Eden Sassoon Doesn’t Believe Any Progress Was Made On Pantygate

Eden Sassoon is weighing in on the first part of the RHOBH reunion in her blog this week. Sassoon discusses pantygate and reveals whose side she’s on and if she thought PK learned his lesson after watching the show back.

“This week’s reunion was really setting the scene for what is to come over the next few weeks. But multiply the drama times 12! The big focus of the show today was Erika’s journey and her experience with Dorit and “PantyGate.”

Oh “PantyGate.” I don’t know if we really got anywhere today. I think it’s one of those #AgreeToDisagree situations. I’m happy I wasn’t on the couch for it, though, because I’m sure the cameramen would have caught me staring at something again, haha. #Daydreaming

But before we get to “PantyGate” with PK… Can I just say, geez, Dorit! Hand over one of your nannies! I could really use the help! #Jealous

And I didn’t know you spoke four languages… that is seriously amazing; I wish I was fluent in another language.

Okay, back to “PantyGate.” Like I said, I don’t think we really got anywhere with the whole situation. Dorit tried to defend herself, but the words maybe didn’t come out how she meant. I thought PK came into this reunion very calm and apologetic when he needed to be. I don’t think he handled everything correctly this season (who did?), but I think he realized that a bit after watching the season back.

I can also see Erika’s side of the story. She felt very embarrassed. I am just neutral in this situation, but I do think it needs to be put to rest. It’s been way too long and not that important in the large scheme of things.

Next week I make my reunion debut! I’m excited and #Nervous to watch it… I showed the real me, and stuck to what I believe, and that’s all I can ask of myself. Kim and I are both on set, so as you can imagine, we will have a few discussions with each other. #DontSeeEyeToEye

I am excited to see my glam too… I really love these long extensions I’m playing with! I will definitely have more to say next week, but until then… just remember that we are all. #PERFECTLYIMPERFECT”

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  • Aunt Bee

    I still think this lady is weird.

    • Real Sandy

      I agree. She is weird. I just think that if we did not see her and based our opinions on what she said and did, we would think she was maybe 15 years old. She just seems childlike and impulsive.
      It is hard to believe she is a mom of 2 young children, and has 2 Pilates studios and a salon. She is an heiress too, so that must help, but still, she really seems to need a mom herself. I find it hard to visualize her in a managerial role.
      I think Eden never really fit in with this group of women, but that is really hard to do. We have icy Erika who does not let anyone in, except maybe Yolanda…who is not there. Then we have the soap sisters, Eileen and Rinna. They have their own little club. Eileen can almost be nice at times, but her sense of humor is not the best. She is way too serious a lot of the time IMO. Rinna is just nutty and knows how to act even nuttier…all an act.
      LVP and Kyle have their own club…sorta kinda. I think LVP was the nicest to Eden, but I think she treats her as if she was a friend of Pandora’s and not as a peer.
      I don’t dislike Eden. I just think she is troubled.

      • Sunshine

        I gave consideration to what you were posting on another thread about Eden, and upon reading this it’s obvious. It could be written by a teenager, and not a mature one.
        This makes me very sad, this woman is waaaay out of her league here.

        • Cin

          yep .. agree… Eden was not prepared for the wickedness of these ladies. You can’t be a fruitcake and come on the show… also… shoutout to Sunshine. Jax’s eye is back to normal!! I also have been giving him Kifer daily – one tablespoon.

          • Starr

            Thank God Cin, so glad to hear your sweet baby is going to be okay.
            I agree that Eden was not prepared to handle these women. EDen is not the only weird one in the group.

          • Sunshine

            Cin!!!!!! Your fur baby is better, so so happy for you, great news!

      • Bobbi Burton

        Funny you should mention the soap sisters…Did you notice when LVP said something about calling them soapy and sudsy last season they tried to act surprised and both said they didn’t know that. Seriously, they don’t watch themselves with those egos? Haha

      • Aunt Bee

        When I first saw Kim in her first season I thought she acted childlike and immature much like Eden. Perhaps their many years of drinking and drugging have diminished them mentally.

  • bluebell

    I felt sorry for Eden. When she gave Erika the ring it was from the heart. Erika is just a straight up B. Eden shouldn’t have listened to nut job LR. She should have waited to get to know the ladies on her own. But LR made it seem like death at any moment. It was really cruel what LR did, know her own sister & Eden’s sister died of an overdose.

    • Sunshine

      Hi Bluebell,
      While I don’t agree with you that Erika is a b, I do agree with everything else. I hope that ring comes up at the reunion, and I REALLY hope Eden can stand her ground with Rinna.

  • Starr

    Wishing all a most Blessed Easter.

    • Sunshine

      Wishing you one as well, dear Starr. Love how 3D’s calls you Starr of the Skye❤️

      • Starr

        Thanks Sunshine dear & I too love how 3 D;s addresses me, she is such a darling.

  • Rusty Bumper

    I like Eden and I feel sorry for her . If she didn’t tell Vanderpump what Rinna said no one would know what she was saying behind Kim’s back. Kim should thank her not fight with her.

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    Eden who ?