Eileen Davidson Back Full-Time for RHOBH Season 7


For those of you that thought Eileen Davidson wouldn’t be returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, think again… Lisa Vanderpump confirmed that Davidson will return full-time for season seven.

When a fan on Twitter asked about a rumor they heard that Eileen was returning, Lisa responded, writing, “True.”

What are your thoughts on Eileen’s return to RHOBH?

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59 Replies to “Eileen Davidson Back Full-Time for RHOBH Season 7”

  1. That does it for me I will NOT be watching RHOBH any more. It’s bad enough the Lesser Lisa will be back but this boring harridan coming back is too much.

    1. Cause she’s the only one that will challenge LVP and call her out on her BS 🙂 Good she’s back. at least she has morals unlike Pump

      1. I call BS on you for thinking Eileen has morals (cheating on a spouse is not having morals, which Eileen did). Did you enjoy Eileen whinning like a child all last season, and causing trouble between all of the other gals, except Rinna of course. Whinning and crying about an apology is not challenging, it’s nerve wracking.

  2. Why in the world would BRAVO ask Soapy and Sudsy back!? BORING!!! I will watch because I love Lisa Vanderpump but will fast-forward when those two come on screen. Neither have storylines, other than to pick on Queen Lisa Vanderpump…and that has become predictable and boring to us viewers!!! YAWN!!!

    1. ITA! Can’t stand ED or LR! They are completely boring & have no story line. I will only watch LVP. Otherwise I will also fast forward.

  3. I’m sooooo glad she’s back. Please forgive my evilness here, as I know there are a lot of LVP fans on here, but I’m so glad she’ll be back to drive LVP nuts. And her wack job Twitter followers.

    1. It’s those followers who probably convinced Andy to keep Rinna and Eilleen, and also Kenya and Meghan etc etx. He considers that ‘buzz’ and no such thing as bad publicity! For heavens sakes, who else would Vicki be back???

      1. I agree with you Rain. Andy does listen too much to “the buzz” sometimes and it’s annoying. Although, LVP has a sect of followers that are beyond anything else I’ve seen. It’s pathetic. It’s as though they think she actually cares about them which is ridiculous bc as we can see she cares for family and dogs and that seems abt it.

        1. Just to clarify, I’m not talking abt regular fans who just love her. There’s nothing wrong with being a fan. I’m talking about those who are obsessed with her, & those who jump on & harass anyone who doesn’t like her. Or even questions her!

          1. You talking about me DeeDee! Lol! I know what you mean I like Lisa but she isn’t perfect and I don’t expect others to share my opinions, very often! Lol xoxoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. Yes. People want to watch LVP talk about her dogs, she did last season, the dog meat festival and how she wants to stop it, she talked about it last season, she wants to talk about how she supports the LGBT, that’s great, but she has been for the past 6 seasons. What’s new with LVP? Lol nothing. Of course they have to have people that will call her out on her attitude and lies. That’s called life.

  4. I know I’m in minority but I’m glad she’s back . I’ve always liked her. Let’s all stop once and for all pretending that bravo or Andy listens to fans or pays attention to tweets or any of that nonsense . He doesn’t! He will do what he wants to do

    1. I agree with you to an extent Rain, and I liked her the first season as well. I think she brings class to the vile, but I have to admit that she just didn’t have that much storyline other than the thing with LVP, and being back up voice to whacko Rhinna. Maybe that is her role on the show now. You are right that Andy will not listen to what we as viewers have to say, he’ll only pay attention if no one is saying anything at all about someone 😀

      1. ITA that she can be percieved as’ boring’ and with not much of a story line but I still liked her :). I’m wondering if they brought her back because now she’s going to have a storyline that we don’t know about . The while LVP thing is played out and they should all move on from that

        1. I’d hate to think that her role is just to play friend to Rhinna as Rhinna continues to piss people off every season. I think she would be better off away from this drama, but I guess a paycheck, is a paycheck.

  5. And here’s another one i won’t be watching because she is another POS. A liar, a manipulator, passive-aggressive, a cheater, a home-wrecker AND…… a VICTIM of EVERYTHING. Nope. No more.

  6. I’m not sure if I will watch I was very disappointed that she is back full time I just don’t understand it I think she is so boring and last season so annoying!

      1. I know you liked her and I did at first just not this last season! I’m speculating after certain scenes that something about her marriage but who knows! I’m not being nasty just wondering I guess! I won’t be watching her anyway!

        1. You’re not nasty sweetie, it’s ok to have that opinion ❤️❤️ I’m still not 100% sure she’s back full time though

          1. Hi Sweetie? Enjoying your summer break? I was chatting to my Daughter about you again today, she had remembered it was you who recommended the book on David! Lots of hugs,

            1. I love that! I really wish I could come visit with you both. I’ve been a complete pile! I’m just relaxing & visiting family. It’s great. Big hugs for you too! XOXOXO❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I feel as though ED and LR feed of off each other . I would like to see how one is without the other . As for Katherine I would have liked to see how she was in her second season . It always takes me awhile to figure out their true personality

  8. I liked Eileen and Rinna their first season on the show, but not at all after that when Soapy and Sudsey went off the deep end and went after LVP for no reason, IMO. I think I will watch because I enjoy LVP and Ken, but I am also hoping to see Eileen and Rinna trying to get back into LVP good graces. I hope they are made to get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness. They were so nasty last season they deserve to be shunned by LVP.

  9. If its more of Eileen and LR going against LVP it will get old quickly.While I enjoy the drama their needs to be a period in the season where all will easily film together and have a good time.( look at RHNYC most story lines this season have been about why XYZ is not invited to this event etc) I think Eileen and LVP will be able to “resolve” their differences very quickly and move on from last year while it think LR and LVP is a different story. It will be interesting to see who Erika ‘bonds’ with and turns to now that YO has gone, it seemed very much last season to be split into 3 little groups of Kyle and LVP, Eileen and Rinna , YO and Erika with Kathryn floating about (likely due to her late arrival).

    1. i think Erika will bond with Eileen. Sad as I’ve always thought that an Erika/LVP friendship would be loads of fun and create merry hell

      1. I actually was hoping that Erika and Eileen would bond last season but it didn’t happen. An alliance between both of them would be lovely. I’m worried the season will be Rinna and Eilleen and Erika on one side and LVP, Kyle and new girl on the other side. That would be tedious and predictably boring

  10. Oh goodie season 7 will be Whineleen, Lipsa and Erika ganging up onLVp with Kyle pulling the strings.
    Whineleen needs to go – shoot she can’t even dress well

  11. From what I can see on here whether you care for her on not it got a conversation going. That’s why they add the people they do. Doesn’t much matter if people like them, but rather if people are talking about them.

    1. Precisely!!! That’s why I was dating all the LVP fans attack on Rinna and Eileen , only helped those ladies get another season

  12. Ugh. Another boring season. RHOBH went downhill fast when they hired two soap opera actresses. Don’t they have enough fame already??

  13. Well personally I’m glad Eileen Davidson is coming back full time! She did nothing wrong that deserved Her to be fired! Just because someone Dares to call out Queen bee in her mind Lisa Vanderpump does not mean Eileen deserves to go. Lisa Vanderpump is a 50 plus year old woman Who needs to admit That she does shady things. We see a lot of them on TV for crying out loud LOL. Eileen Davidson has just as much of a storyline going as Lisa Vanderpump does like someone said earlier in this thread Lisa’s storyline for the past 6 years has been her pets and restaurants… Not exactly groundbreaking. All Eileen wanted from Lisa was a simple apology For being shady And Lisa couldn’t even give that that’s why it dragged on All Season! Eileen herself even said she feels like she’s beating a dead horse to try and get an apology from Vanderpump. There are parts of Vanderpump that are great believe me I’m not a Vanderpump hater I think she can be really funny as well but she does a lot wrong also and those die-hard fans of hers That blindly follow her and her husband when they are wrong Almost make you want to feel worse about Vanderpump. Same with other Housewives like Teresa Giudice At least Vanderpump has a couple redeeming qualities Teresa on the other hand I don’t know how she has any fans whatsoever

  14. Why?? don’t want Eileen back. Both she & Rinna spell boring disaster. Next thing we’ll hear is that Yolanda will be returning. I promise I will cry. Why cant we enjoy one pleasant drama free season?

  15. I liked her on her first season. Last season it seemed she was reading from a script. Same with Lisa R. Their side chats always seemed so fake…

  16. I wish there were two RHOBH shows…one with those I don’t enjoy watching (for those who like them) and one with LVP and friends of hers. I liked Eileen in the first season. She and Rinna are hard to stomach now…and Rinna is two-faced and no one’s friend IMO. Eileen, isn’t YR (soap) enough? I was hoping for reality on BH…at least half of the time, and not just acting like “…a bitch” that Eileen does so well.

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