Eileen Davidson: All I Can Do Is Wish Kim Well and Walk Away

Eileen Davidson is taking to her last blog of the season to share her thoughts about the third part of the reunion. Eileen still believes Kim Richards’ move with the bunny was strategic and says that all she can do with Kim is wish her well and walk away. See what else Eileen had to say about the reunion below.

“Goodbye Pantygate. Hello Bunnygate!
I think Kim made a very calculated move bringing that bunny to the reunion. She’d had it for months, and she could have sent it back anytime, or thrown it away, or donated it to charity. She brought it to the reunion to be vindictive and start drama.

I have no problem with Kim. I have always wanted the best for her life and her recovery. She, clearly, has a problem with me. And I believe that problem is because I am a friend to Lisa R.

What Lisa R. said to Eden that fateful day was WRONG. I’ve said it on the show, I’ve said it on my blog, I’ve said it to Lisa R. However, I do believe it was taken out of context, and I still say she did not initially remember saying it the way it was presented by Eden. But those were big, powerful, hurtful words that have resonated for a long time. That being said, Lisa R. fell on her sword and admitted what she had said to Eden in front of everyone. And she apologized to Kim. With some help from Carnie Wilson and Kim’s sponsor, Kim and Lisa hugged it out! I know! I was there! And I thought the ugly chapter with Kim was finally, happily over.

But nooooooo…Kim doesn’t want that chapter to close. She has made numerous jabs about my career over the last couple of years. And she did it again at the reunion. I wanted to let it roll off my back like I always do. But enough is enough. I said what I wanted to say. Wait. Hell, no, I didn’t! Because I could barely get a word in! At a certain point, all I can do is wish Kim well and walk away. And maybe throw in one more, “Buh-bye,” for good measure.

On that note, Buh-bye to all of you, my friends! Summer is just around the corner and the beach and ocean are calling my name!”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Eileen was elegant and articulate as ever last night . She really shut kim down.
Kim continued to act in a ridiculous manner and looked really really bad , with her interruptions and not letting anyone finish their sentences ..

I DO feel sorry for Kim and I wish her all the best but she has a dark and cruel side that reared its ugly head again during this reunion.

I’m so glad this RHOBH year is finally over . Atrocious season

Thoroughly disgusted with these women. So rude. Rinna really thinks her shit don’t stink and Kim never should have been on this season. I laughed out loud when Rinna claimed Kim used her for a story line. Sorry Rain I think Eileen was rude too with the sudsy twins telling Kim goodbye. Like I said thoroughly disgusting.

Aunt Bee, nice to see you here. I have to say, I thought Rinna saying that was right on. Why else was Kim even on the show. Yes, Rinna has her issues, but she says it like it is. I would have shut Kim down also. She wasn’t making any sense and wouldn’t let anyone speak. They were at their breaking point with her. Could it have been better…maybe. I laughed at it and enjoyed it actually. Kim had it coming. There were times when they were all rude to each other, but I’ll take this group over any of… Read more »

I have to say Rinna claiming credit for making Kim relevant is like the National Enquirer claiming Elvis owes his notoriety to their articles about him not being dead. He was on the public eye before they were and all they added to his story was a bunch of lies and speculation. We all know Kim is a psychological mess from years of drinking too much, but Rinna is a snake. I also agree with Aunt Bee that “bye bye” from the snake and her echo (Rinna and Eileen) was just nasty and low.

Thank you Deborah Brenner.

I agree. LR was reaching. Can’t stand LR, ED, or Erika. All 3 are nasty women.

I laughed because for the past few years they were saying that Kim was Rinnas only story line. Sorry but I really can’t stand either woman. It’s time for me to stop watching. I am too old to have nasty feelings about these fake people. They all have so much and are never satisfied.

Those two are toxic together. I feel that way about Vicki. I get so angry and yell at the TV. I understand where you’re coming from. But, I did like when Rinna and Eileen did the bye-bye thing to Kim. She deserved it.

I believe to the core of my being that Rinna pulled out that bag of pills for exactly what she got, attention. She never shares her real life, rarely hosts events, just shows up “That’s the kind of friend I am” she says. Yeah, I’d show up to if I could buy a new dress and shoes and bag every week, and go eat the great food and see all the beautiful dresses everyone else is wearing. She has had exactly 2 things, I won’t even call them events at her house, both outside. Kyle and Lisa do the most,… Read more »

I agree. LVP, Kyle, & Dorit are the only ones who really show us the fabulous dinners/parties, etc.

Other way around. If not for Kiim, Rinna wouldn’t have a storyline.

True. LR shows nothing of her family. LR, ED, & Erika are so boring. Can’t stand to watch them.

Can’t stand LR, ED, or Erika.

