Eden Sassoon: I Am Always Willing To Own My Actions

Eden Sassoon is taking to her blog this week to let viewers know that she always owns her actions and her truth when it comes to her situation with Lisa Rinna on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Sassoon says she does not make “sh*t” up and that she hope Kyle will finally understand her.

“You guys have seen it over and over again for weeks now: I do not make sh– up! I am always willing to own my actions and my #truth. Last week, I owned up to the fact that I am powerless over Kim and Kyle and that situation. This week I don’t deny that I went to Vanderpump, and I explain to Rinna why I did. Now, it’s time for Rinna to own her truth.

I feel like after this episode we are one step closer to everyone knowing what actually happened that day Rinna and I went shopping. But the fact that I had to “remind” Lisa of what she said is crazy. #UnderTheBus

It wasn’t the easiest conversation to have with Rinna, because like she said, we did go deep with each other very quickly, and we very much enjoy each other’s company. But when I have a “friend” who is telling the other women that I am the one saying these nasty things, it’s just not okay. I am ready to sit down as a group and talk face to face about what happened. #ReckoningDay

I truly hope that Kyle finally understands me after having that group discussion, because she still has SO many doubts about me. Saying that I am obsessed with her and Kim and that I am actually the one crying out for help… that’s just not true. I have worked very hard to not be the one crying out for help! I am 4.21 years, 50.57 months, 1,540 days, 36,950 hours #SOBER and none of these comments about me can take that away! #Strong

Charity is a huge passion of mine, so no matter how much drama I am having with someone, I will always support these women at their charity events. #ProjectAngelFood

The day in the Project Angel Food Kitchen was super fun! I’m always kicked out of my own kitchen, because like Erika, I SUCK at cooking, so it was nice they let me stay in theirs LOL. #Smoothies

And Kyle’s face when she finds out she has to scoop fish is priceless! Still laughing over that #StinkFace… I’ll stick to my granola.

Always great to see Dorit with her babies. Jagger and Phoenix are adorable! And seriously, I want that shirt. Where do I get it? I was definitely confused when she seemed to imply that Rinna had a pill problem. I didn’t quite understand what she was trying to do there… #KeepingMyMouthShut

Okay guys, does nobody else have Bumble or Tinder? It’s a great way to meet people! I was so happy to have Dru by my side at the charity dinner! She has been my best friend for years and knows my intentions! I am having fun! London guy, my kindred spirit, is hot and we have amazing conversation, and who knows? One day, maybe, we are meant to be… but for now, just let me have some fun! #HesGunnaGetF—ed

But it did show that KYLE CARES! A little… There is a little spot in her heart saying,”I might like Eden.” Hopefully we have time to make that little spot bigger!

Note To Self: Just wait until they get to know the real me… #WILD”

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16 Replies to “Eden Sassoon: I Am Always Willing To Own My Actions”

  1. I’m slowly starting To not mind Eden again. Her intentions haven’t seemed malicious and during her whole conversation with Lisa I was like “well…. she’s not wrong…” it’s about time Lisa is gonna have to answer to her idiocy.

    1. I agree with you! I liked her, then disliked her and then this last episode I saw her a bit more clearly
      BUT just because somebody told her something, doesn’t mean she should just run with it. She hasn’t owned that part yet

      1. That I’ll agree with. Eden sure has a big mouth. Can’t wait to see what epiphany LR will have next week in which she will suddenly “remember” everything. Hoping they edit it as like a foggy dream sequence and then they zoom out from her pupil to that face she made when Brandi insulted her hair at the reunion.

        1. I just wish they grilled Dorito and Pervo about their amnesia about how Eileen should grieve her dead parent. Seems to be some selective outrage going on , if you ask me

          Rinna is an A hole and should be called out and dragged, BUT so should Dorit and Pervo for their shitty comments

          1. Dorit is a NIGHTMARE!!! I agree with you about the selective outrage although that seems to be a favorite of Kyle and Lisa in seasons past. But we don’t have to get into that because I’m team Kyle this season!

            Every time Dorit and Pervo open their mouth I want to gag. Dorit doesn’t even try to hide that she’s attempting to stir something up. The only way she could make it more obvious is to bring a cauldron with her everywhere she goes.

    2. Eden is so got damn two faced. LOL. You see her on camera in flash back scenes saying Kyle is mean and enables Kim then says to LV she does think Kim is clean.

  2. No. 1….I hate all this #HashTagging
    No. 2….I truly hate that term, “my truth, her truth”. There is no such thing! It’s is the truth or it’s not. It’s like being a little pregnant…………………..not!

    Eden still annoys me. I actually like her mother better. LR is an idiot for saying what she did and trying to cover it up with not remembering is not fooling anyone. Bottom line, Eden, your so-called-go-deep-friend……sorry I meant #GoDeepFriend (sounds like deep throat)…..didn’t expect you to repeat it to LVP. If it was such a concern you would have gone directly to Kyle and Kim. The good intentions is misplaced….terribly.

  3. I think Rain is the wittiest poster here. I’ll tell you one thing, if one of my children had a speaking problem, the lessons would be daily, and would be done by a professional at my house, but also by me all day every day. My S-Daughter has a degree in language, and has told me about the necessity of learning to speak at an early age, or they will never have the grasp of language they need to continue education in higher learning. This, of course, is highly debated, but either way my child wouldn’t be taken only weekly, and by someone else, to therapy, and made to look like some small problem my child has. Language is one of the most important, if not THE MOST important areas of learning. I would make it fun most of the time, and necessary at all times. They most certainly would not be left with nannies 90% of the time, without a sincere care to what it is they are keeping from their children. Like the later ability to become a scientist or doctor, or any of the fields of higher learning. They really makes me sick.

  4. Hear say, who say, how say, not good. Eden is new, pushed her way in with good intentions, I’m thinking, but listened to the wrong person. She’s been scorched by Rinna who’ll throw anyone under the bus to save face, but now that Eden learnt this, let’s hope she’ll keep her own views to her own self.

    1. I agree. Eden went about it the wrong way. But LR purposely told Eden things about Kim just to harm Kim. Her hatred is obvious. Can’t believe LR actually asked Kim why she was so made at her, when LR blew up with “let’s talk about your arrest!” LR & ED are both a POS. Can’t wait till next week. It looks like Eden is yelling at someone. I hope it’s LR.

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