Eden Sassoon Says Lisa Vanderpump Has a Big Ego, Rooting For Lisa Rinna

Now that Eden Sassoon has revealed she’s done with RHOBH, she’s doing press and really going hard on Bravo, Andy and her co-stars. In her most recent interview, Eden alleges that Lisa Vanderpump’s charitable contributions come with strings attached and has a lot to say about her experience being on the show.

Eden reveals she invited LVP to take part in a charity cause she supported (Nail and Bone fundraiser), but “because of some red tape bullsh*t, she said no. And I love Vanderpump and I respect her but her exact comments were sort of ‘when you’re ready to do an event that is solely on my property or my ground I’ll do it‘ so it’s ego.”

Eden admits, however, that if Bravo would have her back next season, she would return.

“I would’ve gone back because I knew that they needed me for unfinished business, and I made a commitment to them and to Bravo,” she said. “Um, but, my spirit and soul would’ve just been getting dimmer and dimmer and dimmer and so it would’ve — I would’ve, honestly I would’ve struggled for the next year of my life.”

Eden also told
Eden told The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro, that she wants no part of Andy Cohen’s ass kissing. “I’m not someone who’s going to make my way to you and try to get attention — I’m not that person. If we naturally come together and we have a rapport and we start a conversation, great, but he [Andy] is like the animals attack, literally attack, and even at one of our parties my girlfriend was like ‘go talk to him’ and I was like ‘no why’ and then I ended up talking to you know the exec of Bravo all night and we were having an amazing fascinating conversation.”

And despite what played out this season, Eden says she’ll be rooting for Rinna in the future. “Rinna and I were texting yesterday… it was beautiful. I thanked Rinna for the journey that we had together and how you know impactful she was on my life and to take me to the next level and we’re all on different stages and I said you know on the DL not anymore, Rinna I’ll be your biggest fan next season, get it you know.”

What are her thoughts about the social media hate she’s received? “I talk to the people that talk to me. I think if people are actually taking the time to reach out to you, there’s a reason. You don’t ignore that. I actually reach out and I speak back to them and we start a conversation, and there’s, it’s a lot. And I, it’s part of who I am, so I don’t ignore it.”

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29 Replies to “Eden Sassoon Says Lisa Vanderpump Has a Big Ego, Rooting For Lisa Rinna”

  1. Eden is so weird, no joke. Rooting for Rinna? just shows how sick her character is & even more now, glad to say I’m happy she is gone.

  2. I have no idea what I just read…she makes no sense whatsoever!!! What I could determine though is some sour grapes. If Rinna is your new BFF, girl go on with your bad self…and don’t let the door hit ya!

    1. Hey kt!
      I think it’s a GOOD thing you cannot understand it, she writes at maybe pre-teen level. Sandy has a theory about that, she’s stayed emotionally where she was happiest.
      Weird, and a little scary.

      1. I just read the other blog – well I say read – I couldn’t get past all the #s!!! I just cannot take it – twitter is ending the way human interact and it’s sad. OK, I’ll stop off that soap box!!
        How are you Sunshine?

      2. That is so insightful! I never thought of it that way, but it makes perfect sense. Her neediness is palpable, and that is so sad. But her childlike comments make if impossible for anybody to really engage with her and give her the attention she needs.

        1. Some people who drink or abuse drugs in massive quantities can experience emotional maturity issues. I have NO idea when Eden began her abuse. Just saying, she has issues!!!

    2. Omg thank you kt I thought I was having a particularly bad brain fog moment cause I didn’t know what the heck I was reading. I tried to even strain my ear and that didn’t work either. That poor girl she really messed up her brain they weren’t kidding on that commercial this is your brain (iron skillet) this is your brain on drugs (egg) .,,, whew

      1. ME too!!! I thought she ran to LVP and said “I choose you” now she’s rooting for LIPS? well, bye!!!

  3. Hi Miss Rain❤️
    How are you today?
    Did you enjoy your weekend? Wasn’t it awesome watching PhaePhae squirm like a little piggie?

  4. I think the reason you give her a break is her childlike qualities and kudos to you!!!
    Love you my sweet friend!!! I have several days pass this week – a little work related injury – I was bit, yes with teeth and no not my sexy husband. My hand will be fine…note to parents and kids – NO SYNTHETIC drugs, EVER!!! Keep to the green! XOXOX

    1. You were bit ??!!!!!!! I’m so sorry sweetie ! That’s so horrifying!! Was it a tweeker???
      Oh kt ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. I’m fine really!!!! I shouldn’t have put my hand near his mouth – LOL!!! My shots are current. ;0) He was really – really out of it, he thought we were zombies. He’s the one that looked like a zombie. Poor kid, I went and saw him the next morning, still on support.

  5. No big plans…just realized Mother’s Day is coming up and I need to shop for my MIL and GMIL! YIKES!!!!!!! How about YOU?

