Eden Sassoon: Time Will Tell Kyle That I Have The Best Intentions For Her and Her Sister

Eden Sassoon is taking to her blog to explain to viewers where she was coming from with her comments about Kim and Kyle Richards during the past couple of weeks of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eden defends the commends she made, but says hindsight is always 20/20. She insists she was coming from a good place and says that she only has good intentions for the sisters.

“This is the blog where I clear everything up.

First of all, yes, you can be a sober woman and take medication prescribed by a psychiatrist, especially when it’s medication you need. My sister’s death was so incredibly tough. Fast forward 10 years, and now my dad, my rock, passes away. At that point, yes, I needed medication. I was depressed and anxious, not able to get out of bed and walk to the shower without sobbing. But not once did taking a pill make me want to drink. Drinking was always my problem, not pills.

My dad, and his death, is a major reason why I am the way I am. Always questioning everything and everyone. It’s not to make anyone uncomfortable, it’s just the way I was raised. My father had #Nothing. For him to become successful, to become an icon, he questioned the purpose of everything, the meaning of everyone in his life, and the reason for his actions. I am like my papa. #DaddysGirl

If you don’t question your thoughts and actions, and the actions of those you’re surrounding yourself with, you will never become a better version of yourself. You will be stuck in old habits. #Truth

I try to teach my kids the same way of living. And how cute is my little Ty Ty? So glad you guys got to meet him this episode! Rinna was right; he is a total ball of energy. I’m glad we both agree that bribery is an acceptable form of parenting. #NewSneakers

Even as I write this blog I am questioning my actions. Reliving the moments with these women is not easy. Could I have approached things in a different way? Yes, probably. But I have to remind myself that in those moments, that was what I was feeling, and that was my truth at that moment. Hindsight is always 20/20. But as I have said before, my goal is only to live out MYtruth, and if I am doing that, I am being as authentic as I can be.

There were some amazing moments between the ladies this episode and also some I didn’t understand. I am in #Love with Dorit for rollerblading with Eileen and Lisa Rinna. Seriously, how funny was that? Love a girl that’s up for anything! And major props to Dorit for pulling off such a great surprise at PK’s birthday party. The whole party was sexy, intimate, and then #POW, here’s Boy George! Amazing. For the part I don’t understand… What is Dorit trying to accomplish by bringing up Rinna’s bag of pills? Whose pot is she trying to stir? All I know is that most of the pills in that bag would make these women healthier…and calmer. #Vitamins

A lot happened at that party—more than I knew when I was actually there. But watching it back, now I see that Kim wasn’t happy with me. And apparently I am “always around.” Damn I’m quick! #LightningBolt. Truly, I think the things you notice that are “always around” you are the things you’re most scared of—or the things you’re scared to face. For Kim, that may be me, another sober woman who knows the disease inside and out.

Greece looked gorgeous! I haven’t been there since my 20’s #VacationTime. Always fun to see Erika Jayne perform, but even better to see her backup dancers! I definitely think I should have been the one to “handle” the abs of those hot guys! #NewJob

But again, with the moment I don’t understand… Kyle was so easily able to open up about her mom to Erika, but when I asked, trying to understand where she comes from, I was attacking her? Again, I think time will only show Kyle that I have the best intentions for her and her sister.”

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11 Replies to “Eden Sassoon: Time Will Tell Kyle That I Have The Best Intentions For Her and Her Sister”

    1. exactly my thoughts, like, I was like, who is this woman? and where does she get off, meddling in other people’s business, people she hardly knows, I mean, what business does she have?

  1. Hey Eden, Kyle has known Erika for over a year now. She’s known you a couple days. They became friends through the show, with events and the usual show-themed topics. They saw each other handle things with class and dignity. That is when you see what a person really has in them, when things are questioned. When there is a problem. Will they gossip? Will they add to the story to make it look better for one side?
    They spoke about many other things before her family came up in conversation in the Hampton’s. And that was because of Lisa starting it in the shop earlier, naturally, she can NOT let it go. Not Erika. Erika also kept trying to shut down the crap Rinna started at Kathryn’s lunch, so Erika earned Kyle’s trust. And visa-versa, when anything was said about Erika Kyle showed she wasn’t a mean gossip, and that she has a nice spirit.
    God, as soon as they got their drinks ordered she asks Kyle if her Mom was an alcoholic. What!!!!! I wouldn’t have said anything to answer her myself. But even when Kyle said she didn’t want to talk about it, Eden kept on as if Kyle hadn’t even spoken.
    And, yes, alcoholics take meds. But they don’t, IMO, laugh about it and about others putting it in their smoothies, it is a little more important than the attitude she gave it.

    1. Totally agree with you!! My dad is an alcoholic (recovering) and would never joke about pills like that. Nor would he question anyone’s path to and through sobriety. What Lisa and Eden do isn’t concern, its meddling and gossip.

      Kyle is too kind. Some days I wish she’d get a little Brandi in her and flick her glass of wine at someone when they push her as much as Eden!!! And you’re spot on with Erika. Erika, to me, has always come from such a genuine place. She herself it seems has been hurt by women so she approaches everyone very gently and cautiously which has really worked out in her favor. And like you said, she seems totally trustworthy.

    2. exactly. why would Kyle open up to a practical stranger? she has known Erika for a while and sees that Erika has a good heart and doesn’t ask questions so she can spread gossip or be nosey like Eden is being.

  2. Eden ought to keep her best intentions for her own growth & not advise as an “I” specialist She barely knows Kim & Kyle except what hateful Rinna has told her & that’s Rinna’s warped version. Why should Kyle open up to her anyhow? They’ve known each other for minutes, so she should contain her jealousy that Kyle can speak freely to her friend Erika who she’s known a whole lot longer & the keyword here is “friend’ which Eden is not. And if she wants to earn such a name, she’s surely going about it ever so wrongly.
    If I had witnessed the ziploc of pills Rinna was sporting, I not only would’ve been shocked, but I certainly would’ve mentioned it to my girl friends as well. So, what’s her beef with Dorit doing just that?
    If Eden wants to fit in comfortably with the group, 1st, get rid of Rinna & 2nd, do a total redo.

  3. After last nights episode I’m going on record to say this girl is drugged up. And a question was asked a while ago who might be having problems with xanax or pills or something. I said either Ericka or this girl Eden. Hands down Eden. I can see that her behavior towards the Richards’ sisters is abnormal. She’s not in her right frame of mind to be obsessing over women she doesn’t even know. It’s freaky behavior I’d walk the other way if she came toward me. Sorry, maybe I’m wrong I don’t think so though but will eat crow if I am.

  4. I think she has an agenda. Part of her may blame Kim for her sister and all that happened to her, sinc they were in the same circle of friends, along with Robert Downey, Jr. She is out to get Kim maybe, rather than to help her. Maybe Kim just unleashes emotions she had repressed for years, or whatever, but something is not right with Eden. Perhaps she is on drugs, prescription or otherwise. I don’t know.
    After reading a bit about how Vidal was, as a father, he demanded they look perfect all the time. His motto for his family was also, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.” It could be tough growing up like that, having to be perfect.

    1. After the scene where she actually said she takes Xanax, and her blase` attitude about it she is most certainly on Rx. drugs. She acts just as drunk as someone who has had too much to drink, with her overly emotional sessions, her constant comparisons to her own sister, who she herself deleted on the very night she overdosed. She’s spoken of nothing else since she came on the show.

      1. She has some psychological issues to work through for sure and probably is on prescription drugs, like you said. She obsesses about all of it and goes overboard with the assumptions about Kim.

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