Eileen Davidson Believes Brandi Started The Fight Between Kim Richards And Lisa Rinna


Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog to dish on the scavenger hunt that Yolanda Foster organized and shares her thoughts on Kim Richards’ odd behavior on this week’s episode of RHOBH. Eileen explains that tensions were already running high between Lisa Rinna and Kim and that Brandi didn’t help the situation because she failed to mention to Kim that Lisa was genuinely concerned about her.

Eileen writes, “This week starts out with something I can get on board with: a little friendly competition. Well, sort of friendly.

A scavenger hunt in Beverly Hills, how fun is that? I was sort of excited. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like Kim was too happy to be on my team. Maybe it’s because she “doesn’t dislike me, but doesn’t like me”? OK. So now she’s harboring a grudge, because I invited her to lunch with Kyle and opened up to them about my sisters’ passing? She feels it was none of my business. I figure, what the hell? Life is short.

In spite of her feelings toward me, Kim, my friend Lynn, and I got off to a strong start. We were forced to drink milkshakes–that’s always a plus. Kim was confusing me with not being able to run, and then being able to run, and “let’s leave without the clue,” “let’s go back to get the clue.” But whatever, right? WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! Go figure.

How fabulous of Yolanda to invite us to Amsterdam. I have been a couple of times, and I love it. But, I have to say, there’s a lot of weird energy going on amongst all the women, and I’m a little nervous about being with the ladies away from home with nowhere to run. Except maybe into a windmill.

Leaving Jesse and Vince is so hard! It’s especially hard for me to leave Jesse, because, yes, in fact it’s true: I have never flown without him since he was born. I admit, it’s not healthy, and the whole thing has gone way too far. But do I have to cut the strings THIS time? THIS trip?

I was disappointed when I had to miss the first part of the journey for work. The David Foster Foundation is an extraordinary charity. I have to admit, the 17-year-old in me was screaming with jealousy when Kyle got to dance next to, in her words, Steven F—ing Tyler! And she got to kiss him! Looked like an amazing night. And on top of that, the amount of money that was raised was off the hook!

Seeing the plane ride over, maybe it’s a good thing I had to work. We haven’t even gotten to Amsterdam and already tensions are running high between Kim and Lisa R. The cat is out of the bag. Brandi had a frank talk with Kim about Lisa R.’s concern for her. Except, it was hardly “frank,” considering she left out the part about her also being very concerned about Kim’s well-being. When Lisa R. asked her at lunch if Kyle was worried about Kim’s behavior, Brandi’s answer was, “Is there anyone who isn’t?” That made Lisa R. even more worried about Kim, especially given the fact that Lisa has a lot of experience with her family’s problems with addiction.

Bravo to Harry for making that decision for himself and his family, and Lisa R. for being so open and honest with their family’s struggles.

This does not bode well. Kim’s emotions are already running high before they even leave the airport. I’m nervous about what I could be flying into.”

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21 Replies to “Eileen Davidson Believes Brandi Started The Fight Between Kim Richards And Lisa Rinna”

  1. I cannot believe a sane person could see the footage of what ACTUALLY happened between Brandi and Lisa Rinna and still be angry with Lisa while finding Brandi to be an innocent and well-meaning friend. But no one ever said Kim Richards was sane.

    1. Uh yeah. Brandi can apparently say and do anything she wants and Kim will forgive her. Brandi is the one going around talking sh$# about Kim and disclosing personal information. But, this is typical co-dependent behavior. And common among addicts and alcoholics.

  2. Kim is looking for a reason, any reason at all, to attack someone. Eileen has not done anything to Kim and she makes snyde comments. Kyle didn’t do anything to her either, but she still snapped at her several times. Lisa R was only concerned but why would she trust Brandi with that info? Of course trash bag went and told Kim, but of course forgot to mention her part of the conversion. Kim has an issue with almost everyone except trashy. I’d love to see Lisa & Kyle tell Kim off and stop putting up with her smart a** remarks. I’m so sick of Kim.

    1. Kim is threatened and jealous of the new comers. And they need to just take a step back and let her do whatever she chooses. She is going to do it anyway so why stress yourself out over it.

