Eden Sassoon and Lisa Rinna Confront Kyle Richards About Kim’s Sobriety

The drama continued on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as the women tried to “help” one another. As Dorit and PK Kemsley got ready for a night out, Dorit recalled her fight with Eileen Davidson for her husband. While Pk agreed that his wife talked too much, he also agreed that Davidson was out of line.

In Malibu, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump got together with their husband’s Mauricio and Ken to look and one of Mauricio’s new listings. After looking at the house, they went to lunch where Kyle reiterated that she didn’t want to talk about what had happened between Lisa Rinna and her sister Kim at game night. “It has been a tumultuous relationship,” Vanderpump said to the cameras. “Kyle is very supportive of her sister’s sobriety, end of story.”

Eden Sassoon and Lisa Rinna got together for shopping and girl time where Eden confessed that she felt “no connection” to Kyle at the game night. Rinna was shocked by this. “She’s very torn,” Rinna began as she started to talk about Kim’s sobriety. Eden said she might ask Kyle to lunch and then they started talking more about Kim’s sobriety. “I would say she’s probably mostly sober right now,” Rinna said. Eden said that as someone who has also struggled with addiction that she wanted to “help” Kim. “You’re the only person I think she would even let in to discuss it because you come from that place of understanding,” Rinna said. Rinna went on to describe Kyle as an “enabler,” which she defined as someone who supported an addict through love or money. “She is afraid to turn her back on her sister because she’s afraid she’s going to die,” Lisa added about Kyle. “They’re this close to Kim dying.” Eden vowed to try to get close to both Kim and Kyle to help them.

Eden and Rinna did meet Kyle for lunch and after complimenting her about her diamonds, Eden asked if anyone else in her family was an alcoholic. “Whoa, back up,” Kyle told the cameras, adding that she barely knew this woman. Eden went on to tell Kyle that Kim’s energy was “sad.” Kyle was both angry and confused, but told Eden that Kim was sober now. Eden started crying. “I feel pain,” she said. “It’s hard for me to watch. She could be struggling.” Kyle kept her cool but said that the battle wounds inflicted during the Rinna-Kim war run deep. “It has been so long that everyone has to move on,” Kyle said.

“Kyle makes it very clear that she doesn’t want to talk about Kim or any of it,” Rinna said to the camera. Eden wondered if Kyle was later going to regret covering up for her sister. “One day you don’t see it, and they’re gone,” she added.

After surviving lunch, Kyle headed to the Greek island of Mykonos to watch Erika Girardi perform, which she was very excited about. “I like her energy. I think that she is level-headed,” Erika said of Kyle, who seemed to be in awe watching Erika rehearse for her show.

Back in California, Dorit reached out to both Rinna and Eileen to meet for a “girl chat,” so they could clear the air after the fight at game night. Dorit admitted she had had too many drinks and then accused Eileen of trying to resuscitate the discussion of Dorit giving Erika a pair of underwear. “I really want to understand why you keep bringing it up,” Dorit said to Eileen. “I’m not speaking on behalf of her. I’m speaking on behalf of myself,” Eileen clarified. After some back and forth the women finally agreed to “hit the reset button” on their friendship and everything was fine.

“Maybe PK’s right,” Dorit sighed to the camera. “Maybe I just talk too much.”

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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9 Replies to “Eden Sassoon and Lisa Rinna Confront Kyle Richards About Kim’s Sobriety”

  1. Good Morning Rain, How are you today? I also thought that Eden meddling with Kim/Kyle was not appropriate. I understand where Eden is coming from, she does want to help sober woman. But, help someone who asks you for help. If you get to know Kim, then you can work it into your conversations. This was just Lips trying to get back at Kim and that’s pathetic. Kim doesn’t even remember half the things she said/did while she was still in the disease’s grips. Talk about Lips trying to drum up a story line. I don’t like her at all. I do like Eden. She comes from a place of a lot of pain and is now happy, healthy and wanting to give back.
    LVP was making the search of Max’s birth family all about her and not about her son. Gross, way over the top drama. Dogs on the table, AGAIN…I can’t even. Put the doggies on the ground, for the love of all things.
    Kyle seemed so out of sorts in Greece. Erika and Kyle are good friends and their interactions are always fun and light. YES…Erika and Kyle would make a really fun spinoff show. Erika is really good friends with Eileen too. She should have had Eileen do a cameo in the video. And, me and Rain…WTF is up with her not asking us, gee whiz.
    Dorito and Pervo…go away…far far away. They are beyond atrocious if anyone can be.
    Peace and love to my bloggers buds and my girl Rain. Love to you.

