Eileen Davidson Advises Lisa Rinna To Apologize To Yolanda Foster


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog this week to talk about her husband Vince and the Munchausen debate Lisa Rinna brought up regarding Yolanda Foster’s health. Eileen encourages Rinna to own that she brought it up and apologize to Yolanda. Read what else she had to say below.



“Ken seems to be having the best birthday week ever, right? He finally got his miniature horse, and his reaction was pretty priceless. But wait, there are two of them! And like he said, twice the poop. Hmmmmm. Maybe not the best birthday after all? Last week, he got rained out, thrown into a pool after hip surgery, and potentially ruined those expensive shoes. And now he’ll be on perpetual pony poop duty. Perhaps Lisa V. should have just settled for a nice watch? All I wanted was to hug those little horsies. But they were having none of it, or me. Talk about playing hard to get!

Fifteen years of being together, and my husband still makes me want to laugh and murder him at the same time. His new lifestyle choice of “nothing controversial before 9 a.m.” is a perfect example. Most days before 9 a.m. I’ve already worked out, memorized my lines, made breakfast, packed lunch, taken Jesse to school, and gotten on the road to work. Like just about every other mother, I’ve mastered the art of multi-tasking. How about I start living by the motto “nothing stressful before 9 a.m.”? Or I’ll take one step further: “nothing stressful before 9 p.m.”?

I always love seeing Lisa R.’s and Kyle’s daughters. And about Kyle raising FOUR girls? I also do not know how she does it. Mostly, I’ve only had experience with raising boys. And it is definitely different. Watching the ear piercing debacle…wow! For a moment I thought I was on set. I haven’t seen that much drama EVER, and drama is what I do for a living! One thing I think Lisa R., Kyle, and I have in common is we want to give our kids everything. But giving them everything also means rules, curfews, and reality checks. We all want to instill good values in our kids, but you can’t ignore those undeveloped frontal lobes. Good luck, ladies! We all need it.

In light of what’s recently come about Yolanda and David’s divorce, it was hard to watch them in this episode. They seemed very in love and supportive of one another at that time. It’s sad to see how much of a toll this illness has taken on her quality of life. And also their relationship.

Great seeing more of Erika this week. You have to admire any woman who’d let herself be filmed trying to get into a compression cat-suit. Trust me, you won’t see me squeezing into one of those things and singing for the Pope — if nothing else, but for the sake of my Catholic mother. Besides being an absolute riot and having the best skin ever, Erika has coined the most interesting new word: “snatchy.” It does mean what I think it means, right?

Clearly, I’m out of the loop when I walk into the conversation at Lisa V.’s. I could tell something was going on because the air was thick with it. Looking at that now, I see I was being naive. In terms of the Munchausen silliness, from what I had seen, Lisa R. had engaged in a conversation that she felt was ugly. My advice to Lisa R. was, and still is, if she feels bad about being involved in it, just own it. Humans make mistakes. Talk to Yo about what happened and apologize. Hopefully, she’ll understand, accept the apology, and then everyone can move on. I’m starting to think that in this case, things aren’t quite that simple. Unfortunately, a can of very ugly worms has been opened. And all those worms are crawling out now.”

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  • Judge Judy

    How on earth can you talk about “instilling good values” in children when you helped break up their home? Brandi was right about Eileen’s little Miss Innocent act.

    Also, Eileen is boring. She better think again about her happy marriage when her husband calls her an “idiot,” on camera even, and tells her not to bother him in the morning. Anyway, those two look more like the grandparents of a child who still needs daycare than his parents. When you have a child at the age of eighty-six, of course it’s stressful.

    • Cin

      geezz….. negativity on Christmas Day…. do you ever take a break and have happy thoughts?

  • Lisa Rinna was my favourite until she clearly instigated some hideous rumours before talking to Yolanda in private about the accusations around psychosomatic manifestations of false illnesses. Not a true friend in my mind and the ‘oops did I say that out loud, I feel bad now’ doesn’t cut it. Too late…. it sows seeds of doubt for millions of viewers. Poor Yolanda having to defend herself against this kind of behaviour.

    • The thing is that M. H. disease is a serious mental illness and I don’t honestly think Rinna was trying to say Yo was faking illness. It has crossed the minds of many, many people, she just had the guts to say it out loud.

  • Maria

    Eileen seems so level headed. I think she’s good for the show.

  • Judge Judy

    Personally, I don’t care for Eileen, but I guess that’s obvious!

  • Amy

    Apologize for what? For telling the truth!!


      THANK YOU AMY! God forbid people are honest and point out the huge elephant in the room. What’s wrong with Eileen this season? She’s coming across much more arrogant than last year….

      • Sally

        I liked her last year apart from a bit of overacting here and there but not so much this year! ❤️

  • naynay

    If someone says what most people think then they need to apologize?? Seems to me anything you say today you have to apologize to someone.

  • caily

    Eileen owes Lisa Rinna an apology for running to Yolanda to tell her what was said in private about her.

    • starr

      Caily, did Eileen really do that? run to report to Yolanda about what Lisa R said? If that is true, then the apology should be from Eileen, Not Lisa R.

      • Just me

        Yes, she does it next week (if the previews are to be believed)

  • Princess of Strogonoff

    You, brood of vipers….

  • Cin

    I’m pretty excited about the cast this year….