  3. I don’t blame Eileen for being wary as to what she’s flying into going to Amsterdam. If they could take the smart road & ostracize spoilt Kim & nasty Brandi & leave them to their own horror story devices, maybe, then & only then, they may have a peaceful time. But, with those two around, no such luck as we saw from the glimpse of next week’s episode.

    1. I would always take a separate flight for any trips they attend. Who wants to be on a plane with that mess? I would be taking a sleeping pill and sleeping the entire time if i was forced to do so. hahaha

  4. It’s very very understandable why Brandi and Kim are such close pals. The Toxic Twins. They are both nasty customers, vile, vicious mean girls who LOVE to dish out their particular brand of disfunction and discord, and they do it quite frequently. But oh do they run and plays the poor little victim when anyone returns fire. Eileen and Lisa R have their little sick games down and that’s why they they are Brandi and Kim’s targets.

  5. “I’m a little nervous about being with the ladies away from home with nowhere to run. Except maybe into a windmill.” You are hysterical Eileen.
    It would be nice if the others took a few lessons from you on how to behave. You are one classy dame.
    Live by the Eileen rules…
    1) Every little thing doesn’t ALWAYS have to be turned into such a big deal all the time.
    2) You do not have to always be the loudest one in the room to get your point across.
    3) Alcohol and tv cameras do not mix

  6. Eileen hits the nail on the head every time !! Brandi needs air time and she will do anything for it ! lol i love how she is concerned about Kim and the weed in Amsterdam but she drinks freely in front of kim to the point of drunkenness . done with her glad the season is over ! thinking how sad it is my last season of it if that tw*t is going to be coming back next season ! i can take no more of her

  7. I really like Eileen. She has common sense and dignity. It must be difficult being trapped in a foreign country with the Train Wreck Twins, and knowing you have to spend several hours with them in an inescapable metal tube on the way home.

  8. Eileen has a Rare Sense of humor that Not many get. I Love her Role on the Now She is why I Love Housewives she doesn’t try to be anyone she’s not just so original doesn’t try to fit and with the group but more so make sense of the dynamic between the Ladies Eileen should of been a season 1 Diamond Holder

  9. Brandi is a bitch! When I heard her pull Kim aside and stir that pot, I wanted to reach through the TV and strangle her. As Kim was being as nasty as she could be to Lisa, there sat Brandi in the seat in front of Kim, acting quiet as a mouse thoroughly enjoying the trouble she started! Why is she even on the show? She is desperate, rude, wanna be!

    1. Yeah, she can’t stand that their might be a trip that Yolanda and Lisa are getting along with Kyle who is her main target. Kyle won’t get in the gutter with her and she can no longer get to her through LVP, and Yo and Kyle are getting close so she is going in through Kim. Since she never hosts anything, 2 things in 4 years, which is what this show is supposed to be about, she has to go to everyone else’s and ruin every single one. God, how can people think that is what we want to watch? Drama is one thing and foul, insulting, painfully cruel is another.

  10. Both Kim and Brandi are vile.. They both continue to get away with there disgusting behavior.. they are not cute, they are not adorable, they are not respectable individuals, and they both seem to have serious psychological and anger issues.. please get them both off of the show and bring new toxic people in to keep the story line interesting.. they are stale

  11. Eileen is a breath of fresh air.. love her.. Lisa R. comes off a little too strong, but I still like her.. always love Lisa V. and for Kyle, she just keeps making excuses for her vile, dirty, sister as well. Kyle, take a break from her for awhile. She doesn’t seem like she will ever change and she will just be a constant, vicious, source of drama and stress in your life.. sometimes you have to know when to just walk away..

  12. Eileen is full of crap. She is not on the young and the restless. Eileen should speak only for herself and only when it concerns her. No one needs to take sides or defend anyone. Lisa R did gossip about Kim. Pump asked her to stay out if it and she did not. Lisa R got just what she deserved.

    1. I watched today and she was on. It isn’t live, did you know that? She has been on it for years and years and like all soaps the go and die and come back. They actually tape some time before it airs like most TV. Yeah, Lisa should not care about anyone and when Brandy lied through her teeth about what was said she should have known? Right, no one expects insane, mean, cruel addict stuff. It just doesn’t fit in with polite society.

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