It would have been a great season if everything wasn’t re-hashed to death. RHOBH is one of my favorite in the RHW franchise. Can we not do this again next season. There must be so much more going on in their lives other than panties and xanax.

I agree with you. This season was the worst . I’m glad it’s over

I don’t like the reunions for exactly that reason. And, over three parts, gee whiz. But, we watch it because here we are. I like this group because of all the Beverly Hills chic chic chic, but they really do a lot of charity work which you don’t see the other franchise do. Unless I miss something. I don’t want to hear those two words again, now I’m craving a smoothie 🙂

Good Morning All….thank the stars, panties and blue bunny, the RH of BH has left the building. I had such high hopes this season for a really fun time, but no. I really do hope all the ladies return even Dorito, minus her gross hubby. As for Kim, please go far far away and never show your awful, miserable, mean face again. If she’s this nasty sober, I can only imagine how she tormented her family. I have a new respect for Kyle. I felt very badly for Kyle because I think she may have finally realized that she did… Read more »

Hi MaryBoston,
So agree, but I’d love to see Eileen and Erika stand up to Rinna next season, and call her on her hijinks the minute she starts.
My husband came from Germany at age 21, followed his older sister and her husband to Boston. My in laws lived there and raised their family there until they passed. I have many fond memories of Boston, Newberry Street, Faneuil Hall, Cohasset, Nantasket Beach, Higham.
We would always buy Italian pastries at the North End, my brother in law was Sicilian.
It’s a lovely place to call home❤️

Good Morning…Agree, Eileen and Erika do need to stop her in her tracks, if they’re around. All the places you mentioned are very nice. I have a bro-in-law who is a baker, he was born in Sicily, so I’m spoiled with all the yummy things he makes. I wish Faneuil Hall was unique like it used to be, now it’s commercialized. I like to walk through just to see my Grandfather’s Business sign hanging in the rotunda. He owned a tomato distribution business, he sold to restaurants and grocery stores. I tear up when I see it, so proud. Not… Read more »

My husband is from a small village in Bavaria, Munich is the closest city. He came to Munich as a teen to help his father, who was a cobbler there after the war. Different times, Mary.
I so understand your tears about your grandfather. I miss my grandparents still. I had one great grandmother who lived and was sharp well into my teens, believe it or not, her youngest daughter, my great aunt, is still alive, living with my second cousin, still clear of mind and very mobile, close to 100. All of German descent.

Different times indeed. The countryside in Bavaria is so beautiful. All those old timers live long because of the clean environment. No pollution in the air, water, soil and no chemicals in the food chain. Eating seasonally and locally too. What a great story.

Oh! You girls are making my travel bug come alive again. I haven’t been overseas in quite a few years now. What great, great stories, thanks for sharing them here. It was lovely to think of the Countries everyone and their parents/grandparents came from. And the tomato business, oh, how smart of him to make a good living for him and his family. Wow. Tomatoes grow well, but they require a lot of work. I know, I grew many kinds of them 4 years before my injury. Next year I will again. This year is to fix the neglect my… Read more »

That was beautiful.

I love talking about my grandfather. I hope you are able to get into the garden again. A little bit at a time. I bet your garden is beautiful. Enjoy and I’ll be sure to light a candle for you when I’m in Europe.

Hi Rain, hope all is well. Are you having a good week? I stayed up past my bedtime to watch this shit show. Next season I want glitz, glamour, parties, cars, vacations, clothes and utter all round fabulousness. So, when are we going to be on it…LOL…luv ya

You hang in there my friend. I’m going to be sending you lots of good wishes today. When I’m in Europe, I’ll light a candle and pray for good things for all of us.
That is one of the kindest things to say. I’ll certainly try to blog, but may not be able to. I really enjoy all the fun banter here. Now to get motivated to get my tasks done. Why do bosses expect us to work???? Love you all

Good day to all. The Rockets are in the play off’s so I totally missed last nights shit show. I’ll try to catch it on demand. If it’s worth my time

Thanks sweetie. You’re too cute, I never work hard. Maybe that’s the problem

You are soooooo smart, but I hope Eileen and Erika make her own her crap first. Please.

Oh gawd, I’m in trouble then. I probably look like a grumpy old lady

No worries. I’m always a bit cloudy

Gosh doll you sure know how to make a hag feel good. Thanks babe

Sorry Sunshine, I don’t like Heather or her fancy cubes

don’t like Heather….. or her house

Right on Cin. Too fancy for me

Brats. He’s probably counseling Sassafras right now.

Haha haha. Now that was funny


You’re no hag hot hot mama

Gay men normally have the best taste mama

That is absolutely true.

Speak it, ladies. You are all beautiful, inside/out. Remember, there’s a bit of Erika Jane in all of us….

