Eden Sassoon Says Lisa Vanderpump Has a Big Ego, Rooting For Lisa Rinna

Now that Eden Sassoon has revealed she’s done with RHOBH, she’s doing press and really going hard on Bravo, Andy and her co-stars. In her most recent interview, Eden alleges that Lisa Vanderpump’s charitable contributions come with strings attached and has a lot to say about her experience being on the show.

Eden reveals she invited LVP to take part in a charity cause she supported (Nail and Bone fundraiser), but “because of some red tape bullsh*t, she said no. And I love Vanderpump and I respect her but her exact comments were sort of ‘when you’re ready to do an event that is solely on my property or my ground I’ll do it‘ so it’s ego.”

Eden admits, however, that if Bravo would have her back next season, she would return.

“I would’ve gone back because I knew that they needed me for unfinished business, and I made a commitment to them and to Bravo,” she said. “Um, but, my spirit and soul would’ve just been getting dimmer and dimmer and dimmer and so it would’ve — I would’ve, honestly I would’ve struggled for the next year of my life.”

Eden also told
Eden told The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro, that she wants no part of Andy Cohen’s ass kissing. “I’m not someone who’s going to make my way to you and try to get attention — I’m not that person. If we naturally come together and we have a rapport and we start a conversation, great, but he [Andy] is like the animals attack, literally attack, and even at one of our parties my girlfriend was like ‘go talk to him’ and I was like ‘no why’ and then I ended up talking to you know the exec of Bravo all night and we were having an amazing fascinating conversation.”

And despite what played out this season, Eden says she’ll be rooting for Rinna in the future. “Rinna and I were texting yesterday… it was beautiful. I thanked Rinna for the journey that we had together and how you know impactful she was on my life and to take me to the next level and we’re all on different stages and I said you know on the DL not anymore, Rinna I’ll be your biggest fan next season, get it you know.”

What are her thoughts about the social media hate she’s received? “I talk to the people that talk to me. I think if people are actually taking the time to reach out to you, there’s a reason. You don’t ignore that. I actually reach out and I speak back to them and we start a conversation, and there’s, it’s a lot. And I, it’s part of who I am, so I don’t ignore it.”

Photo Credit: Bravo