Eden Sassoon and Lisa Rinna Confront Kyle Richards About Kim’s Sobriety

The drama continued on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as the women tried to “help” one another. As Dorit and PK Kemsley got ready for a night out, Dorit recalled her fight with Eileen Davidson for her husband. While Pk agreed that his wife talked too much, he also agreed that Davidson was out of line.

In Malibu, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump got together with their husband’s Mauricio and Ken to look and one of Mauricio’s new listings. After looking at the house, they went to lunch where Kyle reiterated that she didn’t want to talk about what had happened between Lisa Rinna and her sister Kim at game night. “It has been a tumultuous relationship,” Vanderpump said to the cameras. “Kyle is very supportive of her sister’s sobriety, end of story.”

Eden Sassoon and Lisa Rinna got together for shopping and girl time where Eden confessed that she felt “no connection” to Kyle at the game night. Rinna was shocked by this. “She’s very torn,” Rinna began as she started to talk about Kim’s sobriety. Eden said she might ask Kyle to lunch and then they started talking more about Kim’s sobriety. “I would say she’s probably mostly sober right now,” Rinna said. Eden said that as someone who has also struggled with addiction that she wanted to “help” Kim. “You’re the only person I think she would even let in to discuss it because you come from that place of understanding,” Rinna said. Rinna went on to describe Kyle as an “enabler,” which she defined as someone who supported an addict through love or money. “She is afraid to turn her back on her sister because she’s afraid she’s going to die,” Lisa added about Kyle. “They’re this close to Kim dying.” Eden vowed to try to get close to both Kim and Kyle to help them.

Eden and Rinna did meet Kyle for lunch and after complimenting her about her diamonds, Eden asked if anyone else in her family was an alcoholic. “Whoa, back up,” Kyle told the cameras, adding that she barely knew this woman. Eden went on to tell Kyle that Kim’s energy was “sad.” Kyle was both angry and confused, but told Eden that Kim was sober now. Eden started crying. “I feel pain,” she said. “It’s hard for me to watch. She could be struggling.” Kyle kept her cool but said that the battle wounds inflicted during the Rinna-Kim war run deep. “It has been so long that everyone has to move on,” Kyle said.

“Kyle makes it very clear that she doesn’t want to talk about Kim or any of it,” Rinna said to the camera. Eden wondered if Kyle was later going to regret covering up for her sister. “One day you don’t see it, and they’re gone,” she added.

After surviving lunch, Kyle headed to the Greek island of Mykonos to watch Erika Girardi perform, which she was very excited about. “I like her energy. I think that she is level-headed,” Erika said of Kyle, who seemed to be in awe watching Erika rehearse for her show.

Back in California, Dorit reached out to both Rinna and Eileen to meet for a “girl chat,” so they could clear the air after the fight at game night. Dorit admitted she had had too many drinks and then accused Eileen of trying to resuscitate the discussion of Dorit giving Erika a pair of underwear. “I really want to understand why you keep bringing it up,” Dorit said to Eileen. “I’m not speaking on behalf of her. I’m speaking on behalf of myself,” Eileen clarified. After some back and forth the women finally agreed to “hit the reset button” on their friendship and everything was fine.

“Maybe PK’s right,” Dorit sighed to the camera. “Maybe I just talk too much.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo