Eileen Davidson Bothered By Lisa Vanderpump’s Questions About Her Husband


This week on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we continued to see the women in the Hamptons and RHONY star Bethenny Frankel even made an appearance and had some harsh criticism for newbie Erika Jayne’s new music video when she invited the ladies over to her home. But one of the most surprising moments is when Lisa Vanderpump started asking Eileen Davidson questions about how she met her husband Vince. Both Vince and Eileen were married to other people when they met each other and fell in love, as you may remember from last season.

“What do they say? They third time in marriage is when you get it right?” Lisa quips in her interview. “I think I was fortunate enough to get it right the first time.”

Eileen reveals she met her husband on The Young and the Restless and that she had to kiss him on set, after Lisa asked questions as to how they had met. Davidson reveals she was respectful of his marriage and that they had a friendship for a very longtime.

“How did the affair start them?” Vanderpump asked.

“We just kind of fell in love,” Eileen admitted. “I told my husband at the time, ‘We’ve got a situation here. I’m having feelings for somebody.’ I was like, ‘This isn’t good, we have to separate.'”

Eileen confesses in her interview, “I’m trying to be nice and have a conversation with Lisa, but now I’m regretting even going there with her.”

Watch the clip below.

Eileen eventually decided to confront Lisa about her questions about her husband Vince, even bringing up when Brandi Glanville broached the topic last season. Vanderpump asked Eileen if she thought she was too sensitive about the topic and said she was nothing like Brandi.

“It just seemed like you kept going on and on and asking more and more things,” Eileen explained.

“Then just say to me, ‘I don’t want to answer it,'” Lisa said.

“You’re right. That’s what I should have done,” Eileen replied. “I would be happy to talk to you in private about stuff, but…”

“I apologize if I asked you too many questions…” Vanderpump said with a laugh. “But no, I feel like I know you better because of that. Really, never answer anything you don’t want to. I’m very open. Ask me anything you want.”

“She always says she’s very open,” Eileen tells the cameras. “But I always feel like she’s way more comfortable getting into your stuff and not any of hers.”

Watch the clip below.

Whose side were you on? Discuss the episode below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Get over it!

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime!

Thank you! What is she so freaked out about! That’s your story! Why are you acting like it’s something so private and personal that it can’t be discussed! I’ve had people question me about how my husband and I began and try to get pretty deep. I wasn’t even remotely near uncomfortable as Eileen was telling her own story. Sounds like a guilty conscience to me.

Crime? Wow. She told her husband that she was having feeling for Vince and separated from him first. Isn’t that what she is supposed to do, the correct way? After the way BG ripped her a new one she is a little sensitive about it, and she certainly has the right to have a quiet conversation with Lisa about it. We all feel how we feel.

Do you really believe that? Get real.

I love Bethany and Lusa but I think both went too far.

ITA Aunt Bee. Bethenny was the worst too.

Bethenny was really nasty! But I don’t know what has got into Lisa this year, it’s as if she just doesn’t care!

Eileen overreacted. Lisa apologized and if Eileen were uncomfortable she should have said, “later, not now.” Lisa is no mind reader.

exactly, Beth.


ITA also.

How is calmly telling Lisa she didnt appreciate her grilling her about her marital issues from 15 years ago overreacting?


I really fail to understand the problem with asking. They’ve known each other now long enough to share intimate details of their life if they choose. If Eileen didn’t want to make a big production of it all she would have had to say was we can talk about it off camera sometime if and when I feel up to it. Done. This is where I feel a lot of the women go so wrong I making more out of something than it should be. I find Eileen hard to read sometimes anyways, and can get a little touchy at… Read more »

I don’t understand it either. She could have nipped it in the bud at the moment, but continued answering questions any way!!! Why act like you’re so uncomfortable telling your story about your marriage?!

And as far as Bethenny goes, everybody knows by now if you really want Bethenny’s opinion on anything be prepared, wear your big girl panties and a teflon jacket that’s all. LOL

NOBODY asked for her opinion . And people confuse being ‘honest’ with being a mouthy hefer

Erika asked for her opinion. And got out her phone to watch the video. That’s pretty much an invitation to give your thoughts…

Yes, I thought I heard B say are you sure you want to know, or something to that effect.

my husband bought a power ball ticket 3D 😉 so I may be a rich snooty biatch by tomorrow 🙂 xoxo did you play?