I loved it when they showed the little video of Erika and Susan Lucci. I love Susan, I watched AMC from the first day to the last. I taped it when I worked days or was asleep from working nights. It was the only soap I watched. I just happened to move away from my hometown after my parents divorce, and at 14 that was hard, so I turned on the TV one day and it was the first day of All My Children, for real. Susan has such class, I love to see her on a talk show, when… Read more »

Woo hoo. That’s nice to know

When we were getting Shadow treated for kidney failure the vet had several little dogs that had been taken from a home with 75 dogs. All in very bad shape. Sad just broke my heart

OMG. 75 dogs‼️Why would anyone have 75 dogs unless it was like a shelter. geeze. I was wondering if Cin’s dog’s eye was OK last night when I saw that feral cat. I am going to go look for her here and ask.


That sounds like a bad puppy mill or a dog hoarder. Either way it sounds terrible. How on earth could 75 dogs be managed. I can only imagine what might happen to them. It is gut wrenching and so sad.

I need them to give me a make over. I was called mam by a young hottie the other day


Lol it was my first time. I know they say the first time should be special but it wasn’t

Lol. I don’t even know what to say. Good job baby not many people can make me speechless

Couldn’t agree more. That is the saddest story about that poor doggie, but she has a forever home now and will be loved and cared for. Take some comfort in that, but still so horrible to see. I don’t watch Y&R, but it’s good, huh! Love Eileen. How’s Erika been on the show?

Lol. Not for me. Them young boys make me feel way too old. I’ve broken many hearts in my day. They all cover it by calling me a picky bitch though

Love it. All women need a man servant

I wasn’t a fan of hers but I’d take her any day over Kelly!! Ick

How can I give you my email address? I’m not on Facebook. I’d love to chit chat with some of you in a more private setting, so you can really get to know me. Let me know. Can you ask Nicki?

Gross. No doubt. Any day.

Ditto. Kelly and Kim are a good team of mean. I will never understand why Bravo, with the hundreds of thousands of wealthy, beautiful and maybe even normal women in Southern California, they choose ugly, mean, spiteful, phony bi***es like Kelly for the show. I mean she’s not even pretty, if we go to the reasoning of how could they have known how really nasty people like Kelly are. I will be honest that I watch to see the BEAUTIFUL people, their homes, clothes, travel, parties, the food, everything that isn’t my life. I mean I have a wonderful family,… Read more »

Is Eileen’s only purpose on the show to make excuses for Rinna while egging her on and kissing Erika’s ass?

No truer words were ever spoken. B B, perefect.

Excuse you Sunshine, how can you NOT remember Kimberslay Richards in the ICONIC “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” playing the role of Babs in 2015!?!?!

I’m here!!!! The kiddos haven’t kept me away I just FORGOT!!! That the reunion was on! That’s a testament to how awful this reunion was!!! I am doing really well though and I hope that all of you guys are doing great too!!! I am so over Kim. Last night was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She was so unfair to my mother, Eileen. Eileen was trying to level with her and Kim was so nasty in return. I will say, when it comes to her arguments with Rinna, I will always take Kim’s side because of personal… Read more »
Hahahaha. For my place in this, it hasn’t been downloaded to my Amazon Video Library yet. I think not till noon or something is the rule. What Kim did was as usual, nasty. She made a mistake, though. She gave Rinna the opportunity to look like a real victim. But, if what Rinna said in back, “I have a beautiful life, beautiful family blahblahblah” she wouldn’t have used her questionable acting skills to let the tears fall. She’s always saying “I’m done” but never is, she just keeps talking. Now Rinna has the support of more people than before, and… Read more »

oh HELL to the NO!!!!!! They are vile and repulsive. Vicki is so low down and disgusting. Kelly is… well Kelly. I think she’s icky but idk if i’m fully sure on what I feel about her yet. I see a lot of pain in her. I’m mainly in it for Shannon and now Lydia but I’m hoping she isn’t all the way team Vicki or I will be disappointed. I’m just hoping for a season that isn’t so hard to watch like the last 2 have been.

Shannon lets it all hang out and I have so much respect for her there. If i hated every housewife after one screw up then there’d be no show to watch!!!

I am a total Shannon fan. She is the only reason I still watch but I really don’t know if I can stick it out with the repulsive V & K duo.

I heard on Wendy Williams that Harry and Lisa and their two daughters are being asked to do reality show like the Kardasians. I will most certainly be sure NOT TO WATCH.

I would not watch that show. Let them go ahead & waste their money. LR would go over like a lead balloon.

Oh God Rain I for sure will not watch that.

Believe me honey, that crown is getting tarnished. She’s embarrassing herself. Maybe too much time with her pig of a boyfriend.

Holy moly Dorinda is an embarrassment. She’s so foul and I’m disgusted by her behavior. Way to catapault Sonja into the “better” light of this whole thing.

