Eden Sassoon To Lisa Rinna: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

Eden Sassoon is taking to her blog to react to this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eden is not pleased with how Lisa Rinna treated her. She feels like Lisa dropped a bomb about Kim Richards and then ran away. Read what she has to say below.

“It’s another week, and I’m still staring… If you guys only knew what I was thinking! However I am STILL trying to get these women to understand me. #NoOneCares

I have a lot in common with the ladies, but no one sees it yet. Watching Lisa Rinna in “Lorena’s” kitchen is classic and just my style! I’m putting together the “I Can’t Cook but…My Ex-Husband’s Wife Jade, My Brother Dave (Who’s a Chef) and My 10-Year-Old Son Ty Can” cookbook! According to them, I’m not allowed in my kitchen or any kitchen for that matter. #Postmates

Maybe Harry Hamlin will give me his pie recipe for the book! #PieDom

Dorit learned from this experience that talking behind people’s backs gets them nowhere. I agree. So out of respect I want to come clean about anything I said to Dorit. I would have appreciated my “friend” Rinna supporting me in the conversation I was having with Kyle at her BBQ considering she’s the one who started this. Kyle’s right on one thing… this is bullsh–. #DogSh–

I’m thankful that Kyle told me she’s not upset that I’m having these feelings and thinks that if Kim and I were stranded on a beach somewhere, we would probably be great friends. As long as the beach has aloe plants, we will be just fine! #TableforTwo

The bond between sisters is unbreakable. Seeing Kyle want good sober friends for her sister is pure. In the words of Kyle Richards, we all need a good support system. Now can I have my #EdenHug?

“Can you believe this place!” says Kyle. “We chose the Gatsby theme because the Malibu property was so grand! The 20s were all about the excess… the alcohol, the money flowing…” #hallucinations

Great I fit right in… NOT. The 60s would have been my era. #Peace #FreeLove

Boy did Kyle’s party live up to the reputation of the era… There was an excess of everything, especially drama!

I can’t even comment on the Kim and Kyle situation anymore. They should ask their friends how this started! I’m just done. But believe me, I hear Vanderpump! I have mad respect for her and point taken! And Vanderpump is a smart woman. She’ll get to the bottom of this!

I’m glad the two Muppets (good one, PK) were off having a grand ole time doing the Charleston while I’m fighting the front line ALONE. Keep running, Rinna. #YouCanRunButYouCantHide

Thank you, Camille, for seeing the truth in me and seeing I care! And Erika, thank you for the compliment. #PilatesLegs

Scenes from next week: THANK YOU Vanderpump for telling Kyle the truth! “Rinna said she doesn’t believe that your sister is truly sober, and that she is near death!” It’s time these woman wake the f— up!

Note to Self: Stop giving to those who can’t receive. And Rinna, if you don’t want that love bottle, #ReturnToSender.”

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16 Replies to “Eden Sassoon To Lisa Rinna: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide”

  1. I think Eden’s intentions were good, but she jumped headfirst into a situation about which she has no personal knowledge, and then relied on a third party to get her information. It sounds like she has learned her lesson. Lisa Rinna is about as reliable as a tax form from the Guidices.

  2. Eden has seen the light, bright & clear & that’s a good thing. She may stand a chance yet. She has seen clearly the rat like ways of Rinna who stirs up trouble & runs.

  3. Regardless of her intention . as an adult you just don’t bulldozer yourself into a situation that you know nothing about. She’s not a child! While Rinna fed her the info. Eden needs to take her own responsibility for running away with it. She needs to own her shit and stop blaming eveybody else

    And no Eden!! Muppets is an insult and not funny. Once again, you’re a bad judge of character .

    1. My thoughts exactly. While Rinna and Eden share equal blame in discussing things behind Kim and Kyle’s back, it was Eden and Eden alone that continued to approach the Richards Sisters with her thoughts.

  4. Eden…. it’s time you shut the f..k up. Eden talks about sobriety… but yet she takes pills unlike Kim who can’t take anything mind altering. Eden is annoying and pushy and acts like she has the right to step in and get in Kim’s face…… no no no

  5. I watched Eden’s interview on Afterbuzz Tv recapping this episode, and I’m sorry, but as nice as she is, she is also insufferable. She has a sense of entitlement with regards to her own suffering and recovery in the form of a Messianic Complex, and is too comfortable with ignoring respectful boundaries of others in favor of her own “truth” and “living authentically”. The longer you actually listen to her psychobabble it’s clear that while she’s sober from alcohol, she still has very, very deep rooted unresolved issues regarding her own family relationships and is in no position to hoist her “knowledge” onto others. She would do better with seeing a legitimate analyst or psychologist to focus on her own real healing in her own world instead of invading others and projecting her life disappoints onto thers. I understand her passion for her spiritual walk, but it is wise to learn there is a difference between choosing a path of “righteousness” vs “SELF-righteousness”. She’s stuck in the quagmire of the latter, for sure.

  6. Eden should have never listened to LR about Kim. LR dropped a bomb with Eden & then ran away. LR did exactly the same thing with Yo & “M” and blamed it on LVP. Different day, same MO. LR & ED think that when they say it should be over, that everyone should do as they say. No way, they don’t control other people.

  7. It’s very clear that Eden is seriously grieving her sister and projecting each of every one of her fears onto the Richards Sisters. She has seen them as her second chance and regardless of reality she’s going to pursue this as her chance to save her sister. Sad when you think about it but man is she annoying and entitled.

  8. Eden is a kook. Period. Even though Rinna did tell her those things about Kim, she did so in confidence. Besides…Kim could barely walk or talk this episode. She appears far from sober to me. And it’s fair game as far as I am concerned, because she has lied about being sober every other season to date. It is refreshing to me that Rinna is not just acting like Kim is normal.

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