Eden Sassoon: Lisa Rinna Was Caught

Eden Sassoon finally feels vindicated after this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In her blog, Sassoon admits the ladies are not totally sold on her intentions yet, but she explains that she felt relieved when Lisa Rinna was caught trying to keep her fight with Kim Richards going.

““I want to start from the beginning.”

Ahhhhh #Exhale. I feel like this is a new beginning for me. FINALLY someone understands my thoughts, my actions. I told you Lisa Vanderpump was a smart woman. I knew she would see that I was just reacting to what I was being told. And who better to understand than someone who was put in the same position by the same person just last season! #DejaVu

It was very important that I had that lunch with Vanderpump. She told me straight up that I shouldn’t mess with her friend Kyle, and I respected that and her so much! I didn’t have a chance to tell anyone about what Lisa Rinna had told me. Well maybe it was that I didn’t want to make the situation worse for Rinna, because I didn’t want to be gossiping about my “friend.” But when I saw what Rinna was doing to me, you know, pretending like she didn’t tell me that “Kim is near death,” not defending me in any situation with Kyle and Kim, and acting like I was obsessed with Kim’s sobriety, I had to speak the #TRUTH. Vanderpump needed to know that I wasn’t the one trying to insert myself into someone’s business that wasn’t mine. Lisa Rinna was trying to use me as a way to keep this conversation relevant. #CAUGHT

I did what any sober woman would do after hearing someone I knew was on the path to destruction… I started to talk about it and try to help! My intentions have always been good! #CantSpeakForEveryone

Okay, so I didn’t go to Mexico… But if I did, I am SO Erika Jayne. #BURRITO #IWANTABURRITO

Seriously, how funny is she? Keep putting it out to the universe girl, and you’ll get that damn burrito!

The trip looked beautiful, but I think it was good I wasn’t there. It was the perfect time for Kyle to hear from a close friend (Vanderpump) that she may be reading into the “Kim” situation the wrong way. When I heard her say that she understood now where I was coming from that is all I wanted! #Understood

She didn’t blame me for saying anything I had said to her or Kim now, because she knew where I was coming from when I said it. The girls aren’t totally sold on my intentions yet I don’t think, and that’s okay. But knowing that Kyle doesn’t think I’m lying? That’s enough for me right now. #IDontLie

I think the preview for the rest of the season says it all… Sh–‘s about to go down! #Bitch”

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  • Rain


    • Cin

      Yep…. agree. Own it Eden. She’s turned it around and puts all of it on Lisa R. She repeated gossip.

  • barbara

    Am I the only one that thinks this season is such a bore? Honestly, all these women do is talk about Kim and her sobriety. This woman isn’t even on the show any more. I’m sick of hearing about her and I’m sick of the two new gals. One is full of herself and her husband is creepy. The other is searching for a story line. This can’t be the best this show can do.

    • Jay

      yup, last season was boring too.

    • BANaNAnutbread

      I also love Ladies of London….now that Marissa is moving back to California I think it would be interesting to see her join OC or BH. Not sure how she would fit but it would be something different. Their storylines have been tired lately.

      • barbara

        I don’t watch the London ladies. I told myself when all these other Housewives shows came on, I’d just stick to the ones from the beginning. There is just to much other good stuff on T.V. I’m glad they seem to be a hit though. 🙂

  • MaryBoston

    Hi Rain, How are you today? It’s icy here in Boston and snow tomorrow, burr. Great parade yesterday, but I don’t want to get into any football wars with anyone. It’s all good.
    I think this season has been refreshing. Clothes, trips, parties, mansions, yippee. Eden is coming from a good place. She was mislead on purpose. I’m glad that everyone knows that now.
    I have to admit, I didn’t watch it all. So, I’ll on demand it and then I can add my thoughts.
    Yes, PK is the ultimate perv. What was up with that remark he made about Eileen and Lips looking like Muppets. Gee, no sexism there.
    Peace and Love to all my blogger buddies. Love you, Rain.

  • MaryBoston

    LOL…great comparison. He is thirsty and so jealous of Erika’s success. Didn’t Erika look drop dead gorgeous in her roaring 20’s moll dame outfit. I swear, I think I’ve seen Bette Davis in the same dress. Loved it.
    My MIL was telling us that San Diego has received the most rain since she’s been living out there. I’m glad it will help with the drought situation, but it’s still yucky and depressing. Spring is just a month away…
    Think warm thoughts!!

  • barbara

    LOL. Thanks Rain. I love, love, love Erika!!!! I say, lets begin the show all over again and start with her and leave the rest of the cast by the curb!

    • MaryBoston

      OMG…she should get her own show. That would be great. Let’s petition Bravo.

      • barbara

        I’m with ya 100%

  • barbara

    She’d kick their butts!!!! 🙂

    • Rain

      Again a man making a woman cry is a douche move

      • barbara

        That’s who PK reminds me of, a douche bag. Perrrrfect!

  • Cin

    love Erika!

    • Cin

      Erika should have her own reality show. It would probably be a hoot with her and her husband.

  • Jess

    Can she please stop hash-tagging?

  • Cin

    LOL… good description of PK. He is insulting. Great comparison to KellyAnne – she’s a trip and full of it just like PK… yes I’ll leave it at that!! Still cold and ugly in Wisconsin!

  • kt

    STOP with the #, please…

    • Rain

      Kt ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      • kt

        Rain – how are YOU?

  • bluebell

    LR is a complete shit stirrer. She throws a bomb & then runs & pretends it was someone else. She did the same thing to LVP last season. Can’t stand LR or ED.

  • Starr

    Finally, Rlnna is shown up for her lying, conniving double dealing. Serves her right.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    I watched her interview on Afterbuzz tv. It was long, but it did provide some insight (after the first three quarters of her pontificating in the voice of her Savior Complex). I’m definitely interested to see how this group dynamic unfolds over the rest of the Mexico trip as a result. The trips are, btw, fantastic this year : Greece, Mexico, Hong Kong…loving the aesthetic value of the season big time! They’re giving me jet set realness, and regardless of how I feel about some of the cast members, they all do look really great this season.

  • Bobo

    Lisa rinna is a troublemaker and feels shes entitled im pretty sure they transplanted her vagina to her mouth. She really think her daughter will be better than gigi? Ok Lisa Rimjob

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