Sonja Sonja Sonja! Washing her panties in the bidet????!!!!!!

i think it truly was some kind of coke that cause Dorindas behavior…. and it ain’t the diet kind.

I hope you’re not right Jack, but this was a shocker! Something is definitely up. Even when Lu tried the next morning at brunch to give her an out, Dorinda defended her nasty behavior.

I love Shannon and her quirky stone in the walls, homeopathic,broken enema, rock with the best of them Shannon!
She just got dark last year with her marriage failing and Vicky mistreating her.
Not to mention she’s friends with Jeff Lewis, he’s a lot of things, but he’s no fake.


Omg y’all are killing me

I knew that wasn’t the end of it!!!!! That’s my Rain!

Missed some. I fell asleep a bit. Tiring day. Now I cannot sleep. Awaiting hubby from airport. He should get home around 2AM or so. Flight landed 11:30.
I have to rewatch NY ☹️

This woman is disgusting. She has an excuse for everything Rinna does and LVP hit the nail on the head when she told Eileen that she supports Rinna even when she’s wrong. Without Rinna, Eileen would look like Eden and she doesn’t have a storyline except for Rinna. But then Neither does Rinna except for making everyone else miserable. Eileen was condescending and rude to Kim and dismissed her like a piece of garbage with that Buh bye. Why did she even interject herself into Rinna’s and Kim’s argument. Oh I know. She doesn’t have anything going on in her… Read more »

I totally agree. Eileen enables Rinna all the way. She’s not much warmer than Erika in personality, yet laughs only at Rinna stupid humor. She puts her mouth in where it does not belong & can give insulting remarks that are not nice. That’s all she has to stay relevant.

Hello Rain 🙂 I rarely post here but am a big fan of your posts . You have a way with words like nobody else . You’ve made me both laugh and cry . I know you prefer gay men 🙂 but I hope you can make room for a straight man ha ha . I was sad your friend passed away . I want to extend my condolences to all of you . I know you’re a close group and unlike the other trashier sites . I didn’t know your friend but I can see how sad you all… Read more »

You’re welcome . Maybe I can comment here every once in a while if that’s ok with everyone. I’m not a troll I have hundreds of posts 🙂

Rain , I love it ” it’s not PBS”. Lmao. Bravo should do a commercial…… With clips of all the stupid ridiculous moments “Hey we aren’t PBS”.

Thank you

Posha asking “how does the train get down there”? Then cut to ” This ain’t PBS.”.

Do you watch RHONY??

Yes Kirby I think most of our group watches NY. And I also would like to add to what Sweet Rain said: we do not troll but we respectfully agree to disagree at times. I personally enjoy seeing other posters thoughts on some of these ladies. Glad you are joining us.

Thanks for welcoming me . I’m usually a Dorinda fan but last night was not her best lol. Not a Bethenny fan for sure which always gets me in trouble 🙂

Yep, always have been. To me she seems the most real. I had an aunt just like her with her health routines and vitamin regiment. See was always so interesting to talk too. Poor Shannon has had some bad moments but haven’t we all.

They were talking mostly about the girls and their modeling careers.

Great!! I still have to watch last night’s…fell asleep and not out of boredom. I was just exhausted, and now I did not sleep much last night, so I am not posting much today. I will when I am more awake.
I look forward to NY with you!!! Awesome!!
Love ya Rain! XOXO

A woman after my own heart. I love animals. There is a feral cat in my neighborhood. She’s been around for about 14 yrs. My neighbor has an enclosure for her and he feeds her. We call her “White Kitty”. She likes to hunt in the pine tree in my front yard. I’ve seen her catch the birds too, I yell at her, and she gives me side eye. That kitty story makes me so sad. Like you, I’ve always kept my cats indoors. Right, your cats have all their shots and the poor feral things can have all kinds… Read more »

And, by the way, I loved All My Children. I started watching it in the 70’s all the way through until the end. I also loved Dynasty. Is anyone currently watching American Crime. OMG!! This season is so powerful, it stays with you. This is the one with Timothy Hutton and Felicia Hoffman. Great show.

Thanks Sunshine 🙂 I have read some of your comments and we agree a lot

I love that, Rain. I took care of my only granddaughter from the time she was six weeks old while her momma worked. I was a volunteer in my grandsons classrooms, and we spent good time together. We still do. My oldest grandson is going to study abroad for his junior year. Grammy love is like no other, IMO. I had a grandmother who was the best. Like yours❤️

Please walk away. Far, far away.

I’m curious…Has anyone seen the new Real Housewives of Sydney? Anyone else that has think it’s a joke? Like a parody? Im on episode 4 and I really think its satire. These women can’t possibly…Can they?