Eddie Cibrian Says “Some People Are Born To Create Drama”


Eddie Cibrian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Thursday and we finally get to hear his take on his ex-wife, Brandi Glanville’s famous feud with his current wife, LeAnn Rimes. Jimmy joked to Cibrian how he feels like he knows everything about his personal life thanks to Twitter and the tabloid drama. “Look, some people are born to create drama and capitalize on it,” Eddie said, and Jimmy added, “and you married both of them.” Eddie laughed, but continued to defend LeAnn. “I learned in my first marriage not to do that in my second marriage,” he said. Eddie’s statement that his marriage to Brandi was all drama comes the same week Brandi rocked Bravo with the Joanna Krupa, Mohammed Hadid scandal.

Photo/Video Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live


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  1. clearly you create drama eddie…your multiple affairs, one being with a high-profile singer created this drama. don’t act so innocent.

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