Eddie Judge Said He Wanted To Sleep With Lizzie Rovsek?


During a shocking revelation in Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge revealed her husband Eddie said he would sleep with Lizzie Rovsek after a game at Heather Dubrow’s Valentine’s Day party.

But what made Tamra mad was how Lizzie threw it in her face when the cameras were down.

“After the games were over and the night was done, we were all getting ready to leave the Valentine’s Day party and Heather goes, ‘Oh, I have one more game.’ And Heather gives the question, ‘Who do you want to marry, shag, and kill?’” Tamra told Vicki Gunvalson. “When it was Eddie’s turn, he said, ‘I’m going to marry Heather… and he [said he] would shag Lizzie.”

As Tamra and Lizzie waited for their limos at the end of the party, Tamra claims Rovsek “was being really rude and she goes, ‘You’re just being a b*tch because your husband wants to f*ck me.’”

But Lizzie claims Eddie said he wanted to marry her, not shag her.

“I go, ‘You’re just mad because your husband wants to marry me,’” Lizzie told Shannon Beador.

Stay tuned as this drama is FAR from over…

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22 Replies to “Eddie Judge Said He Wanted To Sleep With Lizzie Rovsek?”

  1. What’s with Tamra all over the place starting fights with all cast members?! Lately it appears this trash head doesn’t give a hoot about no one but herself.

    1. She’s absolutely horrible. I guess on this show it’s job security, but in real life she would be chronically unemployed for behaving like that. It’s tiresome though. She always has a target. (I really think that’s why Heather cozied up to her the way she did, to avoid being attacked).

  2. Ahh I don’t know after seeing Lizzie in birthday party bus I’m sure Eddie would change his mind she was rude and cruel to her husband so Eddie I would definitely go with sleep (shag) whatever she is a liar as well as Tamra so there both as bad as each other.

    1. Spot on. These husbands have no mettle. I was surprised to hear Lizzie talk to her husband like that. If a woman talks to me like that, she will be single shortly thereafter. Heather is always emasculating her husband, too. She would be nothing without him. Simply stunning.

      1. Ron I agree, Heather treats Terry like one of her children shuts him down she has showed her true colors this season!! Is she anything even with him?… She just has money.

  3. Not a great game to play with spouses! I tend to believe Lizzie more than Tamra, of course. Tamra says whatever suits her purposes at the moment, and has no qualms about lying.

  4. Eddie is in the same league as Tamra…. that’s why they are married…. grosses me out!!! Bravo – please listen to the viewers…. we are over Tamra and Heather…. on to the next!!!!

  5. What I don’t get is wasn’t the party over. Then Heather comes up with this gem of a game
    that she planned. Perhaps, she wanted everyone to go home and argue.
    After all she is one of the pot stirrers.

    1. Heather at her usual sneaky slimey fake best. I would love to know what other drs wives and friends think about Heather on here. She had that one episode where her and some close friends were going to open a GOOD place to eat awhile back? Bet those friends have dropped her. Heather is trashy like Tamra, she just hid it longer. The sex games, the SMK and some of the actions from that bullride party. She is a step above barely…….trailer trash.

  6. Why would anyone believe a known liar like Tamra. She lies on camera, God only knows what BS she comes up with off camera.

  7. First eddie says tamballs like “anal”, then this gem- he’d like to sleep with lizzie? Oh, this show has turned so ghetto trash……..
    btw—lizzie needs to lay off the botox, pagentry crap- it’s not a good look, unless you are 12 years old. and after telling you’re husband on national t.v., (try to get a boner once a week), I’m thinking no baby #3 for this one.
    I feel like I need a shower watching these disgusting women…………
    vicki -see jenny craig
    tamballs- see psychologist
    shannon-see psychologist
    lizzie- see stylist and get rid of those too big boobs & lips.
    heather- stop with the fillers & botox, look up the word “nice”.
    miss andy—-let this show along w/ RHONJ & RHONY go away forever…………

  8. I think Eddie’s getting tired of his “wife”. Even for money it’s not worth being with a psycho, liar like Tamara. Just ask Simon and her kids.

  9. Tamra is the one that calls clients of her exercise biz monkeys if she suspects them of liking Eddie. Just imagine if her inner turmoil when she heard Eddie answer that he would fuck/marry Lizzie. Her ego can’t take stuff like that even if it was just a game. She is so insecure of herself that all her relationships eventually suffer and die. It is her destiny.

