Eden Sassoon Says Kim Knew Exactly What She Was Doing Brining The Bunny

Eden Sassoon is weighing in on part two of the RHOBH reunion in her blog this week. Eden says she believes Kim Richards knew exactly what she was doing by bringing the bunny out at the reunion. She also says this reunion was really hard for her to watch.

“I’m finally on the couch, guys! It was definitely a stressful situation, getting ready for the reunion. I was a little nervous and anxious to talk to the women about the season, because after you have to re-watch what happened in your life for months—some things that hurt me very much—I knew it was going to be hard to explain that to these women. #Anxious

Of course the way I am introduced is by my love of awkwardly long hugs and love in the form of a male suitor I have never met before, LOL. I am not oblivious. I realize when you put it like that I sound weird hahaha, BUT I am just nice and love human connection. We are all connected, and I guess I just put more emphasis on that in my life than the other women. #HugsNotDrugs

Andy starts off by asking me why I was saying Kyle was being mean to me on Twitter. When I was watching the episodes back, I did feel Kyle was being mean to me. Every other confessional was about me being annoying as f— or weird or that I needed therapy. That is really hard to watch. You don’t have to like me, but you don’t have to be rude every week. OR just tell me you’re feeling that way, and I will tell you more about myself to help you understand where I am coming from! #LetsTalkThisOut

I did think Kyle was being cold to me at Game Night, but maybe I just misread us not communicating much that night (because we didn’t know each other) as her being cold. I also tried to help Kim and Rinna actually hear each other when they started to fight, and I was genuinely trying to help Kim be heard, and I think I may have expected Kyle to appreciate that more than she did. I mean god, Kim said I was attacking her in that moment, which is a flat out lie… so I think we all have some communication issues to work on.

I truly do think Kim is in the wrong when she places all of her anger on me for repeating to Vanderpump what Rinna said. RINNA ALREADY SAID IT ON CAMERA! I had no one in this group who would listen to me beside Vanderpump and Rinna, and I wasn’t going to talk to Rinna who was constantly using me to create drama. #ThisIsntMyfault


I think it was calculated and mean, and she wanted to hurt Rinna by doing that on TV. Honestly, Kyle’s reaction said it all. Kyle was #Mortified Kim just did that. The whole thing was weird.

We will all have to wait until next week to see what happens… God this is exhausting, I need a #Nap.”

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42 Replies to “Eden Sassoon Says Kim Knew Exactly What She Was Doing Brining The Bunny”

    1. I think it’s fair Kim trows a little dig. Who cares about Rinna’s feelings, she doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings, especially not Kim’s 🙂

        1. after ‘she’s this close to dying’, it’s all fair, rehab or not. I mean rinna wants to be a bitch , Kim can do whatever she wants to that bu,nny

  1. I like Eden. She does come from a good place. I don’t think this particular group can appreciate her journey. A kind heart like hers needs to stay clear from someone so damaged as Kim. Not a redeemable quality in her. Stay sweet and strong Eden.

    1. I like Eden also. Kim was really mean to her . If she didn’t tell Lisa V. What Rinna said no one would have known . Why should Eden take the blame for Rinna. .? Rinna got what she gives.

  2. Kim was as nasty as ever. Kyle is an enabler of her wickedness, and by that I mean she agrees with a lot of what Kim says and does, and she backs her up. It is sickening. Kyle lovers, please do not come at me, because I know Kyle is two faced, and a mean girl deep down, just like Kim. She just knows how to better play the game and act nice for the cameras most, but not all of the time. She is an actress.
    The bunny was for the grandchild, and he would not have been upset by it, however, she should have given it back the minute Rinna gave it to her if she did not want it, but she wanted to make a scene at the reunion. She kept it all of that time just to make a scene. The sad part is that Andy knew the bunny was there and was looking forward to Kim’s outburst with the bunny not coming from a good place. He loved every minute of it.
    I am no fan of Rinna’s, but I find Kim very disturbing. It is like inviting beelzebub when Kim shows up. I can see nothing nice about her, and believe me I have tried. She just gets worse every time. She may try to act nice for a moment, but there is nothing redeeming about Kim’s behavior. She is full of herself and married men purely for their wealth, like mommy dearest told her to do, even dating the next catch while still married. She is a user and a mean girl.

    1. Kim did a mean thing to someone who said on national television that she was not sober and was close to death without any evidence. That can seriously impact her life, including pending legal actions and potential acting jobs. Giving the bunny back was bitchy, but it was NOWHERE on the scale of what Rinna did to Kim. Frankly, I have a very hard time feeling sorry for Rinna when she attacks a different person every season because her life is so boring otherwise.

