Eden Sassoon Continues To Question Kim Richards’ Sobriety

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; Kyle Richards and Erika Girardi headed to Greece in style for Erika Jayne’s big performance, Dorit Kemsley moved forward with Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson, Dorit planned her husband PK’s 49th birthday party with a surprise performance from Boy George and Eden Sassoon got to know Lisa Vanderpump a little better while continuing to shed light on her past with addiction and expressing concern for Kyle and Kim Richards’ future.

Eden visited Lisa at Villa Rosa and she talked very candidly about her sobriety. “I never really explored my sister’s death,” she told Vanderpump. “I just knew at some point she had to go. Here’s a woman who’s not strong enough to live this life.”

“My sister died of a drug overdose,” she explained. “And I don’t know if she chose to or it was an accident.”

Eden explained she turned to alcohol herself and although she never said what drew her to the substance she said, “I was a complete functioning alcoholic, having a mother recovering alcoholic and a sister who overdosed. Why did I drink for so many years?”

But it changed in 2012 when her legendary father Vidal Sassoon died. “It was six months after my dad passed,” Sassoon recalled. “I woke up really on the edge of my bed. And was like, ‘When, when, when are you going to stop? You have your life! You’ve been given a gift. You have children.’ I went right from there to a meeting.”

Eden told Lisa that she likes to motivate others to achieve sober living. “I love it, and I love to poke others to awaken them to the life that I have now that I’m capable of that,” she told Vanderpump.

“[Kim] has the behavior of a straight-on alcoholic,” Sassoon said. “I don’t need to spend that much time [with her to know] — she’s struggling.”

“And Kyle, I see the enabling — just kind of sitting back and watching this,” Sassoon continued. “Kyle is enabling to Kim because she allows this behavior to continue. She allows her to speak in ways that a sober woman wouldn’t speak. It’s just behavior as a sister that maybe you’d want to say something … In the thick of it, you have to be willing to step away and say ‘I can’t do this anymore.’”

However, Lisa disagreed with Eden’s claims and defended Kyle. “Kim’s great — she’s had a hard time,” she said. “She’s been up and down. I don’t have a great deal of experience in this matter. But surely if she’s sober and she’s not taking pills or alcohol, isn’t that enough?”

“[And] I don’t think Kyle enables,” Lisa continued. “No no — Kyle doesn’t enable Kim. Enabling behavior is maybe just turning a blind eye. But Kyle is not that person. I know that for sure. Kyle has stepped in many times, like really in, in the best way of it all. It’s just been a very fractious relationship, but they do ultimately love each other.”

But Eden wouldn’t back down, saying that the behavior she saw from the sisters at game night hit close to home for her. “I saw all this happening and I was like ‘Oh my god I’m watching my family.’ And I just sort of lost it — I broke down,” she said. “Watching Kim and Kyle, I see Kyle possibly standing where I stand now. And that’s not having a sister.”

At PK’s party, Kim was explaining to a group of the ladies how the birth of her grandson was stirring up some of her motherly instincts and this prompted Eden to take it that Kim was on the verge of relapsing.

“Do you feel like you’re holding on to this in your mind and it’s physically taking effect?” Eden asked her.

“Why are you having anxiety over your grandson’s birth?” Sassoon said in her confessional. “You have to take into consideration that this is something that can push all your buttons. And right there as an addict — she’s going to reach for that drink and goodbye.”

Kim blew off Eden’s comments, but later told her sister Kyle that she was coming on way too strong and in next week’s preview we see Lisa Vanderpump and Eden have a conversation about calling Kyle and enabler.

Do you think Eden is overstepping?

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Real Housewives of Eden….too much E!

Good Morning Rain, How are you today? I hope all is well. I thought this was a good episode. Still fun, but I hope the addiction/Xanax thing doesn’t take away from all the glamour. Eden is overstepping. She doesn’t know Kim/Kyle. Be around them, talk to Kim one-on-one, then maybe you can be a support system for her. Other than that, she’s just buying into what Lips told her. To be fair to Eden, because of the “alternative facts” spewed by Lips, she’s really trying to help. Eden meeting up with LVP, she entered the dragon’s den, beware Eden! Greece,… Read more »

In the program u focus on the things you CAN change…yourself…Eden needs to stay in her lane.

Eden….. she’s trying to hard too make a storyline.. Someone needs to tell her to backoff.

Someone also needs to tell her that the cut out on her dress right there in talking head is ugly in a woman her age. I was shocked that she is only 43. I thought she was at least 53. She needs to shut up and quit acting like she is clean and sober. She might be sober, but she’s not clean. Her sister died of an overdose of PILLS, not alcohol poisoning. I can’t stand hypocrites. I am particularly aghast at those who expect “something” from others immediately. She got “nothing” from Kyle, she tells Rinna. Now, she gets… Read more »

I agree with you ladies – on pretty much everything — and seriously – that Eden’s on the wrong show – she needs to visit botched and get those boobs redone – YUCK

Thanks Queen ❤

I agree queen….. or at least cover up cuz it’s not a good look.

When Eden said to Lisa “Kyle ALLOWS Kim to speak……” after that she lost me as a possible fan forever. The opposite of enabling is disabling. Kyle has been taking this crap for her entire adult life, probably even before that during Kim’s super Disney stardom. Like BG saying Kyle was jealous of Kim on poker night because Kim was a successful child actress and Kyle wasn’t! What a load. Kim was being rude, offensive, weird, cruel, confusing and mean, she allowed BG to push her sister and KYLE is the one who should STOP Kim from speaking? How obtuse.… Read more »
OK. I am half way through & at Eden’s house. She is not clean and sober herself. She has no rights whatsoever to be speaking about others sobriety, others enabling, others in the breadth of addiction at ALL. Now, her medical doctor might be giving her the Xanax or Valium, Benzos IOW, there are many, many names for them. That has no bearing on the fact that she is taking them. To come on TV, a HUGE audience, & coming in on a “clean and sober” platform, then laughing about putting benzos in her smoothies is disgusting. I would say… Read more »

I’m so sorry for your loss 3 D’s. I know you and others have spoken about that before here and it broke my heart. I don’t celebrate the holidays for other reasons. We all have the right to do as we please. Your apologize is very sweet and I do hope that RealSandy returns. Peace and love.

Thank You, Mary. I just saw this, I appreciate the condolences, anything that brings memories of her are good. I would never, never wish that loss on anyone, even a person I didn’t love. But, I have grown to truly love Sandy, and I was just punctured in the heart that day and let it bleed all over here. My Brother died at the end of Sept., he was a Viet Nam Vet, and my great Nephew died a couple weeks before Christmas. My Nephew was 24, just 3 years younger than Nan when she died, both suddenly. I had… Read more »

Just love you sweetie, that’s all for tonight. xoxox