Eden Sassoon: Rinna’s Drama Is Not My Drama Anymore

Eden Sassoon is fed up with being Lisa Rinna’s scapegoat this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she’s sharing her feelings about that in her blog this week. Sassoon writes that she is ready for these ladies to “own their sh*t.” Eden also reflects on the season and shares her regrets and what she has learned.

“Thank God you all have eyes and ears, because Rinna CAN NOT get out of this one.

I find it comical that she told Erika that I came to her about the conversation Dorit and I had about her behavior… is she having a relapse of her short-term memory loss?! I never spoke about that conversation until Rinna asked me, in Hong Kong, if Dorit had ever brought it up to me. I don’t lie; you all know this…So when she asked, I told her. But please, Rinna, DO NOT act as if I should have had your back when you have done nothing but make my life more difficult with these women. #BitchPlease

And what is it that Erika has against me to agree with Rinna that I should have her back?! I guess because Rinna was the only one that had Erika’s back in Hong Kong, Erika will now just agree with anything she says?


I don’t want to be perceived as a troublemaker, because I’m not! I did speak up, Rinna, when I was asked on the boat if Dorit had said anything to me…but THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM, not mine! I don’t need to speak up any more than I did if I don’t want to… I’m not letting your drama be my drama anymore! And please, don’t try and give me a therapy session about my reactions to this situation and my family history. I have a great therapist… maybe you should go see her! #EvilEnergy

Well here we go… We’ve got the ladies circled up re-hashing Hong Kong. And once again, Rinna tries to throw me under the bus!


Who is getting sick of me staring into space? LOL, I can’t stand that #PantyGate is still going on… I can’t stand that husbands are involved… I can’t stand that no one can remember sh–… I pretty much just can’t stand anything, so I stare off into space and think about the positive things going on in my life. These women need to own their sh– and move on!

And now for the part you’ve all been waiting for:

“I’ve given you so much of my time, my energy, my f—ing heart, you bitch!”

That’s right, Rinna, I have found my words. And don’t ever expect me to not speak up against your bullsh– EVER again. You have treated me like garbage, thrown me to the wolves, and then manipulated me into thinking that I should still have your back. HELL NO. I am so glad to be the one to actual shock you by speaking up. Your face is priceless. That’s right, someone called you on your sh–. #IAmNotYourScapegoat

And Eileen… If you knew I was feeling dismissed, why didn’t you tell your crazy friend to stop being mean to me or just try to get to know me yourself? #SpareMe

Vanderpump tells me at the end that I do not need to be loved by everyone. You know, she is right. This is a hard journey to be on with these women. I didn’t handle everything correctly all the time, but if I did learn anything, it’s that I really don’t need everyone to love me. I have my close friends and family who are the love and light in my life, and that is what is important.

Do I regret yelling at Rinna? Absolutely not, she had it coming. But do I regret the fact that you guys didn’t get to learn much about me this season because I was a bit scared? Absolutely!

If I have the chance to come back… you better believe that you will see the real me! To know me is to love me, and I hope you get that chance!

Thanks for the support this season. I will see you guys soon.”

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9 Replies to “Eden Sassoon: Rinna’s Drama Is Not My Drama Anymore”

  1. Regardless of how I feel about Eden…… Rinna deserved to be called out on her behavior. Kim was correct that it is a pattern with her.

  2. Rinna has lost her shi+. Perhaps only saying nice things about others would be helpful. Why create so much crap all the time. Close those lips and smile 🙂 If asked a question say “I don’t really know her that well” – boom…done

  3. Bravo, Eden! ( Shameless Pun intended)
    Look, it is apparent that both Dorit & Eden were in over their heads with these lunatic Women.
    I, for one am happy that Eden found her voice.
    I believe that the only reason she went to
    “The Dark Side” ( Rinna & Company) is because Kyle & Kim were angry at her being the Messanger.

  4. Eden went OFF and gave me the biggest ki-ki of the season with that…and for once, i’m actually here for one of her hashtags : #b**chplease ! You GET ‘EM, Eden, LOL !!!

  5. First off LR deserves every bit of this lambasting. I’m not a fan of Eden and this explosive #bitching does not make it any better. She has two speeds…..huggy bear & road runner maniac. It’s not the show for her I think.

  6. I think Rhinna is “bipolar” big time! Her pattern of “attack/remorse” is indicative of some type of substance abuse (it could be drug interaction w alcohol)! Plus her husband is conspicuously absent much of the time as well as “disengaged” when he’s around her! Weird relationship! She’s just st a wierd woman period!

  7. I think Eden’s biggest mistake was trusting Rinna so quickly & viewing her as a friend. Just Rinna’s last retort about Eden’s association with LVP she checked out shows what a tiny, jealous hearted mean person she is. She Rinna is one sick, demented human.

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