Eden Sassoon Confirms She Won’t Be Back For Next Season Of RHOBH

Eden Sassoon was definitely a lightening rod on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, probably because she got a lot of negative feedback from fans on social media for getting involved with Kim Richards’ sobriety.

But Sassoon confirmed she will not be returning to the show for another season. Eden took to her Facebook page to share the news.

“I want to BE the one to share with everyone this news. I WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO #RHOBH NEXT SEASON,” she wrote. “In receiving this #news I feel free & ALIVE to BE the REAL ME that was not shown to the #bravo world of viewers. I truly am #grateful for the experience & huge life lessons I was up against.”

In her Facebook announcement, Eden encouraged viewers to “watch the REAL EDEN NOW.”

“Remember an END is just a NEW BEGINNING…I will be in full force with #love #hugs #truth and #compassion which are all things that make me shine,” she wrote. “So if you can’t handle my light .. please go be dim someplace else.”

She added, “The viewers that do resonate with my #spirit #pilates #smoothies #fashion #hair #stares #legacy #soberlife #singlelife #momlife #humor #discipline #daddyissues #lifeat43 #livbyeden #hereandnow #sisterwives #exhusband #familybytrade ✂️ #Sassoon .. Know I’m here and #youcantstopme ����. Another chapter in #EdenLoveStory �� thank you @evolutionusa you know I truly Luv to LOVE YOU! @bravorhobh may u continue to create fun #drama always ��.”

Are you happy Eden will not be back?

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3 Replies to “Eden Sassoon Confirms She Won’t Be Back For Next Season Of RHOBH”

  1. From the start, Eden did not fit in, she was out of her element & really was a bit out of any norm with her weirdness. Having a friendship with Rinna only took her down the worst avenue ever.
    Yes, glad she’s not returning.

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