Eden Sassoon Still Wants To Help The Richards Sisters

Eden Sassoon is taking to her blog this week to react to Lisa Rinna finally admitting what she said about Kim Richards at Kyle’s dessert tasting. Eden questions how are the ladies supposed to understand her if they won’t even let her speak, but insists she still wants to help the Richards sisters even despite everything that has happened.

“All I have to say is THANK YOU, Carnie Wilson! You were able to put into words what I guess I couldn’t.

“They’ve lost sisters. You have to be compassionate, for if they judge a little too quickly, it’s all fear and sadness in there. And that’s their character defense, that they have to reel it in and go, ‘Whoa! Check, I’m doing that again.’”

After having that conversation with my mom, I finally understood how it looked. It looked like I was trying to insert myself into Kyle and Kim’s life. But that truly wasn’t the case! Like Carnie said, that was my character defense. I immediately felt the need to help, and it escalated the situation.

BUT, I also need this group to let me speak! Even at this dessert tasting, I am trying to speak to Kim, and I can’t get a word in. They don’t want me to tell my side of the story. I’m trying to tell them that I never questioned Kim’s sobriety. It’s on the tip on my tongue, but they won’t let me say it! #Interrupted

I mean, god, every time I turn around, there is another confessional from Kim and Kyle about how I disgust them or how much torture it will be if I come up to talk to them. How are they supposed to understand where I am coming from, or even act like they have compassion for me, if they won’t let me speak to them? #GetToKnowMe

And please, Kim: Forgive me for stepping in on a conversation that was going NOWHERE at Game Night. I was trying to help you two actually hear each other so that you didn’t have to continue ripping each other apart!

“We drank for reasons. We are a little bit f—ing looney, okay? We are wired this way, that’s why we needed alcohol to calm it down. So we are never going to be totally normal. There’s no perfect. There’s no perfect.” – Carnie Wilson

It was emotional hearing Kim open up about her struggles. I relate on so many levels. I really do understand where she is coming from, which is why I want nothing but the best for her. I believe she can learn to understand me in the future, and I hope it’s sooner rather than later. #SoberFriends

On another note… RINNA OWNED HER TRUTH. Finally. I still took a lot of heat for repeating what she told me to Vanderpump. A LOT. Again, I told Vanderpump because I was at a point where I needed someone to listen to the situation I was put in. It was not to continue the spreading of a terrible rumor. It was not meant to hurt Kim. And I can only thank Vanderpump for understanding that I am not the one to blame in this situation and voicing that opinion on camera.

Seriously though, Carnie’s cheesecake was SO GOOD oh my god! “Who needs men when you have your cheesecake?” Yeah I might have said that, but I think I’ll still keep “London” around.

Note To Self: As a recovering alcoholic, I will never turn my back on someone that needs help. Ever.”

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The last line is a bit odd. There’s a BIG difference between turning your back on someone AND that someone not even wanting you to interfere or having asked for your help. Big difference !!

I don’t know what is it that she can’t grasp about this ??! She says Kim and Kyle say in every confessional how she disgusts them, then why don’t you just leave them alone???!! Have some dignity woman and stay away from where you’re not wanted


Rain, my thoughts exactly.

What else does this boring woman have to talk about? Wish Kim Richards would just stay off the show and take Eden with her.

Eden, like your lovely mom Beverly already tried to explain to you in a previous episode, this battle is simply not yours.

So if no KIM help, what is her Storyline?

What is she – the new brandi – because the first thing that pops into my head is STFU already

Back off Eden. They have their own help/family. She’s so annoying.

Eden, you really want to help. That is great. Maybe you can go back to school and become a therapist, or maybe you can work in the health field or volunteer at a hospital or rehab center. A desire to help others is a wonderful trait, however, in this case, your help is not wanted. Even if it appears that they need help in your eyes, they just do not want you in their business. Maybe you want to be like a sister to the Richards, but they don’t want another sister. So, Eden, if you read this, they are… Read more »
It is clear that Eden wants the Richard sisters to accept her & like her. She senses they dont & so she wants to prove herself to them. Hey, they could not care less if she does or does not. She’s a nuisance to them & constantly pushing her way through their door is only making her that much more of an irritating nuisance. Listen to your mother Eden, her advice was sound. You’ve already done too much. Time to butt out, you’re not wanted. You’re becoming thick & heavy, like molasses.

To me it’s evident that Eden’s been broken by her sisters death and she’s trying to find a replacement to give the help and love she couldn’t. I believe she thought this show and Kim would potentially be her vehicle in which to heal another & her own damage. I feel for her no matter how ackward she’s been making this for the Richards’ sisters and her.

To this point in time, neither Kim nor Kyle has asked for Eden’s help in any way, shape or form. They really never had a chance to acquaint themselves with Eden and start building a ‘regular-type’ social friendship, such as, shopping, dining, etc. Eden hit the ground running versus taking it one step at a time, therefore, Eden appeared as very aggressive and offensive. It is very difficult to confide in someone who has not yet formed a bond of credibility and reliability. So, Eden jumped into the water without testing it first. Eden needs to understand that the Richards… Read more »

I agree with you. Eden handled the situation wrong, but LR primed her for it. Kim & Kyle should not be blaming Eden; they should have a little more compassion. I love what Carnie Wilson said.

Well said!

omg … enough…