  10. Here’s my take…

    Heather: Your friends from all walks of life don’t include your pooper scooper maid slash dog walker with fake papers from messico!

    WhiteTrash #1: E Dog is going to cheat on you with a young honey with a womb that hasn’t been already been a host to 4 fetuses! After this rhoc madness dies down he’ll grow tired of you and off to the next Gringa! He’s going to eventually settle for a younger female and impregnate her and start his real family FRESH! WhiteTrash #1 is washed up!

    WhiteTrash #2: WhiteTrash offspring only marry marines yuck! Can’t get any more WT than that and B is Southern WT! I’ll give V credit for her work ethic, but she’s not too bright when it comes to choosing a mate! V all that hard work so B can reap the benefits! V should have stuck with D! V he’s playing you like a fiddle! B’s a slick mother fucker! V you’re B’s trick! He’s using you and will soon abuse you! You taught your daughter well! She followed your example! She chose a killer who uses being a solider is a job nooo fucker you’re a hired killer! Tell that loser marine to seek real employment instead of knocking up your daughter! That dickhead marines going to be a dickhead cop!

    Lizzie: tell your husband to brush his hair! He looks unkept and dirty! You totally lowered your standards on that dig dong! P.S. Can you tell your buddy that her husband is Queer as day! Can’t stand Queers who use women as beards and bring innocent children into that type of mess! Tell her to hire a PI! Closeted Queers are sneaky and meet strange gay men in parks, beaches, gym stalls etc… He’s Gaydar blew a fuse!!!!!

    Shannon: Stop being such an open book! Get off Reality TV ASAP so you can save your marriage! Don’t become a statistic and let these people drag you in the mud! They’re trash!!!!! Heathers high brow!

  11. I am just astounded that no one else has seen that Lizzie got busted lying as well!!..Tamra yes she is awful but Lizzie is no prize either and OMG what a awful game they played, I would never play such a stupid loaded game you do have a choice not to answer.

  12. Tamra is an asshole but I believe that LIzzie said that. We haven’t seen very much of Lizzie yet but that clip of her yelling at her husband was awful… The whole episode Lizzie and that Danielle chick were plotting and scheming

  13. Ok well let’s just try to put ourselves in Lizzie’s shoes for a sec. Breakdown of how I’m pretty sure the jist of the situation went down. Eddie turn: he says he would marry…and shag Lizzie. He said this in the state of mind that it’s a “game” and that none of the significant others existed. He gave an honest answer when asked. He probably wouldn’t have truly given a crap what answer Tamra gave for the game. As it was just a game and too, I don’t think he really, truly feels for Tamra in the way that she feels for him. Mind u, he said this in front of Lizzie’s husband as well. Again as a GAME. Not for real. Next, his answer set Tamra off because she is extremely JEALOUS AND INSECURE. Instead of taking it out on Eddie, she immediately had a problem with Lizzie. As I’m sure she’s had this problem since the first time Eddie and Lizzie were ever around each other. Realistically speaking Tamra probably got bitter and distant toward everyone there from the point of Eddie’s answer on. Especially toward Lizzie herself. Even tho Lizzie didn’t make him answer that way. So after a while of Tamra’s obvious “bitchy-ness”, Lizzie just called her out on it. As I’m sure it was clear that Tamra’s attitude started with Eddie’s answer. Lizzie simply stated clearly what Tamra’s problem was in that “she just got mad and stayed mad and bitchy because her husband had just stated that he would marry/shag Lizzie as a response to a GAME”. Lizzie didn’t do anything except state the OBVIOUS. Gramra (because she IS a grandmother now AND yes, Tamra u ARE ALMOST 50 sweetheart), stop being a mean witch and stop being so darn insecure. If u can’t, then at least stop taking ur own personal issues out on everyone else! U repulse me. As well as apparently MANY others. Lizzie, I know u got fed up with being her target and I get that. But u had to of known that making that statement to “Gramra” wasn’t going to help anything. Maybe u should have just had a one on one, heart to heart with her about the way she was acting and explained to her that Essie’s statement was simply an answer to a GAME. A game that no, I wouldn’t participate in myself but still just a game.

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