend these ladies for not just putting on those hairnets but for rocking them! Only these chicks can make a hairnet look good. And thank god they’ve agreed to sit down and talk things out at a later date. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Jagger is a super sweet big brother to Phoenix. Watching Dorit’s kids makes me long for the days when Jesse was that age. Well…kind of. Each age has its challenges and rewards for sure. Cherish this time, Dorit! They’ll be fighting over video games and hating their homework before you know it.
Okay, we know it wasn’t right for Lisa R. to speak about Kim in the context of her sobriety. But then what is Dorit doing by repeatedly bringing up Lisa R.’s “pills” and insinuating Lisa has a problem?! Ick.

I have to give a big shout out to all of our husbands. I see a common thread of us all having wonderful, supportive men in all our lives who have their own busy careers, and support their wives in theirs. Erika and Tom are a great example. They both work hard, and Tom is very proud of all of Erika’s success. It’s not easy supporting us ‘Wives and the crazy lives we lead. Does that make our husbands loving or lunatics? Maybe a bit of both. Speaking of supportive husbands, Harry Hamlin’s introduction at the Angel Awards ceremony was beautiful! What love those two have!

I’m proud of Lisa R., and I’m in awe of all the work she’s done for Project Angel Food over the years. Being recognized for that is a huge honor. But, hey, Lisa R., don’t disrespect the Soap Opera Digest Awards! At least you won one. I was just nominated. Five times. Always the bridesmaid…

Oh, except for that Emmy!”

Photo Credit: Bravo