    1. I think maybe Kyle was just tired when she arrived, as Erika said she herself was. It is a 16 hour flight after all. I have never liked Rinna, and I now don’t care for Eden at all either. They make a great team, talking about everyone’s flaws but their own. She would have to really be different than she has shown to be so far to change my mind. I make up my mind quickly, and very rarely change it. About important things in particular. I do get a feeling about people, but I don’t expect some bond to form at a persons home, the first night meeting them when they are hosting a fabulous party. I am not sticking to my original decisions in the stubborn way, I’m pretty sure by now, although my husband might disagree. For example, if anyone cares…I never allow myself to get screwed when it comes to insurance paying for something, for a C-Card to try and be shady, I simply do not take no for an answer when I know I am correct. Stuff like that I AM stubborn about. Maybe part of that became more instilled in me during a 3 year court battle where my Sister and I acted in Pro Per. Now THAT required all of my patience, my focus, my diligence, day in and day out for a long effing time. Brain wise that was the most difficult effort I have yet to make in my life.
      OH!! And the comment Rinna made at the lunch with Eileen and Dorit… about taking a Valium, and Dorit asking if she could have one too, then the trailer where Rinna says she has ground Xanax in her tea! Here we go.

  2. Hello Miss M. I agree. That luncheon was head scratching. This is all drama being drummed up by Lips and it’s gross. None of us want to see Kim back on the show and we’re all rooting for her continued sobriety. I truly feel that Eden is coming from a good place, just being misguided by Lips. So true about Erika and Kyle’s friendship “no egos and ulterior motives”. Hugs to you.

    1. Hi, Mary. I haven’t had the chance to say that I am so happy to see a new name here. Not that you are that new, so that’s what I mean, it took me too long. This is a great blog, I am surprised at the lessening of commentary lately. There used to be these 2 men that had a continuous debate going all the time. That initiated a lot of others to comment. I miss them and their little fights, so to speak. Anyway, I so enjoy what you have to say.

  3. No, I haven’t watched it, but if you like it, I’ll tune in. I’m anxiously waiting for Grey’s Anatomy to start up again. Please, you and I will do more than Vogue. We’ll just strut around looking fabulous as we do…love you girl.

  4. I found Eden to be way over the line. I understand she had a sister who died of addiction related causes but every person’s story is different. Yes, sometimes it is genetic and sometimes it is choice and sometimes it is environment. Sometimes the devil made you do it. These people who have a life experience and think that makes them an expert on everyone elses “similar” habits are loony toons. She didn’t come at this in a loving or helpful place and Lisa R. (whom I actually like) is way way way over the line. How dare she talk about Kyle being an enabler and Kyle being afraid to turn her back on her sister because she will die. Mind your own beezwax as my Nanny used to say. She isn’t that close to Kyle to be making assumptions like that. WIZZA~ Kyle is very classy and calm if that was me I would not have been so gracious. Wow.

    1. Very nice post. Not to get personal, but that infant photo is so, so cute. It has been way too long since I have had a baby in my arms.
      I agree, although I do not like Rinna, Eden is like a preacher with no tent. I do not get why Rinna thinks any healing is necessary from what happened almost 3 YEARS ago. God, she acts as though she witnessed a shooting of a friend in that restaurant & she has PTSD. Kim was a cruel horrible bitch that night. But if I had been Rinna when Kim said “let’s talk about the husband” I would have laughed and said “yes, let’s” and gone on to tell everyone what a wonderful husband and father he is, plus. I never, never would have given that tone of voice from Kimmy as much as a nod, that is how to shut someone down. Ignore. Same with reunions. When people like Kelly from the OC ( just her voice irritates me to the core ) interrupt, I just sit and wait till they run out of gas, then continue with what I was saying as though they had not spoken. You would not believe how well that works for me. Without saying one word, I embarrass and demean them, as they should be with their horrible spirit and vulgar attitude. Also, I do not look at them, I just gaze at some painting or meditate, very, very calmly. No matter what they say. I let it run thru me like a cleansing water. Everyone present can feel it too. There is no way I would even allow anyone to get me into such an agitated place because of what they are saying.

      1. @ 3 D’s Forever Thank you so much. That is my Great Niece! She is a beauty and such a sweet baby. Love the way your analysis too! Preacher with no tent…LOL. She gets more and more annoying. They are trying to revive Boy George (whom I did love) and PK is just EWWWW!

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