Eden Sassoon Talks Boundaries and Shuts Down Pill Rumors

Eden Sassoon has had a rough start on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and that is because of her interest in sisters Kyle and Kim Richards. “I had to relearn what boundaries are,” Sassoon confesses in a new interview. Eden has taken a lot of backlash for her questions surrounding Kim Richards’ sobriety.

“I enjoy Kim,” Eden tells ET. “I think she’s a very special woman, and I that, you know, when there’s three people, it’s difficult. So you put me, Kim and Kyle together, and that’s gonna become a problem because I have my history with my sister, and then there’s the two of them… it’ll unfold.”

Eden, who is also a recovering alcoholic, lost her sister, Catya, in 2002 to a drug overdose. Kim and Catya were friendly when they were younger.

“I adore Kim, and I want the best for her, and she knows it,” Eden says. “They know it, as much as they want to fight me and push me.”

“I believe that we share our story,” she adds. “We pay it forward. People learn from your mistakes.”

Sassoon also addressed the accusations that she takes Xanax, which happened a couple of episodes ago when Lisa Rinna was carrying around a bag of pills.

“I don’t take Xanax,” Eden says. “I don’t have a problem with pills.”

Eden explains she is on antidepressants, though, and works closely with a doctor to make sure the dosage stays as low as possible.

“Now that I’m four years sober, I don’t know [what it’s like to be off antidepressants],” Eden shares. “I’m not ready right now in my life to find out, because things are great. But at some point, I mean, coming off of five milligrams of Lexapro would be very simple, and I’m pretty sure, with the woman who I am today, I would be fine.”

Eden admits that when she saw Dorit turn to Vanderpump to gossip about that night at her home, she was shocked.

“That sort of pissed me off,” Eden says. “That wasn’t about me, Dorit. That was about Rinna having her bag of pills, and I was joking around, and as far as I remember, you were… she’s your new favorite person? And now you’re sort of turning around and spiting her?”

“Dorit, I’m noticing things about her that I didn’t notice then,” she continues. “I will call her out on it, 100 percent. We’ll go head-to-head, in a positive way.”

Photo Credit: Bravo