Eden Sassoon Explains Why She Asked Kyle Richards So Many Questions

Eden Sassoon is taking to her blog to explain to viewers where she was coming with by getting involved in Kim Richards’ sobriety this week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eden explains why she was asking Kyle so many personal questions and says she felt like she had to get to know Kyle. Sassoon says after Rinna said Kyle was an enabler she just wanted to help.

“After going through the struggles to become sober, I realized that there’s no time in life to waste. If there’s a problem, why are we not talking about it and getting it resolved? That’s just how I am in my professional life, my dating life, my family life, and with my friendships. #ToThePoint

Here we are again, Lisa Rinna and I getting deep, fast. This year is all about the #LightningBolt. It’s a symbol that shocks, brings light, and creates energy to whatever it hits. By now you know I’m big on #Energy. And #DUH, I bought those pants #RetailTherapy. Rinna was bringing her own lightning bolt to the conversation. You can even see it on my face during our talk that I was slightly shocked. Saying that Kim was close to death? How can you not be shocked? I don’t think that Kim is close to death. I think she just needs to tap into her higher power to find her truth. However, as addicts, we are close to death at any point. You never know what could happen, so I didn’t look at Rinna’s comment as being malicious. I just understood what she meant.

I asked Kyle a lot of questions at lunch. Questions she didn’t want to hear or think about. But after Rinna told me that Kyle was her enabler, I felt like I had to get to know Kyle and understand where she was coming from to help Kim. Because I didn’t feel a very welcoming energy at #GameNight, I wanted to make it my mission to get to know Kyle, and for Kyle to get to know me. I think she will find out soon enough that I have a #HUGE heart. And as someone who knows the pain of being an addict, I don’t care who it is, or if I am close to them or not, I want to help! There is such an amazing life that comes from being sober and living your #Truth. I want that for anyone struggling. And if Kyle chooses not to talk about it with me, or her sister, I just hope Kim knows that I’m always here.

Kyle thought I was being invasive, asking questions about her mom. I didn’t mean to make her feel like that, but as the daughter of a recovering alcoholic (my mother), I know that it comes from somewhere. The more you know about how it started or who it may have been passed from, the more you can learn about yourself. It helps the whole sobriety process. One day I hope Kyle recognizes where I am coming from.

Note to Self: You can’t take it personally when others aren’t ready to look at the deeper meaning of things. #TheseThingsTakeTime”

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10 Replies to “Eden Sassoon Explains Why She Asked Kyle Richards So Many Questions”

  1. Eden, it is not helpful to just meet someone and be asking them uncomfortable intrusive questions. What good can that possibly do?

  2. No shit sherlock. Jeeze, I mean Kyle didn’t even get a sip of her iced tea before Eden started in. Kyle even said “I don’t want to talk about it.” Pretty clear, don’t you think? ( Not you, Miss M or Rain ) the universal “you.” But, Eden kept talking as though it had not been said. What is this need to “get a deep feeling” from a stranger the very first time you meet, at a really nice party that they are hosting at their home, with complicated games and 2 people present where the night could very easily turn nasty? Which it did, of course. She certainly expects a lot of others. How about she give first, rather than expect first. I am going to Google how old she is, which is rare for me. Wiki has that info. Kim is the person she should talk to, if ANYONE. Not Kyle. But then Kim is not a cast member, and that wouldn’t give her any air time. If she was truly concerned about the “addiction/enabler”duo, you would go to the addict. Not to a nice restaurant where Kyle believes she is going for lunch, not an inquisition. If I were Kyle, I would have a serious problem with Eden already, and I see that the trailers and rumors support this, they end up having problems.
    Just to clarify, nowhere in the Blue Book does it say to go after every single addict and/or enabler you see under the guise of helping. That is Bullshit. I see now why her and Rinna became close quickly. They are both interested in everyone’s flaws but their own.

  3. Hi, doll. How goes it in beautiful SF? I hope everyone is good and that the holidays were what you wanted them to be. My feeling is “TG they are over!” For this year. It goes so fast now. It is so true that time seems to move faster as I get older. And, minus being necessarily sedentary for those 2 years, I am now really busy again, so the time should slow back down, right? I really, really hope so.
    As you can see I am not liking Eden at all. I loved the house in Greece and wish more camera time had been spent there with Kyle and Erika. Maybe next week! One can always hope.

  4. I don’t like Eden at all. If she was truly an enlighten person, then why didn’t she tell LR not to blast Kim. You don’t treat anyone that way, let alone an addict. And by the way, Kim was 100% right that LR & ED do gang up & start BS. She actually said it very calmly & matter of fact.

  5. I really don’t get what Rinna has to “heal” from with the Kim thing. That wasn’t even last season FGSakes, it was the one before! God, her and Eileen are a freaking soap. That is how a soap opera is made, they drag that shit out for years sometimes. I wouldn’t continue to get together with Rinna at all, if I was in Kyle’s position, unless it was strictly for the show. And, I still don’t see anything being planned at Rinna’s house, or hosted by her at all. I guess she thinks as long as she brings a gift candle, everyone else can spend the money, effort and time to host events. She is most definitely hiding something. I am so sick of her. And Dirty and P.uK.e. I zip them completely, I mute it in case I don’t get to the pad soon enough to zip every word! No joke.

  6. ok but who appointed this Eden chick as interventionist/addict counselor to the stars? Give me a break…from your own personal history you don’t have the best track record to advise anyone of anything! It was almost like she wanted Kim to die so she could tell everyone ‘see, i told you so”! ugh…she needs to be OFF the show asap along with disgusting ass Lisa Rinna!

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