    1. So cuckoo, I responded to you yesterday and it’s gone. I had a great weekend with family and an awesome dinner with friends Saturday night. I’ve got to get my Mother something too, thanks for the reminder.
      So hoping your hand is better today, and prayers for the lost soul.
      Take good care❤️

      1. My hand is much better, didn’t break the skin. Just bruised, I’m going in tonight. Right now, they are trying to determine brain function, I just keep praying for a full recovery. Accidents, health related issues are one thing, when one brings it upon themselves, it’s hard to comprehend.
        Anyway…I’m not sure what to do on Mother’s Day…two women who have everything and want nothing…wonderful women!!!

  6. What is the Sassoon Loon talking about now? OMG, this Woman has no clue how stupid she sounds. I couldn’t be happier that she won’t be back, she brought absolutely nothing but neediness to the show. And if she is going to be Rinna’s biggest fan well that just speaks volumes about her character and proves she’s completely nuts. See ya Miss Sassoon it’s been real!

  7. You know, you know, you know? Actually, no, I do not know. This woman needs to live outside of the world of AA. I know that it is a program for recovery. But, IMO, anything in life that one is obsessed with, including recovery from addiction is not really healthy and I don’t consider a person recovered if they can not live well. Every single thought and action from another person seemed to be linked somehow to overdose and death. When Kim was speaking of a little twinge of anxiety over her daughter’s pregnancy, I totally understood the feeling Kim could have been having. For Eden to say “why are you having anxiety over your daughter’s pregnancy” in talking head was weird and off. She said it as though it was not normal at all, or in the range of the many feelings that come from having a child who is going through the most wonderful experience in life, as Kim herself had in her own life, and those many feelings attached to it. Her words were “One drink and gone.” Wow!!!! I know what it is to be ill, and while trying to become well, we, or I, had a time where it was everything to get well. But after I had reached the place where I could function, I decided, with alacrity to live well. I still have times where the memory brings me to a place that is difficult, and where I speak of it, but I hope that it is to take care of something unfinished in the way of relearning how to live well and happy..

  8. Hey, Sunny girl! That made me think of Ramona where she speaks like she is speaking to an idiot. The-center-of-the-shoe. With those hand motion quotes, as if it makes what she says true. Yes, Sandy’s post was so on point. I also do not think Eden is malicious, just not intelligent. She has a one track mind, and I think she said 13 was when she took her 1st drink.
    I was given my first narcotic by my Mom at 13, ironically. Then, for the next 4 years, my doctor. My Mom had a drawer of pills you actually would not believe. The entire drawer was filled, from side to side in one of those big dressers, with the big drawers, with bottles of pills. But, she had gallbladder stones, and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with her. She would have this high fever and be in agony for 12 years!. Fortunately when I was 14 my Mom remarried a man who gave a damn and took her to a specialist. He removed her gallbladder. She told him before she went under, as he had told her his findings, she wanted those stones in a jar to show all the people who thought she was faking. Or maybe just for herself after 12 years of suffering. It was a baby food jar filled with all sizes of stones, from olive seed size to small grape seed size in a solution to keep them from rotting. I came by my use of drugs “honestly” as they say, and back off with the help of a doctor too. I told the story already. I was lucky that during the time I had endo I also was forced to act as an adult, handle adult emotions, reactions and jobs. I think it saved me from being cast into a place of emotional immobility.

  9. Think I’ll just listen to the interview instead. This is too hard to follow. I recently heard an interview with Sassoon and she was fine.

  10. She’s 44 according to Wikipedia. I am not sure whether I agree that she is without malice in all situations, but she doesn’t seem cruel and spiteful like Kim. She has need of more emotional therapy for sure. Much of that is come by from the great heartache of losing her sister to an overdose.
    One thing that keeps coming back to me is when she was accusing Kyle of being an enabler, explaining that she wasn’t, as proven by the fact that the very night her sister died, Catya had called Eden, needing to talk, and was in a very drug induced, or withdrawal induced state according to Eden, she “deleted” Catya’s call & refused to speak to her. That’s not tough love, honey, that is selfishness. I would have some long lasting emotional problems too, life long.
    I wondered just who the hell she thought she was entering a home for the first time and expecting Kyle, the hostess, to show some kind of deep, emotional understanding instantly. People like her exhaust me, always needing more & more & more.
    I do have empathy for her, but I believe she is desperately trying to rid herself of the guilt of her own actions by making judgments on others. It is particularly odd that she went to Rinna, and said that Kyle “Gave her nothing” in the form of welcome on game night. Again, exhausting. It is ALWAYS about what THEY need, expect & imagine. It is always their point of view that is correct because of their life experiences. All that about Kim, and how she’s struggling, going up to Kim and Kyle at literally every single party to talk about HER PAIN, her seeing in them what was in her and Catya’s relationship.
    I wish peace for her, genuinely. It’s unfortunate that she is grasping for it where none exists, in other peoples hearts. It resides in her own, she simply must look in the right place and find it. A much more difficult task, looking into one’s own actions and soul.

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