Eileen Davidson Confronts Dorit Kemsley

During this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it seems like Dorit Kemsley is having a hard time fitting in with the women. After butting heads with Erika Girardi, Kemsley had an issue with Eileen Davidson this week.

While at a dinner party at PK and Dorit’s house, Lisa Rinna revealed how she and Lisa Vanderpump found a way to mend their former feud. “I wanted her to do something I needed her to do and she wasn’t capable,” Rinna revealed. “I pretty much let it go pretty soon — I mean, I didn’t see her. [But] I don’t think she’s let it go. I love Lisa for who she is. I had a moment with her, and I am saying true to my truth, and that’s that.”

Although Rinna didn’t go into details of the situation, PK seemed to know exactly what she was talking about, and and even asked Rinna why she “didn’t let it go.” Rinna seemed to believe he had been filled in by Vanderpump.

“The whole situation I wish hadn’t happened, to be honest with you,” she added. “Because it was unfortunate we went down that rabbit hole. Life is so short — I lost my father this year. It changed my life. I was with him when he passed. And so to be with somebody while they’re passing, it changed my life forever.”

Once PK heard this, he believed that this could have “planted an emotion seed” in her — assuring her it was “a perfectly rational reason and excuse to anybody in mankind,” advising Rinna to call Vanderpump with the “massive” game-changing news and tell her “I don’t think I realized what the effect the loss of my dad had on me.”

However, Rinna knew that her father’s health had nothing to do with the conflict that happened with Vanderpump. She explained this, as was the same for Eileen Davidson, who experienced six deaths in the last year, including her mother who passed two days before last season’s reunion.

Davidson chose to keep this news a secret when shooting last year’s reunion “to be able to sit there and speak her truth and get through it and then go bury her mother and grieve and go through the process,” Rinna explained to Dorit and PK, who didn’t agree that was the right thing to do.

“That’s not fair to other people though,” PK said. “You have to allow other people to understand someone’s circumstances. It’s like, ‘I’m not going to tell them I’ve lost my mother and however they behave, yeah, is who they are.’ I think it’s kind of weird…’”

After the party, Rinna told Eileen about the conversation and she wasn’t thrilled with what Dorit and her husband had to say. “I don’t understand why Dorit and PK have an opinion about me and my mother’s passing,” she said. “I don’t understand why they’re judging my behavior. It absolutely seems that PK and Dorit are trying to rewrite a history that they were no part of. I was there. I know what happened.”

“Because [Rinna’s] father had died and I suffered so much loss, they thought that was the reason Lisa Vanderpump and I had had issues — which is ridiculous,” Eileen continued to tell the cameras. “Because all those deaths happened all after the Lisa Vanderpump stuff. That was months and months after. This kind of stuff happened with Lisa Vanderpump. This was all real. So they’re trying to find some justification that they can’t believe a certain behavior began on other people’s parts, like Lisa Vanderpump — they can’t believe she would act a certain way so they’re trying to make it look like we’re wrong.”

Eileen was meeting Dorit in Malibu and planned to ask her about her remarks, but Dorit acted like she didn’t remember the conversation that took place at her dinner party.

“I don’t even remember your name being brought up,” Dorit said. “I don’t remember in what context we were talking about. I’m not going to remember every single topic of every single conversation. Particularly if it didn’t really mean much to us. … I think it’s weird that you [brought it up]. Because you can’t speak for someone — I first of all can’t even understand most of it!”

At a later lunch with Eileen, Erika Girardi, and Camille Grammer, Dorit brought up her confusion on the subject once again.

“Lisa Rinna was simply concerned that perhaps it was being conveyed that because of the deaths in our subsequent families that perhaps it had affected our relationship with Lisa Vanderpump,” Davidson explained again. “I’m not saying you did say it, you didn’t say it — I wasn’t there. It was not that big of a deal. I don’t think I was confrontational.”

The episode left off… “To Be Continued…”

What did you think of this week’s episode? What are your thoughts on Dorit?

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32 Replies to “Eileen Davidson Confronts Dorit Kemsley”

  1. Sorry for the language but PK is a TWAT!!! He actually said ‘it’s good for the have nots to see how the haves live’ at their party!!! ICK ICK ICK

    And fake Dorito with her selective amnesia , conveniently forgetting conversations !!! Just STFU you dummy!!

    I’ve had it with t these 2 !!’

    1. He is a twat and I wish he wasn’t British! I don’t know anyone who behaves like he does. She is just stupid! I won’t say he is like Jim Marchese yet as he hasn’t lied about cancer but he is getting far to involved in the drama between these women! Someone needs to tell him he isn’t a HW and to stay out of it.

  2. And thank you Dorito and Pervo for telling us all how we should mourn or deal with loss and death ! Pervo ‘mansplained’ everything to us ladies. We can all rest now ! Barf
    PK is one of those bitch husbands who thinks he’s a HW and meddles in women’s affairs!! STFU dummy!! Shovel more food in your mouth why don’t you, you little pig!