      1. Two wrongs do not make a right. Who said that?
        I do not defend Rinna. I think you are a better person if you treat people the way you would like to be treated. Behavior like Kim’s is what starts wars. No one just says, I will lead by example and just be better than her. Kim had already made it known to Rinna at that dessert party that she was offended by LR’s words, and yes, Rinna had said those things.
        Kyle actually was worried ( and had said it) that maybe one day she would get a call that her sister was near death or dead, but Rinna twisted it and just ran with it which was wrong, yet Kim was even more wrong in her actions at the reuinion. Kim is a mean girl to the core and loves every minute of it. She could have done it oh so differently, but she is the kind that lives by “An eye for an eye…” or even worse. Heck, even her dog Kingsley bit numerous people, even her family, and she could care less. She raised that dog to to be vicious. I don’t blame the dog. He had a real bitch for an owner.

        1. ITA. Seemed like Kim was “prepared” for the takedown. That’s why it is so strange. The vibe was totally off for that. Rinna was just saying how they made up and moved on. Then, BOOM, a lead balloon of a takedown! Kim ended up looking like a total jackass. I have been in “the program” and she is about to have to make another amends, if she made any before.

          1. Yes, Kim was ready for the attack. Kim is her own worst enemy. She has a lot of anger in her that is just ready to lash out at the next victim. I am not in love with Rinna, but what Kim did was the worst.

            1. Very true ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Eveyone was cheering for Kim throughout the season and how well she was doing and that she looked great etc… then she goes and blows it all away with this ridiculous stunt

          2. Absolutely spot on!!! Not to mention that now she inadvertently gave Rinna some sympathy votes! Bad move all around

      2. Nah. The rules are Kim can do and say whatever she wants…no matter how weird or how hurtful to others…but because she is an addict, no one can call her out on her shit. Rinna just refused to play by the rules…and said what most of us have been thinking for years.
        I definitely think Rinna needs to work on her delivery, but I agree with everything she has said.

      3. Both of them are pure nastiness personified. They keep it going to have camera time, that’s all. Neither one cares a whit about anyone, including family & “friends” just as long as they are being spoken about. Straight to H**l do not pass go and do not collect $200.00.

    2. I agree with you about Kyle. I quite like her, but she is hypocritical in the sense that she is a total people pleaser & is not as straight & plain as people thinks she is. Her relationship with Kim is quite remindful of Eileen’s relationship with Rinna, always over buttering the toast. I do not like that, it’s not an honest, healthy relationship at all.

    3. Coming at you and not agreeing are different, my friend. Kyle is forgiving, much, much more so than I am. I believe she truly wants to get along with everyone possible. Maybe from the way she was raised, and maybe because her sister is the nastiest piece of work since BG. Trying to forgive her over& over& over must be difficult. And, having a sister like Kimmy doesn’t make all of them alike. I have a sister like Kim, and I would NEVER even think to say what she does, much less say and do it.

  3. Yes, me too. I know what sore hands feels like, and my knuckles and fingertips were raw and broken when I started that cream. The hubby’s were even worse, all broken skin, and he loves the cream. It does not burn the broken areas. I do hope it works for 3 D’s. She has eczema, and I know from my one son who has eczema since he was young, that it is very uncomfortable.
    I wash all of our clothes and bedding in Free detergent, free of scents, etc. and I always double rinse all of it. My son has sensitive skin. We use Dove for sensitive skin soap only, since he was very young. It is best for all of us to not use harsh soaps and detergents. When he was a baby I washed his pure cotton diapers in Ivory soap, presoaked in Borax and double rinsed them, and now…he is all grown up, and also has an allergy to nickel…so even jeans with rivets and metal, as well as some belts..give him a rash.

    1. Me too with the free of everything detergents and dryer sheets, downy etc. My dish soap is also free of antibacterial ingredients, as they are unnecessary and I am allergic anyway. I am also severely allergic to latex, which is in a LOT OF STUFF, wrapped in it and all. So, together maybe we can all be free of these cuts and blemishes!!! That would be so GREAT, and with all of the kindness here we have a good shot at it.

  4. My only real feeling about this whole thing: Kim and Rinna are actresses and they both should get some small award for their performances last night. I didn’t believe either one.

  5. I did not understand why Kim was so angry with Eden for reporting her conversation with Rinna to LVP. That was not fair. But many things about this whole season was not fair anyhow. I feel bad for Eden, it’s a damned if you do & a damned if you dont with the Richard sisters in this case.

    1. I don’t get why Kim was mad at Eden at all. Eden felt she was being mislead by LR & she was. Eden told the truth to LVP, she wasn’t going around town. Kim should be mad at LR. I started liking Kyle a little this season, but after the reunion, I’m done with her. She is the one who needed to pick a lane. Her flip flopping is ridiculous. She is only for herself. She doesn’t even write any blogs, & if she ever does it’s after the viewers have voiced their opinion.

