Eden Sassoon and Dorit Kemsley Dish On Joining RHOBH


Eden Sassoon, daughter of legendary hairdresser Vidal Sassoon, will be a fresh face on the new season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season and in a new interview she is admitting that not everyone in the cast took to her rebellious nature.

The 43-year old herself as a “mother-of-two, single, sober, business owner,” and said she’ll add a “youthful sense of stepping outside of the box.”

“There are things where they look at me and they’re like, ‘What? No?'” she explained. “I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, this is exactly what I’m going to do.’ And they’re like, ‘We’re calling your mom. We’re calling your parents.'”

Eden’s father passed away in 2012 and her mother is actress Beverly Adams. She says she has always done whatever she has wanted to do.

“I’m sort of like a younger sister that they want to say, ‘No, you can’t do that.’ I’m a little bit of a rebel in a fun playful way,” she explained to The Daily Mail.

Sassoon continued, “When you add anyone into the group it changes. I think that we as humans mirror one another. And I think that I can only bring who I am and make them look at who they are. I try to get involved in a situation or talk to people in a way that’s different. And I’m not perfect by any means and that will obviously be shown.”

Eden had not watched much of the series before joining the cast, but still wanted to take a chance by signing on.

“I think that at this point in my life with everything that’s going on and where I stand as the woman that I am, it was a yes,” she said. “Let’s open this door and see where it takes me. And if the stars align or things are meant to be then that’s what I’m going to do.”

As for this season of the show? She thinks it may be calmer than last year. “There was a lot of healing that went on this season,” she said. “And that was really nice to be a part of and hopefully I was intentionally there for that.”

Meanwhile, Dorit Kemsley said it was her very dear friend, Lisa Vanderpump, that convinced her to join the cast and she wanted to show her family on the series.

“I think that I bring a lot of fun and definitely honesty,” Kemsley said. “I’m a mom of two young babies and it’s definitely our family life and our businesses. And I think that the fashion part of it was a lot of fun as well.”

Kemsley admitted she’s only watched a little bit of the show. “In truth, I’ve spent the last few years having babies, so I didn’t really have much extra time on my hands,” she explained. “I have seen the show. I did do a little bit of catch up homework obviously once I’d signed, but I wouldn’t say that I was all that prepared for doing it.”

Dorit Kemsley
Dorit Kemsley

Are you excited for Eden and Dorit to make their debuts on the show?

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16 Replies to “Eden Sassoon and Dorit Kemsley Dish On Joining RHOBH”

    1. I will interested to learn more about Eden. Kyle mentioned that there is a bit of clashing there, but I imagine it probably be about a battle of wills between two privileged Hollywood/Beverly Hills children more than anything else. Suze, do you recall Vidal’s wife (and Eden’s mom) Beverly at all? She was the public face and spokesperson for Vidal Sassoon products. She was an actress on US tv shows, too, but I remember her primarily for the hair products, and then after her divorce, her pet care products.

      1. I remember Beverly Sassoon as the face of Sassoon Hair Care. I loved the almond fragrance of the products. I also loved the shortcut that Peggy Moffitt(sp?) wore back in the 60s. I tried to have my hairstylist give me the same cut. He did a decent rendition. That was such a fun time period.

        1. You remember the products!!! …and yes, the hair cuts were so iconic! A few years back a biopic of Vidal’s life and contributions to the beauty industry was filmed, it was really good. I didn’t know if the entire thing can be found on Yt but I did find the trailer:


          Good stuff, I need to see this again.

  1. Until proven otherwise, a friend of Lisa V. is a friend of mine. Eden? I just get a sense that we’re in for a reincarnation of Brandi. Time will tell.

    1. I think she will definitely come with some baggage given her parents’ issues in the Hollywood spotlight when she was a child, but Brandi was always threatening people and willing to burn everything down – taking everyone with her no mater what destruction it would cause to people’s lives. That’s beyond being an antagonist, it borders on sociopathic behavior and I didn’t enjoy her antics at all. Danielle Staub was another one, with her mobster friends, fake calls to CPS against and alleged connection to mail box bombing her cast mates. Pot stirrers and drama queens are par for the course on these shows, but crossing lines into personal safety or family territory is a no-no.

  2. Anything to shut Rinna up is fine with me. And how about she get a make-up lesson from this year and NOT 1980’s? Enough with the heavy dark eye make-up on her. It’s so aging!

  3. Sassoon, is Sober now.
    Just wait until the bickering & fighting..
    If, she values her Sobriety?
    Quit the Housewife Franchise, STAT!!! LOL!
    Maybe, Eden will balance the cast out..
    Probably not..
    I am not fond of Rinna, Eileen and the sleasy ” Pat-the-Puss” Golddigger..( Yeah, it must be true love bc every woman loves to be married to a man that is at least 40 years older than they are..)
    Love of Money & Status.
    Her Hubby is a Brilliant Attorney & she is a mean, nasty be-otch.
    Just MHO.

  4. I was looking for YT snippets of the documentary about Eden Sassoon’s dad, but I just found something featuring her mom instead. I’m cracking up because I remember my mom reading Beverly Sassoon’s book on the beach when she visited me during college. I’m sure I read it too, but at this point I don’t remember any of it other than it being very Judith Kranz-y, lol. Beverly’s segment starts at minute 7:00, shows some insight into the troubles the family and children experienced during struggles with alcohol and post-divorce:


    If I’m not mistaken, one of Eden’s siblings eventually passed away from issues stemming from substance abuse. I wish her the best of luck maintaining her sobriety with this group of women. They’re a pretty tough crowd…although at this point I think the women of New York and OC may be far more brutal….

    1. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate the learning experience always. You are sweet to put the links in for our benefit. 🙂

    2. I watched the video. Thanks again for sharing. I just went to Wikipedia to find out about Vidal and Beverly’s children and you were right. Here is a segment from that page:
      They had three biological children and one adopted son:[36] daughter Catya (1968–2002), an actress who died from a drug-induced heart attack; son Elan BenVidal (b. 17 January 1970);[37][38] son David (b. circa 1972);[21] and daughter Eden Sassoon.[2

      1. Goodness, a drug induced heart attack? I haven’t yet had a sibling pass away – I imagine I wouldn’t be impacted for the better…and for it to happen in an untimely, unnatural way. It must be very difficult to heal from something like that when you’re also struggling with a similar problem…

        1. The mom was an alcoholic, Vidal was a difficult man, and it was a troubled family from what I read. After reading what David said, he was with his sister when she passed. Sad.

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