NO, and I live in Reno where gambling paid the bills ( someone else’s gambling ) for many years. I have never bought a lottery ticket in my life! If you win, maybe you can buy the fish and chips!

Oh for sure! 🙂 will buy my own jet like Erika then pick you up ! 🙂 I’ll leave the other risqué plans for later 😉 ah sigh !!

OOhhh, first class all the way. Wow xoxo

It wasn’t the asking!! This wasn’t a public restaurant conversation , that’s her issue and I get that. How would Lisa feel about bring questioned about her sons max biological parents at s dinner party ??

What! She discussed it on national TV! How would it be any different if they talked about it at dinner! Honestly, there’s no comparison on the situation! Not even an iota. For Eileen to behave as she did, it seemed to me that she was feeling like discussing the beginning of her marriage as shameful. They’ve been together long enough for her to answer questions about it without squirming and just tell the story. Comparing that to discussing a kid who was adopted by his loving parents and has questions of his origins are not even remotely on the same… Read more »

I completely disagree with all you said but that’s ok , we all have our opinions. You can’t tell a woman how she should feel or react, we are all different . Xoxo

Eileen discussing how her and vince got together is nowhere near the story about kid looking into his biological parents. To even remotely link the two is absolutely grasping at straws. It’s not the same. If she had confidence in how her marriage began this wouldn’t even be a blip her radar. Either she’s being over dramatic or she’s playing it up for the TV screen. It was an affair in the beginning…deal wit it!

Most marriages are affairs at the beginning, aren’t they? I mean, I don’t know very many women that go to their wedding night a virgin. Just sayin`.

Huh? I think you are slightly missing the point that one of them had a wife and children at home and Eileen moved into her own place so she could better insert herself into another wife and mother’s home behind her back. It’s completely disgusting and I don’t care how long ago it was. A broken home is broken forever.

You think that asking someone about the beginning of their very public relationship is the same as discussing the biological parents of someone’s adopted son?

Come on.

Yes I do

I guess we live in different worlds then. And I, for one, am glad we do.

Besides, Lisa V was already willing to put Max’s story on TV during season 5. Why is Eileen being so closed off about she and Vince?

I’m glad you’re glad babe! That’s all that matters xoxo

I don’t need your condescension either. I was making a point. If you’re unable to argue it, there’s no point in commenting at all.


Because she’s a homewrecker.

No, it’s not.

Well Eileen, what did you expect? If it bothered her so much that LVP was asking questions, then tell her she’s out of line and knock it off. Eileen is coming across as very wimpy. She’s not a very strong woman and that’s coming across loud and clear this season.

Or she’s s woman who knows when and where to address issues

She’s a homewrecker who believes when and where to do anything is anywhere she damn well pleases then wants to play Miss Innocent about her nasty, hateful selfish behavior and the price others were made to pay for it.

I agree and there’s a way to say you’ve had enough! She’s getting a little too soap opera emotional. Seems like her and Lisa R are acting quite a bit lately.

What’s wrong with getting emotional ??? LOL we are women, that’s what we do

I’m sorry, but there’s some things that really just don’t bother me. If that was how I met my husband and I was comfortable with it…I wouldn’t be uncomfortable or even slightly emotional. So, as a female, I cannot comprehend to overreaction.

Whoops *THE

This happened 15 years ago???? Is there a statute of limitation to your contempt of someone’s mistakes?
Let’s move on and agree to disagree xoxo

Whoa! I don’t have contempt for it, but if discussing her marriage and how it began leaves such a sour taste in her mouth she has no one to blame but herself for how their situation began. I’d rather see her own it and not have to be uncomfortable about this situation rather than her have this feeling of being attacked for a conversation she could have walked away from or nonchalantly discussed. It just seems much ado about nothing.