      1. Unfortunately, much as I like Kyle, she plays it both sides all the time & that’s not impressive at all. Both sisters were unfair to Eden instead of hitting out at the true culprit, Rinna. Kyle did say some unkind things about Eden as well, but then, Eden felt Kyle was cold to her. . Childs play at work, so stupidly silly.

  6. I felt sorry for Eden. She was used by LR. LVP was the one 1 who would give her a chance & listen to what she had to say. Eden went about things the wrong way. But LR started the whole mess. I’m glad Kim gave LR the bunny. I wouldn’t have accepted it in the lst place.

  7. Sandy,
    You are so funny!
    That’s hasenfeffer with sauerbraten sauce, if you’ve never had that sauce, you should try it sometime, although it is so rich, and it certainly can be made with many meats.Some Germans I know toss a few raisins in, it sounds a little yucky, but it’s good. I’m not a big meat eater, but cannot help loving potatoes with gravy.

    1. Yes! The recipe did say it was hasenpfeffer! I never ever had it.
      I love potatoes with gravy too. So, you make it with beef too? You can brine the beef? I thought it was for rabbit because of its gamy taste. I never had rabbit…not consciously. My parents raised rabbits at one time and tried to pass it off as chicken, but I could tell…I thought, anyway?! I named the bunnies!
      Kim brining the bunny is still funny?! LOL

      1. Yes, German for rabbit! Anyhoo, my grandparents were farmers, and I was raised on everything without really knowing, and I do mean everything. We used to forage for fresh mushrooms that are now $300 a pound at the market, isn’t that crazy?
        Then I married my Bavarian and was exposed to all these wonderful dishes , that sauce is delish! It does not even taste a bit like gingersnaps, just rich. I’ve had it on meatballs and pork roast, it was very good on that with sweet/ sour red cabbage and apples. Now I’m hungry, ha!

  8. It took 2 decades for the problem to develop, the doctors call it eczema but I do not believe that is what it is. I have a huge spot on the top of my foot now, that was also diagnosed as eczema. It hurts down to the ball of my foot and has to be bandaged nightly after my bath. I have been using Essential Oils again now that I can think again, but the cream doesn’t burn that either. That is a REALLY good start, as most, even Rx ointments do burn, so I will keep you all updated. It is not cost prohibitive either. On Amazon with Prime I got 3 tubes for less than $15.00 without shipping. It soaks in very quickly too, and has no scent whatsoever. It feels like silk on the skin, too, I love it for my face too. Make up goes on really well over it, so all around it’s great so far. But after 20 years, it might take a while to actually cure the skin disease. I so much appreciate the recommendation. ❤️Thanks again, Sandy.

  9. I love when Kim gave back the bunny.. woohoo. about time someone made LisaR cry.. She doesn’t like being told her behavior is bad….. Kyle seems to be harder on Eden more than she is on LisaR.. Kyle needs to quit licking Rinna’s and Erica’s behind and get a backbone like her sister Kim.. I’m starting to see Kyle in another light. She tells her BFF LisaV off but she won’t step up to the plate when it comes to Erica or LisaR.. shame on you Kyle. If someone said all those bad things about my sister.. she would be lucky I don’t bitch smack her right in her mouth.

  10. I love when Kim gave back the bunny.. about time someone made LisaR cry.. She doesn’t like being told her behavior is bad….. Kyle seems to be harder on Eden more than she is on LisaR.. Kyle needs to quit licking Rinna’s and Erica’s behind and get a backbone like her sister Kim.. I’m starting to see Kyle in another light. She tells her BFF LisaV off but she won’t step up to the plate when it comes to Erica or LisaR.. shame on you Kyle. If someone said all those bad things about my sister.. she would be lucky I don’t bitch smack her right in her mouth.

  11. I’m proud of Kim she is the only one and Dorit who called out LisaR bad behavior … and Kim did something her sister should have done.. Kyle needs to get her shit together.. .. your sister comes first.. not Rinna or Erica..I can’t see how people think its ok for Rinna to humiliate others but when Kim does it back to her.. everyone is upset with Kim.. too bad.. Kim was right on target.. I did enjoy Kim sticking up for herself..

  12. Lets talk about Erica.. Erica needs to create drama so she can get the attention, it’s beyond pathetic.. I’m so sick of her. As for Kyle she seems to toss Lisa V under the bus and takes up for Erica, she sure is not LisaV BFF.. LisaV really has to so some soul searching if Kyle is truly her friend. I think Dortia and PK are more LisaV friend than Kyle.. Those 3 bitches think they can say shit and Dorit has to keep quiet to them.. The 3 bitches are Eileen, LisaR and Erica.
    Did you see Andy smirking when Kyle told LisaV to stop and she kept talking down to her.. Andy truly enjoyed Kyle getting on LisaV

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