      1. Right on. They want to make it our fault. Why don’t they just keep there mouths shut.what was with Doritos doing the pose? Dimwits

    1. Next time he’s on screen, look at his actual skin color, he’s pink, like a little pig, or an alcoholic… I’m sure he’s both…

  3. Eileen trying to ‘remind’ dumdum Dorito about a long conversation she and PK had , in such detail, was just laughable !!! Dorito is obviously stupider than we all think, bobbing her head around like a troll

    1. I don’t even think she’s that stupid, Rain, I just think she’s a liar for the sake of being a troublemaker. I sat and shook my head nearly every time she and her husband appeared onscreen this episode. That man takes the prize as the biggest bitchboy in the Housewives franchises across the board…and if someone can take that position from RHoNJ’s Jim Marchese then you know it’s a bad look (shudders)….

  4. The Kemsley’s add absolutely nothing to the show whatsoever. Sometimes the husbands can provide a welcome distraction to an uninteresting HW or storyline, but not in this case. They both just seems slimy and shady. Dorit’s obvious insecurity toward Erika is hilarious.

    LVP & Kyle arriving last to the pantygate ‘escape room’ party was no coincidence. They’re coordinating their timing this season to avoid any direct involvement in the scripted drama. LVP’s not going to allow yet another one of her storylines go to waste. This must be her season of revenge on Erika, Rinna & Eileen…the more I see of LVP & Kyle the less I like them.

    1. Madam, I still don’t know what Dorito contributes to society or does with her days!!!!!! She obviously only handles her kids on camera, so which is she actually DOING in this world ????

      1. I was also a bit put off last week watching as she asked THE NANNY how her child’s speech therapy session went. Like, lady, really? I’ve been underneath many a female business dynamo in my time who are also mothers… And when it comes to a milestone like their baby’s ability TO SPEAK or lack thereof? Um…they don’t hand off their kids…I understand that Dorit has a swimwear company and she’s out doing her business thing and playing jet set with hubby, but not being present for your toddler in those moments? God forgive me for what I’m thinking, but THAT may be part of the problem with why the poor darling is not speaking. Rushed interactions with no focus on building the blocks of their vocabulary, smh…

        1. Yes the fact that she doesn’t accompany her son to speech therapy was not good mothering ! I mean come on!!!! At least she could’ve faked it for the cameras! Just atrocious!

      2. Boom! That’s the truth! I suppose she practices her “accents” during the day – when she’s not trolling Erika’s twitter. Hahaha!

    2. Madam I’ve also noticed that typically, husbands are now used as a sounding board for their wives in “venting” scenes, so that they can tell their side of the story about whatever’s happening with the group dynamic. That’s fine and well because producers have made the practice a standard part of creating the story arc for these shows, so we can expect these scenes, but what PK is doing in terms of getting on the offensive to attack actual cast mates and pot stir among the girls is unprecedented. Lips a Rinna has a million faults, but what the way the Kemsleys cornered her at that dinner party was ridiculous, with all that badgering about the ladies’ personal family business and how in their view, it was the cause for their fallouts with Pumpy. Then to have him egg her on to reveal why they fought? Dude, it’s OVER. You weren’t there, it’s over, and the dead ain’t gonna be resurrected…not for your entertainment, not for your judgement, and CERTAINLY not to rehash last years storyline that viewers are absolutely sick to death of hearing about. Lipsa, for once knew how to ZIP IT and SQUASH IT for for that I applaud her. These Kemsleys are trouble makers, indeed.

      1. Agreed – I don’t think I’ve ever instantly disliked two people more quickly than the Kemsleys. He seems a bit desperate for the limelight and to be the center of attention. It’s strange! The way he ogles and gawks at Erika (when he thinks no one is looking) and then says he doesn’t find her attractive is a LIE! You’re right – they’re definitely trouble – and I can’t wait to watch someone knock’em down a notch or two.

    1. If these
      Roller knew Jesus they wouldn’t be like they are. Now, let’s not have a story line with them going to church. Mabe a thunder boom

  5. HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Rinna & Eileen are at it again. Making mountains out of a tiny molehill. Rinna is not ‘speaking her truth’ & just by her comments at the meal, shows she still holds a lot of bitterness toward LVP. Then to hot foot & report back to Eileen who asap met with Dorit to cross examine the conversation ?! Last season all over again. Rinna & Eileen are brainless flakes.

    1. LR straight up lied when she said she let it go with LVP pretty quickly. Really?! LR, ED, & Erika completely ruined this show last season.

  6. I must note that Dorit shows a lot of undercurrent envy & jealousy toward Erika & it shows & not in a nice way.
    When PK felt Eileen should’ve shared her pain at the loss of her mother & Dorit agreed which upset Eileen—Hey, that was the same thing that the women hit out at LVP at the reunion as the hypocrites felt her not sharing prevented a closer relationship with them. What’s good for then, should be good for the now as well. I applaud Dorit for her temporary amnesia with Eileen to avoid it being Eileen’s new vendetta for this entire season, for that’s how Eileen moves. Enough!!!!!

  7. LR lied when she said she let it go with LVP pretty quickly. No, LR & ED ruined this show last season. They both made judgement calls about LVP all season. Guess they don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot. For the love of God, please tell me that ED & LR nonsense is not going to continue this season!

  8. Luv u 2 Rain, we may agree to disagree, but the love is on track. All the same, I must say I agree with you on that point about grief, it is a personal thing for sure, but watch Eileen & Rinna make this – this season’s storyline. Kill me one time!

  9. I heard the havenots comment. These people are beyond disgusting. I happen to associate with people who have as much money as these people and also people with less. Who the hell speaks this way. I really hope the learer and his chatter box wife don’t stay on this program.

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