Eddie Judge Being Sued With Father’s Law Firm For Practicing Law With No License


Before opening CUT Fitness with Tamra Barney, Eddie Judge was in the legal business with his father. Now, RealityTea reports that Eddie, along with his father’s firm, is being sued! A former employee of the Judge Law Firm filed a suit against the firm for Wrongful Termination and Unfair Competition. In the lawsuit, which was filed in California Superior Court, the attorney claims she was wrongfully terminated when she expressed concerns about unethical practices within the firm. Mainly that Eddie was practicing law without a license!

The Plaintiff believes Eddie fired her because “she complained about, and refused to participate in or aid and abet in the Firm’s unethical and illegal practices, such as the unauthorized practice of law by a non-attorney, unethical billing practices, practicing law in conflict of client’s interests and dishonesty to the courts and clients.”

The plaintiff alleges that Eddie had her sign multiple complaints each day without reviewing their content. On one occasion a non-attorney intercepted and rejected a settlement without consulting this attorney, who then complained to Eddie about the situation, RealityTea reports. Eddie claimed it was financially beneficial for the firm to have non-attorneys respond to settlements. He promised they would change their practices. They did not.

There are also accusations of tampering with billing times through the “Trust” software program in order to over-bill clients for services by non-attorneys but charged at attorney rates.

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  • Dobie

    Who doesn’t think this guy is sleazy? Not me.

  • getreal

    Tamra got herself hitched to a phoney-baloney “lawyer”. LOL. Enjoy getting sued. I wonder how “happy” Tamra is now?

    • Dobie

      Every preview shows her either acting like a shrew to him or lying to him about the cost. A marriage made in Heaven?

  • Barb

    Yeah not shocking.

  • Jamie39

    The judge law firm and Edward Judge has been scamming people far too long!
    Finally their filth is uncovered

  • PAP

    Well I have to say they are a perfect match. Two fake Biatches!!!!