Eileen Davidson Bothered By Lisa Vanderpump’s Questions About Her Husband


This week on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we continued to see the women in the Hamptons and RHONY star Bethenny Frankel even made an appearance and had some harsh criticism for newbie Erika Jayne’s new music video when she invited the ladies over to her home. But one of the most surprising moments is when Lisa Vanderpump started asking Eileen Davidson questions about how she met her husband Vince. Both Vince and Eileen were married to other people when they met each other and fell in love, as you may remember from last season.

“What do they say? They third time in marriage is when you get it right?” Lisa quips in her interview. “I think I was fortunate enough to get it right the first time.”

Eileen reveals she met her husband on The Young and the Restless and that she had to kiss him on set, after Lisa asked questions as to how they had met. Davidson reveals she was respectful of his marriage and that they had a friendship for a very longtime.

“How did the affair start them?” Vanderpump asked.

“We just kind of fell in love,” Eileen admitted. “I told my husband at the time, ‘We’ve got a situation here. I’m having feelings for somebody.’ I was like, ‘This isn’t good, we have to separate.'”

Eileen confesses in her interview, “I’m trying to be nice and have a conversation with Lisa, but now I’m regretting even going there with her.”

Watch the clip below.

Eileen eventually decided to confront Lisa about her questions about her husband Vince, even bringing up when Brandi Glanville broached the topic last season. Vanderpump asked Eileen if she thought she was too sensitive about the topic and said she was nothing like Brandi.

“It just seemed like you kept going on and on and asking more and more things,” Eileen explained.

“Then just say to me, ‘I don’t want to answer it,'” Lisa said.

“You’re right. That’s what I should have done,” Eileen replied. “I would be happy to talk to you in private about stuff, but…”

“I apologize if I asked you too many questions…” Vanderpump said with a laugh. “But no, I feel like I know you better because of that. Really, never answer anything you don’t want to. I’m very open. Ask me anything you want.”

“She always says she’s very open,” Eileen tells the cameras. “But I always feel like she’s way more comfortable getting into your stuff and not any of hers.”

Watch the clip below.

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