Eddie Judge No Longer Friends with David Beador

Eddie Judge and David Beador are no longer friends, and David blames it all on Eddie’s wife, Tamra Judge.

Tamra appeared on WWHL this week and confirmed her husband is no longer friends (as of last week) with Shannon’s ex.

“There was a Spartan Race and Eddie was going to Lake Tahoe for the Spartan Race and he’s like, ‘Hey bud! See you there!’ And David’s not happy with the way I’ve talked about him and supported Shannon and Eddie said, ‘Dude, it’s TV. Get over it.’ He’s like, ‘I don’t need friends like that!’ So they broke up,” Tamra explained.

But David is revealing that isn’t true.

“I was never invited to his birthday party,” David said. “That was a lie.”

“I’ve spent several weekends with Eddie Spartan Racing and I would never do that to him nor would I ever expect my ‘friend’ Eddie to do that to me.”

“I also told Eddie via text [that] friends don’t say all the lies his wife said on the show and if this is acceptable that’s not a ‘friendship’ — show or no show,” he explained. “My girlfriend doesn’t get paid the million dollars Tamra does, yet Tamra smeared and lied about her and us on multiple occasions. Quite honestly, Tamra should feel fortunate she’s not fighting a second lawsuit over her lies and slanderous comments.”


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