How far back Geminigirl should someone go back to ‘own’ their mistakes?? 25 years? 40?? What would satisfy you?? you’re team LV and that’s fine babe, you’ve entitled . I’m not responding to this argument any further.

Rain, the problem there is that some things you do are very serious and cause permanent damage to the victims. They also show someone’s true character. This “time limit” on which she can be held accountable does not apply to the victims. Therefore, it’s BS. I know many, many, many men and women who would NEVER do something this horrible to others. Those who do? No, they don’t get off the hook merely because time has passed.


Where is the statute of limitations for the damage caused to the children and the wife? There isn’t one. It’s permanent.

I understand Eileen was wrong 15 years ago. But a friend doesnt humiliate you and twist the knife like Lisa did. I thought it was appalling and so was Lisa’s “apology”. Not liking her character at times this season.

Lisa, you’re stealing my thoughts today LOL ;). I agree! After how many friggin years do you forgive someone for their mistakes? When does the whipping end FGSakes!!

Its my turn to agree with you. 🙂 Stop caving Eileen’s head in over a mistake 15 years ago. Lisa was being nasty and humiliating Eileen on international TV and in front of her kids. It was nasty and she did not offer a sincere apology .

I don’t think it’s the questions themselves that Eileen had a problem with, it was the 3rd degree way they were asked. I don’t think she’s one bit embarrassed or has a hang-up about bow and when she met her husband. I did love Erika’s evaluation of Lisa though. That was sweetly on point! I like Erika!! A lot!! Even the sexy one. Ha ha ha. It’s going to be a fun time ahead ladies and gents. Hang on to your nickers……………….

I don’t get why she wouldn’t excuse herself from the situation. It seemed like she had plenty of hang ups with the word affair to me.

I like that point, I was wondering what was bugging me and that was the missing piece.

She needs to put her big girl panties on. If Lisa was asking her questions that made her feel uncomfortable, all she had to do was state how she was feeling and say she didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

The Countess of Hootersville

Lisa is a old handbag..one of those they sell at Harrod´s on discount

omg hahaha

Whoops I’m not anonymous its me Jane

(Lisa is an od handbag….) you made me laugh out loud and your name flips me out too *slapping my knee here*


Yikes I’m getting tired here I guess I better go watch the telly, AHS Hotel is on now, now that’s got some true crazy b—— on there

I love Eileen & a great fan of her on Y&R, but I do believe she took this over the threshold. And I agree, Lisa is inquisitive, but she’s very open with her own stuff in my opinion. Much ado about nothing. Sometimes women are pretty petty for no reason worthwhile.

I don’t remember Lisa ever asking that kind of question. She jokes about her and Ken, but rarely asks or tells truly personal stuff. I can’t recall her asking that kind of question of anyone, but maybe I just don’t remember. It purely seemed like she had an ulterior motive to me.

I don’t think it’s fair to say she won’t discuss personal stuff. In 6 seasons we have seen her husband’s son from another marriage, the houseguest who threatened her, her daughter’s wedding and her son’s search for his biological parents.

3D , even Lisa v herself on WWHL last night, said that after watching the episode she realized she went too far!! This is coming out of her own mouth lol, but hey, it’s still Eileen’s fault!!! 😉


If Lisa made her feel uncomfortable, she should have said so. End of. No moaning about it later, no secret conversations and making a big deal out of nothing. A simple ‘I’d rather discuss this in private/I’d rather not discuss this’ would have sufficed.

If you are a homewrecker, gee that’s too bad if you’re called what you are.

Guess what, Eileen? Close your legs to married men or shut your mouth when you get the tiniest of consequences for it.

Eileen get over yourself, the only thing you are upset about is that (now) all the BH’s viewer’s know that you are a loose woman (ho), you were in a marriage, had an affair —-you are not the (saintly virginal actress) you project—- Sheeezz, why do these loser’s get on a “reality show” and not expect to have their skeleton’s exposed… Grow up— most women are not (that sensitive) regarding questions as to how they met their husbands unless of course you did it the cheap Eileen way…. Eileen has butt hurt feelings over the truth—- There in lies the… Read more »