Eden Sassoon Felt An Allegiance To Lisa Rinna

We got to see more of Eden Sassoon in this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she is blogging about the drama at game night. Eden writes about how she was shocked and confused by all the drama among the women and she was trying to catch up, but when it came to the fight between Rinna and Kim Richards she felt like she had to jump in and make peace.

“I kind of wish we were all naked (#FreeLove), but I guess it didn’t matter. Dorit was already undressing me with her eyes. And remember, I told you guys last week that the only games I like to play are with men!

Game night was so f—ing fun! Was I nervous? Not at all. Did Kim remember me? Yes, and she got the biggest Eden hug! Was everyone drunk? A few. Did I look good? Hot, check! Was I still good at games? #Winner

Watching it back, when I first walked in the queen greeted me with a bit of a cold shoulder (said in a British accent). Happy to say she warmed up to me and quickly popped a squat poolside for a great talk. It was cut short thanks to a few of the women. #DRAMA

I was sitting there thinking, who are these women and WTF are they talking about. Who does this after all the fun we just had? They’re obviously pros at these types of games.

I honestly didn’t know what they were talking about. There was so much back and forth, I just sat there with a blank stare. As the one who always tries to understand the deeper meaning of things, this one was even too much for me to figure out. #MatrixMind

I let the girls battle it out until I heard a different conversation that was hitting too close to home. I couldn’t just sit there and listen to Lisa Rinna and Kim go at it. On one hand, I have my friend, who I just gave a healing crystal to, which was supposed to release toxic and emotional old pain and blocked energy (#DidntWork), and another woman who I relate to through sobriety, and they’re about to throw down… I felt like my allegiance was with Rinna, but I felt Kim’s deep sadness, and they weren’t hearing each other. As much as I didn’t want to get involved, I personally couldn’t watch them go at one another without speaking my truth. If I could stop and get them to hear each other, I felt like I could shift the energy.

If for nothing else, at least I got taken from behind at my first game night. #DownwardDog

On a lighter note, I love that Rinna knows I have no judgment and admire her. We go deep, quick. She said, “You see me and hear me.” I mean does it get better than that? It feels good to connect, unfortunately, through the loss of sisters and fathers. Always when we’re together, I reassure her that it’s okay to be her and feel what she’s feeling. #Truth

Rinna asked me, “What are you afraid of?” I’m afraid of everyone leaving or pushing everyone away.

Well, if crystal therapy didn’t work, maybe retail therapy will! I’m going to need my kind of therapy (#Acupuncture #Pilates #Chiropractor #Massage #Bumble) after Rinna and I start to dig ourselves a big hole. #PassTheShovel

Note to self: Bring Rinna BIGGER crystals. #Healing”

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  • Tricia Ford

    Totally agree about Doritt!! Being manipulative and kidding her ass.

    • Rain

      Tricia ✌️✌️

  • Tricia Ford

    Eden, and Kim’s sobriety is much different. Eden is not the problem anymore in her life, she attempts to helps others. Kim IS the problem in her own life, stun causing problems, fights and not taking responsibility for her actions.

  • Starr

    I enjoyed Eden’s blog, she made it witty with all her hash tags. I’m happy she created a bit of order last night in the midst of calamity. Allegiance to Rinna? Rinna showed absolutely no allegiance to her long time friend, LVP last season & time will show that Rinna will slit Eden’s throat if it suits her malice. Eden seems nice thus far, so good luck to her.

    • bluebell

      I agree.

    • DaysofWineandRoses

      She’s going to need it to navigate this group. Truly.

  • suze

    Not sure how all of this bad feeling we have been reading about will happen but I liked her last night. I thought she had been a friend of Rinna who bought her on to the show. It was obvious to me anyway they hadn’t been friends. It’s another case of Bravo/production getting one of the women to introduce another. Nothing wrong with that but why the pretence of friends? It’s a repeat of Yolanda and Erika, it was obvious Yo didn’t know anything about Erikas singing career when she suggested she could sing for the pope! Poor man!!!! Getting to be friends when filming seems a lot more realistic to me.
    Getting very tired of the shows it has been so boring so far this season!

    • DaysofWineandRoses

      Erika has already stated that she’s been been friends with Yolanda for a long time, obviously not the 28 years that Rinna and Davidson share, but it’s something. She knew the Fosters through both a relationship with her attorney husband and traversing through the music world she knew David. They have both collaborated with artists from the US R&B-Hip Hop scene (though Erika’s collabs lean more towards the Hip-Hop category). The Giradis and the Fosters have entertained each other at their homes over the years. One day while they were hanging out together at the Malibu house the Yolanda asked Erika if she was familiar with or ever thought of being on Housewives, she said no. Yolanda asked if she’d like to be on, and according to Erika, before she could even answer, David nudged her, “Just have the conversation”, and she said okay, and she was on for the next season. The plus side of going into a situation like this is having a friend with you. Why do people think she would lie? Everyone is always open in explaining how they’ve come to these shows, including Rinna who shares that she didn’t know Eden, but once she discovered she was being tested for the show took the opportunity to go in and have a yoga class because she had been peeking into the studio trying to be nosy for years.

  • suze

    Just repeats all the time with slight variations. Emphasis on the slight!

  • Aunt Bee

    To be honest I FF through at least half of the show. Same old same old. Boring.

  • Aunt Bee

    Who was Eden referring to as the Queen? I can’t remember who greeted her first when she came through the door.

    • MaryBoston

      I was wondering that too. LVP, maybe? I can’t see Eden liking LVP. Eden seems more down to earth while LVP is a major snob. Good question. Does anyone else know.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    For the way she diffused the dinner table argument between Rinna & Richards, Eden Sassoon gets the MVP award for this episode. Well done.

  • MaryBoston

    I like Eden, so far. She’s very honest and open about her life and struggles, and I admire that. She also seems very real about her feelings for others. Keeping it real.
    What was up with Dorito lusting after Eden? That was so weird and very uncomfortable to watch. Hey, Dorito, maybe you can get to know someone first before you ask her to become your lover. What a dumb ass.
    I liked too how Eden was playing with Bambi, the dog. For me, that was the highlight of this episode. Team Bambi!!