Eileen Davidson Connects With Erika Girardi After She Opens Up About Her Past

Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog this week to share her thoughts on Erika Girardi opening up about her past to the group. Eileen says she’s always connected with Girardi, but now she understands and relates to her on a much deeper level.

“Hong Kong has never been a bucket list destination for me. However, now that I am going, I’m really excited about it.

Believe it or not, I had never been to Kyle’s store before! I have to say, it’s pretty awesome. Where else do you get to go shopping while drinking a bottle of rosé from a straw? I admit I did leave with a few new clothes. Maybe that’s part of Kyle’s sinister plan? Ply us with alcohol until we’re slightly inebriated and vulnerable, and then surround us with gorgeous things we just HAVE to buy. LOL!

The awkward invitation aside, Hong Kong is still something I’m looking forward to. Despite our past differences, I believe in stopping Yulin, and I do support LVP’s efforts to do so. That’s why I’m happy to spread the word with my “couple dozen followers.” Isn’t Lisa Vanderpump cute?

I guess I can understand why some people view Erika as being cold. I’ve always seen her as being cautious. Given everything that happened between Dorit and Erika, I can only say Erika’s instincts were right. Their relationship started off on the wrong foot and doesn’t seem to be improving much, unfortunately.

Speaking of Erika, her mom is very brave to be so honest with her daughter about her imperfections as a parent! Raising children is never easy. As parents, we can only hope we send kind, honest, and responsible people out into the world. It seems that Renée has done just that. Even though she had Erika at 18, she has managed to raise a wonderful daughter. After taking care of her ill parents, she is now having a much-deserved renaissance and is starring in a play! I’m inspired. It’s truly never too late to follow your dreams. Good for you, Renée!

It was difficult watching Erika share such an important part of her world with us this week. I have always related to Erika. But now I feel that more than ever. Her struggles with her grandmother’s Alzheimer’s mirror my own past with my mother’s dementia. It is such a painful road to walk down. I know the ending of the phone calls closed a chapter for me as well. All I can say is Erika’s grandmother was a lucky woman to be so loved, and Erika was lucky to be loved by her.

On a different note, congratulations to Kim and the whole family for baby Hucksley’s arrival into this world. He’s beautiful!

Okay, Hong Kong here we come! Can’t wait to see what adventures this trip brings! *swallows hard*…I’m so full of crap.

Turns out there ARE some adventures I can definitely wait to have. And Hong Kong is one of them….”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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She is gorgeous. I love watching her on YR too. Her hair looked great last night…better than ever, though it always looks good to me.
I wish she would not say Hong Kong can wait…now I am worrying about it, since clearly she wrote this after she was already there! 🙂

I think it will mostly be the Erika Dorito show down and Pervo of course with his big tits coming for camera time and attacking Erika

LMAO over Pervo now! You kill me Rain. I don’t know how you do it…and on so little sleep! Love you!
I agree about Erika and Dorito. We saw a clip of that. “I just said it!” It should be a showdown for sure!

what’s interesting about ED this season? Oh yeah–everytime I see her, all I can think about are those muppet heckler characters–LOL

yes, ED does look pretty in this pic.

LOL LOL Ha. I have to watch. The hubby may be joining that group…but not his fault…medications he is on. I want to invent the manbra…though they may have them somewhere already! 😉

I watched a lot of Seinfeld, mostly in reruns, and I missed that one! I have to find that somewhere. LOL

Eileen, Eileen, life is so short. Why in the world would you be going to Hong Kong with LVP, of all people, if it is not on your bucket list???? Why??? Stay home…..don’t put yourself out…..after all, you really were not at the ‘Top of the List’ of invitees. No, you sort of ‘muscled’ the invite by just standing there and looking very needy. Girl, why would you want to be anywhere near LVP? You can’t stand her…….so just stay away. BUT, like you BFF, trash-mouth Rinna, you are very needy and don’t want to miss out on what the… Read more »
It’s the main cast trip of the season needed to complete the story arc for the show, Eileen would have ended up going anyway as per her contract – we just don’t know what route LVP would have taken to make the journey to the invitation more interesting. Besides that, it’s not as if Eileen is a nobody whose association with Vanderpump will be a blow to her dog rescue venture: Davidson is arguably one of the most influential actresses on daytime tv, and by far one of the most notable in American soap opera history, with direct communication lines… Read more »
I was commenting on the way it occurred. Although this is ‘reality’ TV, it is the seasonal trip they all take together i.e. Amsterdam, Dubai, and a contractual obligation. There is no issue. It is really good Eileen has such a champion. Having followed the soaps for a long time, Eileen is not the first that comes to mind as an ‘influential’ actress, certainly not on the level of a Susan Lucci or Deidre Hall. That, of course, IMHO. RHOBH has not been a good vehicle for her as she lacks spontaneity and she, perhaps, is more comfortable in a… Read more »

Your comment was ‘why would you want to be anywheee near LVP’. Well , since you KNOW it’s a contractual obligation, it makes your point rather puzzling. Eileen would have gone regardless of how it happened, this is just a cute dramatic twist along the way, scripted by no other than LVP herself

Have a great day!

You too xoxo .

No, it was Man-bro. George Costanza’s father liked the name manziere like brassiere…only with man. Kramer was for Man-Bro and George too from the clips I saw. George’s dad was strutting around wearing one in one clip, saying how comfortable it was…not jiggling. LOL.
They also referred to it as “The Bro” That was the episode…lots of clips for The Bro.

I just watched some more clips. Hysterical. When they were sitting down talking about how George’s dad had “real breasts…..and Kramer said Hooters.. LOL LOL.

Then everyone saw George’s gf topless except him… Kramer stole lobsters… Elaine was dating the doctor who called her gorgeous…like the baby. LOL

I like how ED is evolving…she’s dressing sharp, sexy hair, updated house AND was carrying a Louis Vuitton! She’s even seeing her friend Lips, needs a needle and tread to sew her lips shut. It’s great to see her friendship with Erika grow.

Eileen is looking good.

Not a Housewife & Neither RU

Next to Erika, I believe Eileen was a real coup & an excellent casting decision! I grew up watching Ashley Abbott on Y&R and Eileen is nothing like her in all the most wonderful ways. I love her level headedness and the fact that she doesn’t let ppl get away with the shadiness. She brings balance and a fair perspective to the show.